Deal Alert: Amazon Wireless Offering The G2X For $149.99 No Rebate

Looking for a good deal on the T-Mobile G2X? Look no further than Amazon Wireless as they are offering up a special deal on the G2X for $149.99 without a rebate. Pretty good deal!

Early reviews of the G2X have been outstanding without an almost universal decision that this is one of the best Android phones to date. If you’re eyeing picking one up which you can now do in stores as well Amazon is a great place to save some money on your purchase.

Amazon Wireless

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  • Anonymous

    so Tempting !!!

  • Carl

    Damn it! I would have waited a few days if I could have saved $100 up front!

  • MrMr

    Wow. Really tempting. Anyone have experience with additional fees on Amazon Wireless when buying a phone/starting new contract?

    Also, if I’m signing up for a new contract through T-Mobile (never used T-Mo before, switching from Verizon), will they be able to handle all of that for me? I assume they would.

    • MrMr

      Huh. Just for fun I went through and added an Unlimited Voice + Unlimited Text + Unlimited NO Cap 4G Data Plan and it came out to $100 a month.

      Is that really the cheapest I can get it (with unlimited, no cap data)? I thought I would pay $80 at the most a month. I thought it was supposed to be a lot cheaper than other carriers…

      • You have to activate the promo plan from T-Mobile after your account has been created. Promo plans are not available through 3rd party retailers.

        • MrMr

          Thanks for the replies Conan.

          Would you just call T-Mobile to activate the promo plan after signing up through Amazon?

          And.. what promo plan are you speaking of specifically. The only “all-unlimited” promo I know of through T-Mo is the one that has the 2GB a month cap. I may be able to live with that, although I’ve never owned a smartphone before so I have no idea what kind of usage I will have.. maybe I don’t really need unlimited?

          Thanks for your help again!

        • Any promo plan, but at this time, the only promo plan is the Truly Unlimited Data, Text, and Talk plan that came out last week.

          Call T-Mobile after you’ve received your device. Then you can have customer service change your plan for you.

        • TweetMo

          Yeah, but don’t you need the Promo Code?
          If you know what it is, please list it or point where to get it. Thanks!

        • You don’t need a promo code.

        • TweetMo

          I read that the EM+ plan that was offered and then apparently cancelled, needed a promo code.

        • You don’t need a promo code.

        • Aerofanbig

          There is no data “cap”, its a throttle. When you hit 2GB you go down to EDGE (2g) speeds on your data and you can surf allllllll you want, but you don’t get 4G back until your next billing cycle. Unless you are doing a LOT of surfing, especially youtube/pandora type stuff, and you use wifi when available for connection you’ll be fine.

          Amazon has an additional ETF should you need to cancel, it’ll be 250$ on top of the 200$ Tmo fee

    • MrMr

      Huh. Just for fun I went through and added an Unlimited Voice + Unlimited Text + Unlimited NO Cap 4G Data Plan and it came out to $100 a month.

      Is that really the cheapest I can get it (with unlimited, no cap data)? I thought I would pay $80 at the most a month. I thought it was supposed to be a lot cheaper than other carriers…

    • Handle all of what? Migration of your number from Verizon? Yes, they can do that. Call in after you’ve received your device and tell them you want to port your number from Verizon. It will be completely ported in less than 2 hours.

    • Texmoss

      Email me I can get the phone for 149 with a new contract or a contract upgrade.

  • Petey

    If I Decide to go with this phone, I’m going probably wait alittle longer to see if it will drop even more lol…

  • G2Xmd

    I pre-ordered on Wirefly but I think they’re backordered. They said that “you have ordered a popular phone and you will be notified once it is shipped. We receive new shipments every day.” So, since their explanation was so vague, I decided to check amazon wireless. It said in stock, with a 2 day shipping option for free (better than wirefly), and provided me with an expected arrival date. Suffice it to say, cancelled my wirefly order and went with amazon wireless. Order process is much easier there as well. No hidden fees or sales reps trying to sell you screen covers that you don’t want.

    • Bxcutie4life2001

      right!!!! i did it through wirefly and it was such a damn hassle! they charged me then canceled my order and then when i called customer support and placed another order i was charged twice, uncharged and then charged again (yea it sounds weird) they overdrew my damn account ruined my day on tuesday because i unexpectedly had no money on me lol just fun thanks to wirefly i’m sorry but i don’t think i will ever do business with that sight again

      • Bxcutie4life2001


  • Izzybrexx

    Just copped mine…..yesssssssssss!!!..looks soo sexy

  • Vaddy23

    Yess thats why I love TmoNews I was just about to walk in a store and throw down $250 for this beast!!!

