HTC Pyramid Specs Hit The Inbox, Launching In June With Android 2.4?

I know there is a lot of confusion regarding the AT&T/T-Mobile deal but what seems to be forgotten is that life goes on. The deal could fall apart, the government could reject it or a thousand other things could take place that causes it to not happen. With that in mind, T-Mobile is running business as usual which means phones will still launch. Thankfully, to try and smooth the masses I’ve received some coincidentally timed information regarding the HTC Pyramid specs along with a release date from a solid source.

  • 480 x 800 display
  • Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor
  • 768MB of processor RAM
  • 8MP rear cam; VGA front cam
  • HSPA+ (14.4 Mbps)
  • Android 2.4 (repeat 2.4)
  • DLNA
  • HTC Sense 3.0

Android 2.4 you say? Yup, that’s what we are being told! Our source pinpoints a June release timeframe though the actual day is unknown. Our ninja did say that it is considerably sleeker and lighter than the HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon.

On a second note, we’re also told that a slider version of the myTouch 4G possibly a myTouch 4G slide is on the horizon also with Android 2.4 and a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.

As I started in the beginning life will still go on and you should buy phones, change rate plans and go about your T-Mobile experience as you did when you woke up yesterday morning. Any changes won’t happen for AT LEAST 12 months and in that time, things will become a lot clearer as to what the “new” AT&T will look like.

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