The Sidekick 4G, G2X And G-Slate Are Now Available, Are You Picking One Up?

Just in case you didn’t know, today is a major launch day for T-Mobile with three high profile Android devices hitting store shelves. The Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile G2X and T-Mobile G-Slate are all available for your buying pleasure. So naturally we pose the question, which one are you picking up? Are you waiting for the Sensation? Are you waiting to see what happens with AT&T? Vote and sound off below!

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  • Got my G2x :D. Love it! *has long-term intimate relationship with it for the next 1-2 years*, lol

    • msprinkl

      I hope you two will be very happy together.

    • Anonymous

      O .o

  • 26 minutes until T-Mobile stores open in Arizona… I’ll be there…

  • MrMr

    Tempted to pick up the G2x today. Not sure if I can afford it.. or should buy it now. Also, not sure if my T-mo store will have any left over after I get off work at 4:30.. probably not.

    • I’d wait a bit. Read as people that have it offer up first impressions. I jumped aboard early as I usually do and I’m not blown away.

  • I’m going to wait and see if the price goes down on the G2X. I have the Vibrant right now and don’t see how upgrading for $199 will do SOOOO much more for me for what I use it for.

    My wife however, has the Cliq. I am pondering getting the Sidekick and giving it to her which CusLoy says I can do…

    • Anonymous

      It won’t really do a lot more. It will just do a lot more FASTER! :-) $200 worth of faster.

      • tmorep

        Agreed! I have both, and the only reason why I have the G2X is because I got it for free. The device is a lot faster, and the gaming experience is better, but I don’t see how that would justify paying over $200.

  • Looking forward to it; Walmart will have it cheaper so just wait :)

  • ar

    I just can’t wait anymore, plus the sensation is not a whole lot better than the G2x, and the 4.3 is a turn off. G2x in my pocket in May. Cant wait

  • Iamnn2000

    I’m just waiting for the doors to open, I’m getting my g2x!

  • Anonymous

    Was going to get the G-Slate, but I’ve definitely back-tracked on that. T-Mobile’s “4G” in downtown L.A. only pulls down a pedestrian 1-3 mbps. Not only that, their service is extremely spotty (EXTREMELY SPOTTY) in Southern California. Great for making phone calls, not so much when trying to download stuff.

    Therefore, I’ve decided I’m going to go back to the Commodore 64. Just slap a couple car batteries to it and a 20″ CRT monitor and I’ll be good to go.

  • Phillip Toledo

    I got mine from costco for 149 after rebate :-)

  • Mikewong27

    G-Slate is too expensive!!! Will fail just like Xoom. I’ll only consider it if it has WiFi and below $500. I’m sure Acer Iconia A500 and Asus Eee Transformer will outsell this G-Slate when they both come out.

    • Anonymous

      Just because device A SELLS better than device B doesn’t make it better. The G-Slate is a beast of a tablet, which is why the high costs. Nintendo Wiis sell more than PS3s or 360s…doesn’t make it better. I’m sure more toyotas are sold than ferraris too, doesn’t mean the ferrari “fails”. The Gslate and Xoom are amazing devices, hence the expensive price tag and monthly service. You can always buy the device for prepaid if you don’t want a monthly bill. And really, are you comparing Acer to LG?

      • Mikewong27

        I never personally purchased a product from LG, so I won’t know the quality of LG products… But spec wise (besides 3D camera on G-slate), I think Acer and Asus 10 inch tablets is comparable to G-slate itself, and yet it about $150 to $250 less off contract… I personally think Acer and Asus makes good quality products…

        • Anonymous

          spec wise the Dell streak 7 is better than the Galaxy Tab, but if you’ve ever used it, the Galaxy Tab is by far the better device. In terms of Asus and Acer, I’ve used both products, and Asus is a very good brand imo…Acer…not so much. the Iconia tab 16GB model compared to the Gslate 32GB..the Iconia doesn’t record in HD, has half the memory of the Gslate, no 3D (I know its a gimick, but that’s beside the point)…both have wifi capabilities, and like I said, if you buy it for prepaid, you’re not obligated to anything. Only the Gslate has the 4G capability and is a GSM device unlike the Iconia. Its a 300$ difference but you’re paying for the quality of the device and as well as the name brand. This isn’t for everyone, its a high end device, but yes, for people who can afford it.

  • Bumrocky

    Ordered the G-Slate. Will be in on 4/27. Can’t wait!