  • NomNom

    Well I just used this deal with Retention and was able to get them to match it, sort of. They charged me $250 for the phone and gave me a $100 credit to my account, and I got to keep my Preferred Android data plan :)

    • Chomp

      were you already out of contract? What exactly did you ask them?

      • NomNom

        Yea I’ve been out of contract for a few weeks and mentioned that Amazon had a better deal, but wanted to know if I could get preferred data plan with it. Just make sure you get to retention

  • Sealey

    Yeah but you’ve got to open a new line. If you’ve already got a line than it’ll cost you the same as if in store

  • Saman ships it for $49.99. No tax, no Activation and free 2nd business day shipping.
    I ordered mine for $99 + $100 activation deposit held by carrier cause I didn’t have credit card.

    • is this a legitimate site? cause i wanna order one right now.

      • Saman

        i hope so!
        my order has been shipped via FedEx and will be delivered on the Friday. so far so good and no hidden charge or anything suspicious!
        i’ll keep you guys posted.

        • MrMr

          I think I’ll be ordering from this site as well. I checked out the reseller ratings for this site and they’re mostly 4-5 star positive reviews. Does not look like a scam at all.

          Also their monthly bill with unlimited talk/text/data comes out to $60 a month?? Wonder how that works..

        • MrMr

          Nevermind, the monthly unlimited talk/text/data came out to $80 a month (just like the promo deal with the 2GB “cap’)

          Also, it looks like that $50 price is based on a credit check (you supply your Driver’s License and Social Security #.) I qualified for a $100 price, and not the advertised $50. Guess my credit score didn’t give me the $50. Oh well.. $100 is still really cheap. Sounds like it also avoids activation fees as well which is nice.

          All in all, I got the G2X for $100 on a 2 year contract with unlimited everything for $80 a month.

          After 4-5 years of using a dumbphone, I’ve finally made the jump to smartphone!

    • Tank076

      Ordering in the morning once i get paid to good to pass up just hope my deposit isnt to high since i have no credit.

    • just to let everyone know it seems legit but you will only get it for 49.99 if you are a new activation and not a previous user.

  • Anonymous

  • LoveMyG2x

    Had my G2x for a couple days now, and I love it. But apparently there is a problem with the LCD screen bleeding in the corners, and its pretty noticeable. Mine unfortunately is bleeding as well on the bottom left corner and a little bit on all the other corners, but not sure I want to give it up or attempt to trade it in for another “defective” screen.

    Is this a common problem with LCD screens on phones? I didnt even actually notice mine until I read about it on Android Community.

    • Mightyabdul

      Happened to me too! Mine is on the top corners. Its a little bad..not too bad as others. But I’m afraid ill receive a replacement that’s worse. Is backlight bleeding normal when charging? This is frustrating but again..T-Mobile is boss

      • Anonymous

        Already on my 3rd device…

        not keeping it

        • Mightyabdul

          What you mean? You exchanged it 3 times already?

  • Jr

    I played with this today. It’s as fast as advertised and feels great in the hand, but it’s an evolution and not anything game changing. I think I’ll wait to see if the Galaxy S II hits the US.

    • MrMr

      Doesn’t the Galaxy S II just seem like an evolution too? Not even that.. more just a different style/option.

      It has a 4.3″ Super AMOLED, 512 megs more RAM, and is thinner. But like I said.. that’s all just.. evolutions or different options.

      • Jr

        Oh I agree, all phone are just evolutions at this point until something comes along to change that in a drastic way. I know that most Android lovers out there love the stock UI, but that is mainly because they mod it to make it look like they want. I am not a modder and personally I don’t find the stock UI interesting or polished and that I something I think that Sense, TouchWiz, LG, SE, etc. bring to the overlays. Personally I prefer that because I think it makes things more intuitive. I’m sure I’ll get all the hatters commenting, so that is why I keep saying “personally” which mean my opinion. Thanks

        Anyway, sorry got off track a little. If I had to buy a new Android phone THIS would be the one since it’s very fast and feels great, but I wouldn’t upgrade what I have now (Vibrant).

        • MrMr

          Yup. That totally makes sense. I respect your opinion on that.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous