T-Mobile G2X Takes Screenshots Right Out Of The Box?

For the Android faithful one of the most noticeable absences on the Android platform is also one of the most overlooked. The ability to take screenshots on an Android device is something most users will find themselves rooting the device in order to add that feature along with the other benefits of rooting. Rooting your phone just to take screenshots isn’t’ likely to be worth the overall root unless you  plan on enjoying your root for other reasons.

Well good news for G2X owners and hopefully the Android platform moving forward. According to some fact finding by the boys at IntoMobile the G2X will take screenshots right out of the box. It’s as simple as pressing the Power + Home buttons at the same time. Simple and easy.

A quick test on Twitter confirmed these results and G2X owners are the proud err owners of screen shots right out of the box!


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  • Anonymous

    Let me try that with my MyTouch4G… Damnit!!

    • Auser72

      Nope, didn’t work

      • alex

        maybe gingerbread allows this

        • Anonymous

          Whoever has a Nexus S should try it!

        • Anonymous

          Nope, doesn’t work on the Nexus S. Must be LG code.

        • Anonymous

          Try back and power button

          That’s what works on the Vibrant

        • Frigadroid

          Ginger’s bread is sweet but wait until you try some of Maryann’s coconut cream pie. ;-p

    • Maxpanga1

      Just try wit my vibrant! :-(

      • Anonymous

        It’s back plus the power button for the vibrant

        All Galaxy S devices have this feature from day one, including the Galaxy Tab

  • Nexus Guy

    I’m gonna try this tomorrow after I get my g slate in the mail, woohoo.

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to bet me that Apple’s going to sue them because the screenshot is taken with Power + Home?

    • slick

      It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Frigadroid

        When you hold $100 per share cash like Apple does you can afford to sue anyone you please anytime you want.

        • is that all googles is over 300 a share

        • AxEffect

          Lol c’mon really?? Apple is $350 a share right now and is the 2nd largest company in the entire world….Check out the market once in awhile.

          I love my new G2x and I think that these dual-core phones are what will FINALLY make Android a legitimate competitor to the iPhone…but Apple is an absolute marketing genius, and every device that it puts out there is one to be rivaled. I’m real interested to see what happens to Apple’s business once these superfast Android phones begin taking hold.

          Haha by the way, I’m curious…how long do you guys think Blackberry will be around for? I’ll give them 5-10 years max unless they completely overhaul everything that they do. Their niche is shrinking by the day.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    confirmed it. it works. It saves it onto my memory card as “captured Images”

  • Dawnoffaith2000

    I just tried it!! Its flipping awesome!!

  • Rj

    Is this screenshot works for LG Optimus One?

  • Cellularcrazy09

    YAY…thats too cool! I am so glad I bought this phone! Its the best phone…period.

  • Guest

    It works!! Just another plus for G2x!!

  • Yes, you tweeted it. I tried it, I replied. Too happy. I’m sorry I don’t care for rooting. I’m smart enough (not saying it’s hard) to be able to do it, but I don’t really have a core reason. My device does what I already want it to do.

    • Anonymous

      What happens when you do it? How do you know it worked?

      • The screen flash/flickers & simultaneously makes a camera shutter sound. Then, I went to check my gallery & a new folder appeared (or whatever you wanna call them) called “CapturedImages” & it had a screenshot of my homescreen.

        • Anonymous

          thats pretty damn cool. thats the one feature i wish my nexus one had (i feel the same way about rooting). perhaps i should get this phone so im covered in case of the merger…thank you for the reply btw

  • Dtvbadass

    I bought this phone for me & the misses. We’re not impressed @ all. I’ll be returning this next week & will pick up the HTC Sensation when it drops.

    • Explain to me why your not impressed with the G2X? If your not impressed with this one…the sensation is not going to be any different of a story!

      • 19fonzy

        Sensation is actually a difrence runs on 2.3 and sense 3.0 maybe they didnt like stock just like me I’ll pick sense over stock anyday … And the sensation is a sexy device

        • danz8511

          lol you crack me up sense is terrible! g2x will get 2.3 in a month havent you heard? and sense you like? so you like phones freezing up? the htc hd2 had sense and was horrible everyone that has a evo that i know of disables sense because its buggy you think its gonna be faster then g2x and better thats a joke! ya 4.3 square thats a sexy device LMAO!

        • Anonymous

          sense is actually widely accepted as the best android skin if your not into froyo. Y u mad bro? sensation is a good phone

        • Joeyk

          I’m pretty sure non of u have played with the sensation. We did a benchmark with the g2x and sensation. G2x gets around 2500….sensation does around 1300….its pretty slugish too. Then again those were the test models. You guys will eventually see..

        • Benchmarks are cool, but they are bragging rights more than anything else. My G2X was buggy. It was sluggish to respond to screen swipes. It wouldn’t always take screen presses, causing me to have to repeat presses. My MT4G actually does open programs quicker than the G2X. I made sure to load all of my programs on it first (150+ apps) to make sure I wasn’t judging just on an out-of-the-box phone with nothing on it.

          I will give the Sensation the same rundown. I’m just hoping it doesn’t suffer the same problems.

        • Nexusness

          I’ve always been against UI overlays, but I have faith that Sense 3.0 is going to have its stuff together. You seem like to took your UnCheerios this morning. Got Hate?

        • Anonymous

          I’m getting the Sensation. Does that upset you?

        • Anonymous

          Lmao, I don’t know why people want 4.3inch screens 4inches is more then enough for me. I also saw benches where the g2x beats the sensation.

        • Meagan

          Well some peeps like me like more than 4″. Some of us like it bigger.
          Its like everywhere I go, I see peeps walking around holding a 4.3″ Android with 2 LEDs(flash).
          Never a doubt, they’re not a Tmobile mobile.

        • Anonymous

          The HTC Hd2 was a windows mobile phone. Sense? Non sense…. If android was on that phone, it was rooted onto it.

    • Returned mine yesterday. I, too, was a bit disappointed.

  • Missbutts85

    I’m so happy because I was going to try to root this phone just for that feature and now I have it, I have no need for root. Thank you whoever found this because I work for T-Mobile and this wasn’t even a feature mentioned when taking the training on the phone

    • that would be a really stupid reason to root so you can take a screen shot how lame are you when you could just download many free apps that give that functionality from the market baka mono

  • Stream

    Must be cause it’s running android 2.2.2 instead of 2.2.1 like all other Froyo handsets

    • Anonymous

      well devices that go the 2.2.2 update can’t do it either, at least T-Mobile side anyway.

    • Sapphire3g

      This isn’t something that the Nexus One can do and it has 2.3.3. This is something T-Mobile or LG added to the device, just having 1080p recording ability. The screenshot capture ability or the 1080p both are not native android features.

  • 4g

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  • Scarfacemario06

    Man I love this phone nd it works great ! Who ever found this out thanks man

    • thaghost

      I love mine too. I came from a mt4g which is a very good phone but I can clearly see a difference with stock and the tegra2.

  • luis

    im returning this phone tomorrow and getting a new one. it randomly reboots on me and freezes all the time. then i take the battery out and turn it on but still same thing :(

    • Missbutts85

      Its probably just the device u have. Good luck on the next one. It’s really a nice phone and I hope u can enjoy it

  • G2 user

    I’m tired of stock android.. have been using it since the G1 and now I have a G2 and I shouldn’t have settled for the 800 mhz 2nd gen processor and no ffc.. and has anyone noticed that the G2 had 7 home screens and the G2x only has 5 ? Why does the G2 have 7.. and does any of you notice that all of the phones become slow eventually after updating the OS a few times ?

    • you could always change the number of screens genius

      • not on the G2x. It’s stock 5 screens. You would have to use Launcher Plus or something similar.

        • Johnny Wishbone

          Since the G2X is made by LG, i’m pretty sure it’s just a LG thing. HTC normally has the 7 home screens

    • Sapphire3g

      Yes, the device will slow down with OS updates since the OS updates get larger as they evolve. Look at Windows. Some PCs/laptops do not even get anymore Windows support since they do not meet the hardware requirements. Why are you surprised by this?

      • Sapphire3g

        Let me say more; unless the change log of the OS says for specific devices that it will increase the speed expect either performance to stay the same or possibly even slow down. With Froyo on the Nexus it Google posted youtube videos about it saying it will increase the speed by 400% due to the JIT compiler, which it did. Froyo slowed down the mytouch 3g though. All depends on what hardware you are using.

    • Bob Villa

      you can just install the G2’s launcher.
      that is if you really need all 7 home screens……

  • Anonymous
    • Meagan

      If you actually use a valid unlock method on the G2X, you can enjoy AT&T Edge happily ever-after.

  • Anonymous

    I was testing this device at my store. I noticed that when you use Tango, you can’t use the FFC. It doesn’t seem as though there is an option to use it when I tried. Has anyone else tried it yet? Now I’m torn, do I get this or Sensation? I like the UI of sense, but if it’s still gonna be buggy I don’t want it. Also, I actually like TouchWiz on my Galaxy 4G. It’s pretty smooth and I have no issues with it. However, when testing the performance of my Galaxy 4G v. the G2x, the G2x outperformed my Galaxy 4G.

    • Brandon

      I’ve tried to use Tango and I can’t etnthe ffc to work either. I don’t see any option for switching it.

      • AxEffect

        Similar question – I’m using Qik on my G2x and for some reason I can’t use the rear facing camera. When I try to swap the cameras, it goes black really quick and then goes back to the FFC. Anyone experience the same issue??

        • yes, i’ve experienced the exact same issue

        • Mario

          Same here, and tango made my G2X all wacky i had to pull the battery

      • Tango is working on a fix to support for the FFC. Watch out for the update next week!

    • Thaghost

      Qik works fine for me. As for tango/fring, it doesn’t recognize my ffc either. Look for them to update it tho. Maybe u guys should email them about it; I did. It may make them move a lil faster.

      • Tango is working on a fix to support for the FFC. Watch out for the update next week!

    • @j_nathaniel

      Whoa! An honest comparison with a phone you own? That is rare! Most people say they have G1s (or whichever model they happen to own) and the like that blow all the newer “crap” out of the water so there’s no need to update…

      Oh well ;)

      I really prefer the stock Android of the G2x. As convenient as Sense can be, and it really is a nice user experience, it is refreshing to use Android without it being loaded with unnecessary extras. It feels lighter. The Sensation will be an impressive smartphone, I’m sure, but I’ll be happy for quite a while with this as long as LG’s build quality hold up as well as HTC’s usually does. Our maybe I’ll end up with the Sensation and be impressed with the newer version of Sense…or I’ll have someone root it.

      • Anonymous

        True. Well I just placed my order, I hope I don’t regret it! LOL

    • Tango is working on a fix to support for the FFC. Watch out for the update next week!

  • Roppp@aol.com

    People, theres an app called Screen Capture shortcut on the market. Been using it with no issues and it doesnt require root.

    • Anonymous

      But it does require a Galaxy S phone

  • Anonymous
  • G2xUser

    Haha that’s cool. I would of never figured that out.

  • Jhh

    Battery life is no good

    • Really? I’ve had no issues with battery using it rather moderately throughout the day. (cannot keep my hands off the thing)

  • Anonymous

    OK folks, I JUST placed my order for my G2x! I’m hype! I tested the DEMO model with the black flex cover and it looks ok. MUCH better than that ugly brown and silver back. By the way, that silver back on our DEMO device is all scratched up. So if you don’t have a protective cover, I would invest in one.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ve been having some battery problems, and so has my father, who just got a G2x as well. Although the phone is probably the best piece of hardware I’ve laid my hands on in awhile, the battery life has been pretty weak. I have my brightness turned down low, push mail down to every few hours, social network syncing set to hourly, bluetooth/wifi/gps turned off most of the time, advanced task manager killing most apps everytime I turn the screen off. I have a decent amount of widgets, but none take up a lot of CPU and they don’t seem to be hogging life. I’m also in a good 4g area, so my antenna is not begging for juice.

    Does anyone know whats going on? Anyone have some ideas/ suggestions? It would be very helpful.

    I’d even spring some money for an extended aftermarket battery for the phone, but I can’t find one anywhere (probably because it’s so new)…

    Other than that, I absolutely love this phone!

    • Anonymous

      Try doing a factory reset of the phone. A lot of people have said this has fixed their battery issues.

    • Anonymous

      Try doing a factory reset of the phone. A lot of people have said this has fixed their battery issues.

    • Mario

      Take that taskiller app, they dont do nothing especially for 2.2 and above i havent had any issues with battery mine lasts me all day with moderate to somewhat heavy use

    • Cheifosceola85

      If you are using the swype keyboard it kills the battery. It constantly runs, but they are working on a fix.

    • Sapphire3g
    • “advanced task manager killing most apps everytime I turn the screen off.”

      That’s the problem right there.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks everyone! I tossed the task manager and downloaded Juice Defender with Ultimate Juice…I’ve heard good things about that app from a lot of sources. Going to try it out over the next couple days. Anyone have any good stories with that app?

      If it doesn’t help, factory reset here I am.

      Thanks again for your suggestions

  • ATL guy

    Played with the g2x today.
    Very very nice.
    It feels like apps pop when you open them.
    That keyboard is really really nice.

  • Frank Erickson

    the battery life is weak.

    • Munterdoo69

      Download android booster … use the wigit to control wifi & 4g…

  • iPhones and my iPad have been able to do that since time began

    • Anonymous

      Well first of all your equipment is apple, enough said. Second of all, this phone blows your crapple devices away. Hey guess what, I made an app. Watch me put it on my android. Now lets see you put it on your phone, oh wait. You cant, you have to get apple’s permission. lol you might as well be buying a phone from hitler inc. lmao

      • Nahh I only own iPads, casue they are clearly the best. I’m an Android guy, that uses the best tech available.

    • Ulfur Seeker

      can you replace the battery yourself though?  wa hahahahahaha 

  • Anonymous

    I f’ing love this phone! I thought my vibrant4g was awesome. This thing is just flat out EPIC! I actually work for a cell phone company so I am able to try out all sorts of models. So far, LG is taking over the market. This phone, sigh, is amazing. I just cant stress that enough. With T-Mobile’s 4G and the Dual core by Nvidia this phone is too fast. I keep pressing something and looking away waiting for it to load. But this phone it is no longer neccesary. Thank you LG, I never did like you before until now lol

  • Nate33

    have had the G2x since the 20th and I must say I’m very happy and impressed! The thing is soo damn fast. And I’m coming from a G2. The apps open immediately, bam! very zippy. I usually end the day w/ 35% battery remaining but thats reasonable. Th ebest part is there is no dumb interface (like Sense) just stock android!! love it

    • if you end the day with that much battery then you arent using it enough

  • Anonymous

    G2X rock, I moved from G1 to G2x so you can imagine the jump in performance.

    Over the weekend, I woke up, play Baseball superstar & Angry Bird for close to 2 hours, download & uninstall several apps during the day. By midnight, i still have over 20% of battery
    ( I also load K9 mail with push, Gmail sync)

    ps, screen capture function is great.

  • Tecknogeek

    That’s an apple iPhone special feature and one thing I missed having on my dum android phone!

  • Daibizzo

    wooow, thank you for this. ive been trying to take screenshots for awhile..& i was taking screenshots on accident at one point but i had no clue how i was doing it. then i read this.. and figured it out .. :)

  • Ryanhardy057

    Wonderful feature for Android and I’m really pleased to use it. In my projects we use comindware task management http://www.comindware.com/ and look forward to a version for mobile platforms, so it would be nice to have an opportunity of screenshots for daily reports and communication between team members – there is no need to describe it in the ‘air’))

  • Bluebooks97

    When i press the off and the home key on mine, it doesn’t take a sceen cap. It just opens the ‘Phone Options’ and the ‘App Killer’.