  • najus1

    Just ordered a G2X and a G-Slate won’t be here until 4/28 though.

    • Alexfajardo825

      lol…. u and i are in the same boat…. had to order online for the “benefits” lol

  • Anonymous

    Apple better sue LG too, because this thing laying on its back looks the iPhone 4 from short distance. But this thing is where its at right now, and I can’t wait to see this thing go up against the iPhone 5.

  • Anonymous

    Someone please post if the WiFi Calling is at all improved from the MT4G or if it still is crappy compared to the BB or Nokia handsets with UMA

    • thaghost

      My wifi calling app works fine on mt4g

      • Anonymous

        It works yes, but when you rely on WiFi Calling the calls are much choppier,somehow distance from router affects performance unlike the UMA implementations in Blackberries or Nokia E73 for example. The call quality is also much much different. That is the issue at hand, which you can see here:

        • msprinkl

          Thanks for saying that! I have always had that issue on my Blackberry….even 2′ from the router. I would think it would be better, but I often have no clue what I am talking about.

  • brandon

    I picked up my g2x this morning! I haven’t had much time to play around with it, but so far it’s awesome! They swapped all my contacts for me in the store. Pumped!

    • Why would you need to swap contacts? Unless you didn’t come from an Android phone.. (being that it’d be Backed up on Google.)

      • Brandon

        I swapped from an iPhone.

  • Alexfajardo825

    i didn’t vote cause there wasn’t an option for “I just got both the G2X AND the G-Slate” unfortunately I will be waiting until the 28th to get mine in the mail, but damn it im excited.

  • Don4Tech

    I played first with the Sidekick 4G. It was nice but bulky for my taste. Also, the hard keyboard keys are a bit small and the space between the keys is too wide (kudos to the G2 keyboard), and may take some practice should I select it. The phone is fast and smoothly functioned. I tend to email a lot from my phones, so this would serve me well.
    The G2x is extremely fast. Not being an avid gamer, I doubt that I’d fully take advantage of that speed. I’d think that the 512MB RAM would be somewhat limiting considering some of the dual-core software coming down the pike. I like the size, camera specs, etc.. Videos look great for the 4″ non-AMOLED screen. For now, I’ll wait to see the Sensation (and watch for special pricing – Costco, Wirefly, etc.) before making upgrade decisions.

  • im actually considering voiding my plan and going over to ATT today since that’s where most of us will end up anyway

    • Khalintsisstupid

      put the blunt down and think about what you just wrote… thats STUPID DUMB

    • msprinkl

      Well, then wait and be grandfathered in with the lower TMO rates! Why make the switch now? Don’t make no sense…..

      So you are gonna pay an early termination fee and higher rates on AT&T…why again?

    • Joeyk

      You are dumb. You are really dumb.

  • Macknifetx

    I did look at either the G-slate to replace the Rocket on my laptop, but the price is more than it should be. Also, the 3D thing is nice, but I wold not use it. As for the D2x, I did think about replacing my vibrant with it, but the web surfing I do on my phone really does not justify the cost.

    I will wait for a while and see what happens on the price and look at the reviews before I buy. I bought the Vibrant the day it came out, and while it is a good phone, I probably should have waited to see the reviews.

    • Frigadroid

      Same deal on the vibrant since the first day a love hate relationship. All bitching aside the vibrant for the most part was and still is a great phone (if you get the gps working).
      We might even see another update but no telling when.
      At $349 for an early upgrade I really don’t want the g2x that bad when I know if I wait a few months and see the sensation and sgs2 first, then if I still want the g2x I might get it for almost free when a sale comes along.

  • Anonymous

    There should be an option that just says “No”

    I am not buying any of them but I am NOT waiting for anything AT&T related. I’m just not buying them.

  • One of the last G2X handsets in Atlanta, in hand, no contract. G-Slate not available yet. :(

    • Phillip Toledo

      Atlanta folks check costco…i was the first one to buy it at the cumberland store…at 1130

  • David

    Before I post anything let me say my grammer and spelling suck. I will do my best to explain what I went through with Tmobile this morning (very disappointed). A few months ago my wife and I started a new contract for data and purchased a dell streak 7 (also disappointed) we returned the dell with anticipation of getting the G-Slate and keep our contract open with no device until today. We had been told by several customer reps instore and over the phone when the device is avaliable we would be able to get it at the new contract price. The last two weeks I have made several calls to customer service to insure that this was still an option for us. Everything seemed to be in order. Also to insure my local tmobile was getting the device I spoke with a rep lastnight that told me they had just received the shipment and will be avaliable the next day. So I arrived at the store this morning super excited walk up to the counter ask for one the guy tells me they dont have any. Well that through me for a loop. So He made some phone calls for me found one for me (only three stores in Orlando recieved a shipment and the rest would get them next week and this store Im standing in wont get them at all). What???? Well I drive to the next store to pick it up and ready to check out and the downpayment is more than it should be, come to find out Tmobile has changed my credit line to $100 less than what it should be with no notice. So I apologized to the rep and explained that was more than I expected and I would be back later to finish the transaction(needed to move money around at the bank and I realy needed to get to work). Well I leave the store very angry. After explaining the problem to my wife she was able to find a store close to her and she would go on her lunch break and get it. Well she gets to the store and they wont sell it to her. This idiots couldnt figure out how the billing would work and what to charge her for the device. So they called there own service center to help them figure it out and they couldnt figure it out. They finally told my wife they could place the order and have it shipped to us. Keep in mind I was already in a store ready to walk out with one. So I get it on the phone with a rep and explain the situation and she was able to call the store I went to and hold one for me. While that was going on the store my wife was in talked her into having it shipped and payed for it in the store. How crazy is this. Heres the deal I have been with Tmobile for 6 years and not one single problem with anything. When the news of the ATT and Tmobile merger was brought to our attention customer service and taking care of the customer has dropped dramatically. Anyone else see this?

    • BigMixxx


      Did you call customer support and ask for customer retention? Works for me…

      And why would you mention att at this point….

      • Anonymous

        Figured someone would let him have it. Thx BigMixxx

    • frontrowfred

      I have had a similar bad customer service experience with TMO that went on for 5 months. I added two lines to my family account during a promotion. Turns out that I only needed one line, and returned two phones I ordered for one phone during the 2 week trial period. Well this is were things get interesting, they first said I never returned the phones, this is after they sent me a phone to replace the two I returned. It took me 5 months and an untold number of phone calls to get this resolved. I just recently got hold of a CSP that knew what she was doing and tracked everything down, even got my account credited for the extra line charge that I had to pay during that time. Talk about a mess I was ready to cancel my account if I could not get the issue resolved. TMO customer has been better, and the merger with the DEATH STAR is scary. I’m looking real hard at Verizon, Sprint is out. I had a long conversation with an AT&T customer recently in the Oklahoma City area that complained of dropped calls in this area….said it was really bad.

      • David

        What im hearing is the fcc and doj are not real happy with this idea of the merger. I hope it wont got through. Tmobile does seem to be pressing forward with new devices and such. Even the commercials with Carly are getting better. I guess staying to close to the news and see what happens..

    • jarjon76

      Mix in a paragraph! And without reading your novel like post, I would assume you could have trimmed down your post by at least half.

      • David

        Like I said in the first sentence my grammer and spelling just sucks but I do my best. There was actually alot I left out.

        • Anonymous

          Most of us have bad grammer. Hitting the enter key and making new paragraphs just makes it easier for us to follow along and stay in place. Imagine counting a crowd of 100 Zebra’s and then having to jump to the one you counted 15 Zebras ago. QQ

      • frontrowfred

        David, say what you have to say. The “correction police” and the “your post is too long police” are out today. You can’t say or do anything today without someone having some extra to say about it. Sometimes people just STFU! If this is how he expresses himself so be it.

    • frontrowfred

      David, say what you have to say. The “correction police” and the “your post is too long police” are out today. You can’t say or do anything today without someone having some extra to say about it. Sometimes people just STFU! If this is how he expresses himself so be it.

    • Anonymous

      Not for nothing, but the fact that you kept checking in on this as the release got closer let’s you know you were doing things in a horribly complicated manner and bass ackwards it appears. I don’t expect Tmobile to please every customer but i’m certainly not going to take your story with much consideration because of the nightmare you probably were for all involved, lol. Keeping your account open with no device??? Not to bright.

      • david

        Well when i opened the account it was at the end of feb and the original release dat was scheduled for mid march and that got pushed so technically the account has only be unused for six weeks. So not a big deal to wait on a great device. my complaint here is the lack of communication between store reps, market areas, and phone reps. When you get several stories of what should have been to to get the device it makes you wonder what level of proffesionalism is being asked of the employees..

