Blackberry Curve Touch Coming To T-Mobile This Summer?

Blackberry lovers listen up as BoyGeniusReport is throwing some more gas on the fire regarding the possible arrive of a touchscreen Blackberry arriving on T-Mobile. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this rumor but today BGR is claiming their source has seen a bonafide T-Mobile branded Curve Touch that will be launched at Blackberry World in Orlando next month. With all the rumors that have predated todays report we’re beginning to believe in the existence of this device and it’s arrival on T-Mobile sometime during the summer months. Stay tuned!


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  • Dubrxsti


  • Bignikos

    Good. I’m ready to throw this Storm 2 out of the window.

  • woot…

  • Anonymous

    dam good phones coming out and tmobile has been sold this is so bitter sweet

  • Matlock

    This would actually make me want to carry a BB as my secondary phone, again! Especially, since I’ve been missing staying in touch with friends back home and around the world.

  • Thereugo67

    Now that looks nice. Been using a G2, if Android doesn’t get it together I won’t have a second thought of jumping back to BB.

    • Jeremy

      If ANDROID doesn’t get it together? Are you serious? I used to be one of the biggest BB fans out there, wouldn’t use anything but BB for about 6yrs straight but come on! BB hasn’t done anything to help themselves get any fans back in YEARS.

      I work for T-Mobile and over the years BB has tried to make themselves more appealing to more than just your everyday business user. In the process of doing this they have gone from one one of the most reliable, durable handsets and operating systems to devices that are made physically cheaper and an OS that simply cant handle all the new tech such as media and internet browsing (basic stuff). A good solid 40% of BB owners that come into my store are there due to software issues. This NEVER used to be the case.

      BB doesn’t even have a 4G phone available yet! It was the same thing when 3G came out, a year later they released their first device and here we go again with the 4G.

      I would take a G2 any day over any current BB. The only thing better about a BB vs. an android phone is the battery, however anyone who owned a 9700 and has upgraded to a 9780 and OS 6 know that now even the battery doesn’t cut the mustard anymore compared to previous models.

      BB, it’s time to step your game up! the only thing they can hang their hat on now is their E-Mail svc.

      • Weffewgr

        Being a t mobile rep you would know 4G doesnt meen better speed. 9780 was the fastest phone until SK and G2x today… BB is the least returned smartphone…OS cant handle? Pleasseee…RIM is the second most selling brand behind APPLE.

        there is a difference between fact and opinion :)

        • Aerofanbig

          Your info is old. It was all over the net like 3 months ago how Android was pulling ahead of RIM and iOS. RIM has been steadily falling for many months but securely in the #3 world wide position behind iOS, which is behind Android

        • Jeremy

          Your right! Thats exactly what my BB rep tells me when he comes into my store and tells me all about BB compression and how the BB browser is so much faster, that’s usually the moment where I walk over to ANY Android phone and put them side by side and pull up the same website at the same time and EVERTIME the Android device loads faster and actually fits the screen correctly! Now, what have you say? 3G or 4G, whatever. If the 3G is faster I would buy that, regardless of what the icon at the top of the phone says. Speed is speed and the BB is always the slower of the operating systems. Walk into any store and see for yourself.

      • Actually BB is stepping up. :D. It now have 1.2 ghz processor and 3.5G HSDPA+

        • Jeremy

          To bad BB steps are simply baby steps and not huge leaps for mankind in comparison lol!

    • Aerofanbig

      LoL “ANDROID” is an operating system, not a manufacturer like you are making them out to be. Android doesn’t have anything to “get together”. Its an open source operating system thats basically customizable to endless limits according to what YOU want the phone to do. If you are having Android problems it is YOUR problem, not Androids. You can set up that system to run and do about anything you want it to do (that a phone can do, obviously) BB MAKES phones, the operating system is RIM. But if you need a more directed closed source type system (nothing wrong with that if thats what suits you best) then this looks like a nice device. Just don’t assume Android has anything to “get together”

      • Jeremy

        Well said. Some times I think people just are not ready for Android. They just don’t understand that it’s a blank slate and lets you customize your own experience.

    • Christalee23

      Honestly I love Blackberry. The hardware is solid, the operating system is solid and the battery life BY FAR surpasses ANY android out there- and I can guarantee that! However.. its boring. Thats the problem. Android has so many more features that it is causing Blackberry to fall behind. If Blackberry can miraculously pull off more apps and capabilities with a rouchscreen- it will definitely have a chance at a comeback

      • Christalee23

        touchscreen* haha im slow today :)

  • This will make me want to get a blackberry even more! I’m tired of Android/ iPhones (sorry fanboy/girls).

  • Auser72

    Tmobile been on fire with phone drops.

  • TweetMo

    ’bout time.
    Not sure though if I’ll give BB another chance. They’ve fallen way behind and seem fine with it.

  • Nexus Guy


  • AxEffect

    haha this company’s still around???

  • Anonymous

    what are those buttons on the side view? is that a fail photoshop “?

    • TweetMo

      It’s a keyboard on the back, with a second small BB screeen… it’s the newest thing. Ha!
      Yeah, you may have caught something. What’s the tiny button on the left side too?

  • Anonymous

    This looks like the first decent looking piece of hardware from Blackberry. Still will stick with my G2.

  • Anonymous

    Oh crap, did RIM just design their first device with actual aesthetic appeal!?


    too little too late.

  • Anonymous

    lol yeaaaaaa just don’t think I’m leaving Android at this point.

  • Anonymous

  • nerdlust

    So my trusty 8900 finally broke I got cliq2 im loving android but missing black berry

  • Anonymous

    Thats a sexy phone. I wonder if it’ll have a ui similar to the playbook. RIM would also be smart not to attach “storm” this device.

  • Anonymous

    Thats a sexy phone. I wonder if it’ll have a ui similar to the playbook. RIM would also be smart not to attach “storm” this device.

  • Jon

    Wow I must say that looks great although I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Android powered phones are on such a roll that i am no longer backwards compatible to blackberry, sorry guys(RIM), but please keep trying.

  • Rfgenerator

    Hmm, what will be interesting is if this Curve still has UMA capabilities in it or with the impending takeover by ATT does this mark the true demise of UMA phones. I also find it difficult to believe that T-Mobile will be releasing many new phones this Fall due to the impending ATT takeover. My gut tells me that the phones being released now through the summer where planned before the announcement of the buyout. RIM moves slowly enough and don’t see them having the ability to redesign their releases to handle both the current T-Mobile 3G bands and the ATT 4G bands in a time frame for a fall release of a new Bold, etc. Bottom line, this will probably be the last Blackberry until after ATT has secured the premises.


      I would say yes since all of our new android devices have a UMA application installed. Why wouldn’t we put it in our new blackberry?

      • Rfgenerator

        TMOTECH, the new Android devices were planned for prior to the announcement of the sale. I think we may very well find that the UMA function will not be included in future Android devices. I also think it’s pretty likely that once the sale is finalized that ATT will shutdown UMA completely by shutting the servers down or pushing out a software update that cripples it. ATT is very good at crippling phone features.

        • Jcj1969

          any phone launched for T-Mobile still has ATT as competitor in mind, so if is coming to T-Mobile you can bet on UMA. The buyout is a year away at best so ATT has nothing to do with devices.

  • TMOEnth

    Keep your eyes and ears on the WES Show in Orlando first week of May. Rumors of testing a new 4G blackberry phone by T-Mobile….could it be the new Curve Touch?? hmmm….

    • TweetMo

      Maybe, but it won’t the image above… at least not exactly. It’s fake.

  • Santrontavar

    im ready for that. im thinking about leaving t-mobile to join the wife on Verizon. my decision will all be based on RIM and who gets there new phone. i love blackberry and wont go to any other brand. i really want the bold touch… that’s what i was hoping comes to t-mobile.

  • Harvey391

    i have android and BB, i love both equally, i have a G2 and getting a G2x very soon….and if this BB is coming to tmobile and has 4g speeds… credit card will be in my hand ready to go

  • droidddd

    yeah think how bad this phone will lag!
    haha bb are total crap these days!

    • Anonymous

      This has the same processor as the Thunderbolt, and the Bold Touch, Torch 2, and Touch have the MSM8660. Try again.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Please bring the Bold Touch and BB Touch 9860 to T-Mobile with 4G.

  • Anonymous