  • Anonymous

    I actually just went to pick the G2x up this morning. Can you say AMAZING!?

  • Bxcutie4life2001

    ok so i ordered my g2x on friday from wirefly and it’s been such a problem and a hassle like ughhhhhhhhhhhh, fedex is supposed to be delivering it today and i still don’t have it in my hands sheesh!

  • WannaStayTMo

    I’ll be able to upgrade in June, so I’ll hold off and see how the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S II compare with the G2x.

  • I want some dual core power, but I want it in the SGS2….or iPhone5 (o;

  • Anonymous

    As bad as I need/want a new phone and am past my upgrade date, I can’t justify getting this phone in place of the Sensation or GS2.

    Having used my wife’s Galaxy S, the 4 inch screen is just too tiny. Add in the dual LED flash, bump in processor, and sexiness of the Sensation I think it’s worth it waiting 2 months. What does this phone have that the Sensation doesn’t (or can’t have when rooted?) Nothing.

    • It has support for UMTS 850/1900 along with UMTS 1700/2100. Meaning it works on pretty much every GSM+UMTS+HSPA network in the world. It also has stock Android and will receive CyanogenMOD 7 within a week or two. It will receive Gingerbread in May.

      • Anonymous

        So basically it offers no improvement over either of the other super phones coming out shortly, unless you will be a world traveler or like smaller phones?


        • Anonymous

          Yup, no improvements. Just unprovements.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I wonder if Deprovements works here? Or if it’s even a word at all? LOL!!!

        • Anonymous

          Spell check doesn’t like Deprovements either but I like yours better :-D

        • The processor bump in the Sensation? Actually the Sensation’s processor is a bit behind that’s why it’s bumped to 1.2Ghz to be on par with the Tegra 2.

        • Aerofanbig

          its future proof if/when the merger happens….the Tegra 2 is a better dual core processor….it has stock android and no silly UI overlay…it shoots in 1080p….it has HDMI outputs….I mean, if .3″ is REALLY that important to you then wait, but it offers a TON over other phones

    • tmorep

      lol 4 inch screen is tiny…really

  • Where is the “I Wish” vote?

  • Ricktrann

    I’m really holding out for the lg optimus 3d!!!! Damn I wan that thing!!! Thoughts???

    • Aerofanbig

      not gonna happen unless you go over to AT&T

      • Anonymous

        That’s basically being done for him, isn’t it?

  • MagentaLove

    You people who are saying “why” – are you nuts? From
    • Brilliant 8.9’’ HD touch screen
    • HD and 3D video capture and playback
    • Tabbed Web browsing with full Flash support
    • Lightning-fast dual-core 1 GHz processor

    It isn’t just the G2X that has dual core, plus this bad boy has the big screen, HD/3D capture and playback – why would I NOT get one? Wait, I know – because I’m getting TWO!


  • Tmofan

    I would like to see the if/when the samsung galaxy S II coming out to Tmobile

    • This is exactly what I’m waiting for, as well. I’ve been reading new articles every few days and lately they are saying that it will most likely be for all 4 major carriers. *keeps fingers crossed*

  • I”m not gonna lie. I’ve had my G2X since yesterday, and I’m finding a lot not to like. Could be a defective phone in certain aspects, but compared to my MyTouch 4G, Not feeling the love. Gonna post more over at Android Central later today, but early evaluations are making me iffy on whether or not I’m going to keep it.

    • What haven’t you liked about it?

    • msprinkl

      How so?

    • Aerofanbig

      have you had a vanilla android before? maybe you are just used to having the MT4G with Sense on it? Its not for everyone thats for sure

    • No, it’s not about the Vanilla Android (but I am missing HTC Sense), it’s goofy stuff. For Example, I paired the phone with my car and bluetooth headset yesterday. I had to do it all over again as they were gone today. My wireless keeps disconnecting when idle and there are no power settings to prevent it from happening. Wi-Fi hotspot times out at a max of 15 minutes and the MT4G could be set to disable that.

      Just random stuff that I’m not finding appealing at all. I was really looking forward to this phone, but I’m going to give it a few more days before I decide whether to keep it or not.

      • tmorep

        I’m not following you with the bluetooth pairing. I always have to reconnect to my car stereo with every android phone I’ve used, that includes the mytouch3g, slide, G2, mytouch4g, Vibrant. Haven’t tried the G2X yet, but I’m guessing the same outcome. At least the G2 will auto connect some of the time. I’m thinking it could be the bluetooth unit. Damn high end Pioneer flip out dvd players…

        • What I’m saying is that normally, when you go into your bluetooth settings, devices that have been paired remained listed. Not the case here. I had to MANUALLY go and repair from scratch all over. I know you have to reconnect. I’ve been doing so since bluetooth started. The point being that you should not have to constantly re-pair from scratch. That’s an issue.

          My MT4G, Droid Inc, and Droid X all worked as they should and stored the devices, and automatically paired when the other device was turned on. This device didn’t even hold the other items in its memory.

        • What I’m saying is that normally, when you go into your bluetooth settings, devices that have been paired remained listed. Not the case here. I had to MANUALLY go and repair from scratch all over. I know you have to reconnect. I’ve been doing so since bluetooth started. The point being that you should not have to constantly re-pair from scratch. That’s an issue.

          My MT4G, Droid Inc, and Droid X all worked as they should and stored the devices, and automatically paired when the other device was turned on. This device didn’t even hold the other items in its memory.

  • No idea what to do. Just sent David an e-mail asking for some advice…

    HTC Sensation sounds nice along side the LG Optimus 2X (G2X). Question is which one is going to replace my Samsung Vibrant?


    • Anonymous

      The G2x advantages are stock Android and immediate availability
      The Sensation advantages are larger qHD screen and more RAM
      Otherwise there’s not a huge difference (though there are plenty of little ones).

  • LC

    I’ve got my G2X and G-Slate on order!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Mark

    You should have included “I’ll see what’s around when my contract runs out” as an option :)

  • I’m off work in 20 minutes – the next destination is the local TMO store which is supposed to be holding a G2X for me. Goodbye G1.

    • msprinkl

      Oh man! That was yours?? My bad.

      • Anonymous


      • Nice try…but I got it. The store had about a dozen of them in stock. Said I was the first to buy one today. Haven’t messed with it too much, but it’s definitely fast. The 4G in this area isn’t impressive (Tacoma, WA – Parkland) but I don’t mind.

        It’s a nice phone. Feels good in the hand. TMO is being cheap by not including a memory card though.

  • Salvador

    I’ve officially crossed over!!! After being a Blackberry user on T-Mobile since the 8700g, I have upgraded to my first touchscreen and Android phone – the G2X. I am actually typing this comment on the device. I expect to have the best mobile experience ever!!!

    • msprinkl

      Been with Blackberry for 10 yrs. Picked up the G2X this morning. Listing Blackberry Bold 9700 on eBay today!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’ll be holding off on these devices. Waiting on Optimus to deliver the 3D, HTC to deliver the Sensation or Nokia/Intel to deliver the Meego Experience, Whichever comes first. My final decision regardless is to sell off the Op3d or Sensation once the Meego goodness arrives.

    • Aerofanbig

      odds of the Optimus 3D are pretty damn slim, may as well forget it. Thats AT&T’s phone. LG isn’t going to release 2 such similar phones to the same carrier….and no carrier is going to have such closely competing phones in their line up.

  • Anonymous

    Is the G-Slate REALLY ahead of the Sidekick? Really!?

    • TMoChris

      The side kick is too kiddie have you checked in to one yet

      • Anonymous

        Nah and I’m sure I wont for quite some time. I’m just surprised a tablet is beating a phone.

  • michael

    Honestly, I have no interest in these. I bought a mytouch 4g yesterday, and it’s never lagged, and is very fast, and does everything the G2x will do. Even though quadrant doesnt show real life performance, heres an idea…myTouch 4g stock = 1700-2000; G2x = 2200-2600 stock. If I threw stock gingerbread and overclocked the mytouch 4g to 1.8ghz, it would be 100% stable and score around 3200. (haven’t done it, used other people’s results) I’m not buying in to the dual core thing.

    • Aerofanbig

      don’t be too surprised if you see someone overclock the dual core past 2.0ghz before long and kill those quadrant scores. Just sayin

    • Froyo isn’t optimized for Dual core so you’re only using one core.

  • pantlesspenguin

    Picking up the G2X after work! Can’t wait!

  • Guest

    Just picked up the g2x to replace my vibrant. Damn this is fast!

  • Picking a G2x up Friday from either T Mo store or Radioshack.. (next to each other) whichever when has it in stock :)..

  • Justinnn

    Who bought their Sidekick this morning?? I’m not getting mine in the mail until tomorrow! Tell me that it’s awesome!! I haven’t seen one person below talk about the SK4G!? If you’re disappointed with it please don’t burst my bubble. Thanks!!!!

    • Aspcagirl89

      I picked up my sidekick this morning right when tmobile opened. It is awesome. A lot of customization offered including the color of the led light. Messaging is awesome although I wish the “enter” key would send the message without having to press the send button on the screen. Totally not a problem though. I would definitely recommend it. I’m 21 and it doesn’t look or feel kiddish to me. The hinge is awesome. Way better then my old g2’s. Camera isn’t very good but as long as you have good lighting, you should be fine. :) hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.

      • Justinnn

        I hope so too, I loved my old SK ’08 and SKLX’09, and I love android and am one of the few that doesn’t hate Samsung and my Vibrant, so I’m hoping it’s the best of both worlds!

  • Just came back from local Tmo store trying out the G2X. I think I’ll wait for Sensation in the summer to replace my dying HD2. The G2X is a very nice phone…if you like stock Android. Everything just flies through the screen, but I was still bummed with the stock dialer with no smart dialing support (get dialer one from Market), and sorta wacky camera interface.

    • Washacreole24

      Just go to and root your hd2 I have 2.2 getting ready to put 2.3 on it that should hold u til the sensation comes out

  • Anonymous

    HTC sensation or EVO 3D for me.

  • Ali

    Im using my g2x right now. Crazy fast.

  • Booda

    the sidekick hinge sucks assss…..def wait for the sensations 4.3 screen but the t-mobile g2x is nice tho

  • Aerofanbig

    Meh. I played with them in the store last Sunday…nice….but I’ll wait. I want to see the Sensation and GS2 first. I picked up a DEFY on craigslist dirt cheap to replace my fading G1, gonna wait to use my upgrade.

  • 4g

    Getting off work in a hour. T mo store has the X on hold can’t wait. For some reason this gs4g had been really buggy today???? Must be time for a new phone!!!!

  • Kick

    i tried upgrading to a sidekick, but $167 was the best price they willing to give me. anyone have better luck?

    • ATL guy

      “willing “? Interesting.

      • Kick


    • Anonymous

      That’s what full discount it. 150 +18 upgrade fee + tax and a 50 rebate card. You’re getting nearly $300 off full price for the phone after rebate…

      • Kick

        i understand, but i’ve been a customer since the voicestream days, and i assumed they could give me better pricing.

  • Going_home

    Got the G2X today.
    Having unacceptable reception issues with it.
    The Galaxy S 4G which I dont care for gets way better reception.
    If I cant get this issue fixed it going back to TMO.

  • 808prettyboy808

    I was playing around with the g2x but i never found it to be fast…the reason for this is because i have a mytouch 4g rooted running team royals gingerbread 1.6 rom and for some reason quadrant benchmark proved that my phone was faster…I guess ill wait for the sensation plus the ui looks better than the g2x…cant wait for this phone to come out…

    • Anonymous

      Lol! When you put on a custom ROM, you cannot compare it with stock. Put a custom ROM on the g2x and watch that Quadrant score be over the roof. Besides, it is not all about benchmarks. It is about actual performance. The g2x, is blazing fast.

    • AimHi

      Come on man fast is fast. Just cause you got Q from James Bond to put a rocket launcher on your phone doesn’t mean the G2x aint fast.

  • Anonymous

    Got my G2x this morning and its fantastic. I think i’m done with phones for a while with this one, it does everything super fast and I could not be more satisfied. Funny, because now i own a G1, G2 and G2x, though the G2 is going to be sold to help pay for the G2x.

    I played with the sidekick a bit and was disappointed, it felt like an old sidekick with a new OS but even then, the slide up mechanism didn’t feel natural like the old sidekick 180 flip did, and the screen seems way small for a phone that size. If I was looking for a qwerty keyboard phone I would definately still get the G2 over the sidekick. On a side note however, the 21mpbs hspa+ modem is the only + I see, and the price. (off contract- compared to the G2, since I buy all my phones off contract)

  • Phonyfake

    Very nice,VERY fast. but reception is disappointing. Keeps bouncing between 4g (not even available in my area) and 2g. my old phone got full bars 3g always….

  • Ladyluda113

    The g2x is too awesome. Too fast. And very productive. I’m in love

  • joe361

    When is the Wi-Fi only G-Slate coming?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry SK4G haters…t I said it before and I’ll say it again. I love the keyboard on the SK4G. Yes I am in my early 30’s…and honestly it doesn’t look as kiddie as it used to back in the day…it has grown up a bit to me. Not everyone likes all touch screens, and the G2 keyboard is just too clustered together. I think the SK4G is a pretty decent device for the price.

    • Anonymous

      PS…I will say that the Sensation does look pretty hot… I think I may get that too

  • I really like the g2x, but I’m still waiting to hear more on the sgs2… It’s my dream phone. If not, then I might be waiting to try out the Sensation, but who knows if I can wait that long

    • If you have a dream phone, I’d wait. You can always get it, then decide against and go with something else. Then remember, something else will be coming down the pipe. It’s the price we pay in the ‘shell’ phone game.

      • Exactly! Ugh, I hate being such an impatient woman…

        • I know how you feel. I’m constantly flip flopping between getting the G2x now and waiting for the Sensation

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you 100%

  • Anonymous

  • GSlateOwner

    I picked up both the G2x and the G Slate both are worth it


    the g2x will have to be left on the shelf now that i saw the sensation. too too nice……. homer drooling awawwww.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking of getting the G2X but I read a review that the NETWORK speed is faster on the G2. (mobilecrunch) I’ll keep my G2 and wait for the Sensation. Too many options

  • jarrod

    I picked up a Sidekick 4G yesterday. Going from DangerOS (Sidekick LX) to Android is a really hard transition. My biggest problem with the hardware is that there aren’t pgup pgdn buttons around the trackball. Still, I’ve been waiting over a year for a device that might be as good for my needs as the old LX, and the SK4G has the best chance of any device I’ve heard of.

  • Anonymous

    So in usual fashion, I spend months waiting for the next great thing and as soon as it arrives I find some nitpicky issue that makes me stall. This time it’s the lack of a dedicated two-stage camera button (with two small kids, photos is a big part – maybe 50% – of what I want from my phone). Also did I read that you can’t take a picture while e.g. listening to music? No multi-tasking the camera function?

    Am I being silly (please tell me yes, so I can buy my new toy)? How do other nice modern phones compare on these points? The misc Samsungs, the Sensation, the Incredible or Thunderbolt over at vz?

    • I doubt that you can’t listen to music and take a picture.. I can do that on my old Moto Cliq.. well launching the camera shouldn’t be too much of a hassle on a dual-core phone.., should be very fast, hold the virtual button to focus and let go and shoot.

    • TweetMo

      Yeah, the music/camera issue can be resolved by one famous sentence: There’s an app for that!
      If it’s an issue, someone will find a way to resolve it.

  • I just called the Local T mobile store.. and I was right; this area isn’t very tech-savvy and what not.. they still have them in stock :) Picking it up tomorrow at one! Boot to the Cliq ready.

  • Anonymous

    G2x screen bleedz…bad

    on most devices at least…consider yourself lucky if yours isn’t!

    • Now I’m worried about getting mine tomorrow haha, but at least I know now and can check when I go pick it up.

    • Vibrant Addict

      You can swap it out ASAP in store I’m sure.

      • Anonymous

        I have twice

  • Chillin’

    Grabbed my G2X yesterday. I am a good-to-go happy camper right now.

    For all you folks who can’t get past always waiting and contemplating for the next big thing…it’ll never end.

    Get over it, make up your mind, grab something, and be content! Trust me, you’ll be much happier. ;)

    • Bxcutie4life2001

      i couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I called T Mobile today and a nice lady advised me that the G2X does not have 3g capability in Europe or on ATT.

    Then there is this-

    Also see-

    Phone and Data
    The T-Mobile G2x is a quad band GSM world phone with 3G and 4G HSPA+ on T-Mobile’s bands (T-Mobile’s webpage incorrectly lists it as quad band 3G/4G)

  • Brandon

    Is anyone having an issue with the g2x battery life? My batter life is awful! It was fully charge when I went to bed last night and was at 80% when I got up this morning. Anyone else with an issue?

  • Vibrant Addict

    I don’t see an option for “I’m waiting for quad core” :)

  • Sanjaths

    Is the hotspot feature free to use ?

    • Brandon

      The guy in the Tmobile store said that if “I told him I wanted to tether he would charge, or I could just go home and turn it on the phone and he wouldn’t.” so basically he was hinting that it would do it at no charge because it’s built into the phone.

  • Yahoo

    Love my new G2x! Better battery life than MT4G and way, way faster.