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What Do You Want To See This Week?


So this week marks CTIA, the wireless trade show that previews future happenings of the American wireless industry. Phonearena did a preview of what to expect for all the carriers and while we aren’t expecting any surprises, we do hope for confirmation on a few devices. First off, the Sidekick 2009, a device we’ve already had some CTIA thoughts about courtesy of Noah from Phonedog. The sidekick line hasn’t seen a whole lot of … [read full article]

Welcome To Rumorville!


We’ve been hearing some rumblings about Huawei bringing Android phones to T-mobile in Q3 of this year since MWC earlier this year. A trusted source has confirmed that these phones or at least a specific model is in testing right now and is still on track for a 3rd quarter release. Details were sparse, as were specs, but we did get 5mp camera, 3.5mm headset jack, cupcake (hopefully, course!) and wifi, but no mention of UMA from … [read full article]

Dearest Readers


Dearest Tmonews readers, a number of you have taken note both publicly on the blog/forum and via email regarding the new ad content appearing on the site. Obviously this is of some concern to you considering ad content has been sparse and hardly intrusive. However, Tmonews has grown to the point, (thanks to all of you!) ad content is now a necessity in order to sustain the websites momentum. In order for us to continue to bring … [read full article]

Open Comment Friday


Well my fine readers, its that time again, Open Comment Friday. Time to talk about anything and everything wireless, your Friday night plans or that girl you met on the train and chickened out when it came time to ask her number. Just kidding. Seriously though, I imagine one particular story which could easily be called one of the most anticipated stories/devices in some time for T-mobile fans would be the FCC approval of  a T-mobile … [read full article]

HTC Magic Passes FCC for T-mobile USA!


Certainly a great deal of you have been waiting for further word regarding the device codename “Sapphire.” Looks like this mornings news is going to bring some joy to those of who have been waiting for a little more official word on whether or not this device would make it stateside. Having already been teased with T-mobile markings, compliments of the FCC we have better word, or should I say better pictures that indicate T-mobile … [read full article]

Thinking about Webconnect? Think Again?


Already noted this morning was the launch of the webconnect 3G and the hopeful impact it will have on showcasing T-mobile as a true 3G power. However, Sascha Segan over at Gearlog has some thoughts on how T-mobile may have just bungled this launch. He is dead on (in my opinion) that T-mobile is not focusing this data card on those with whom its wireless services depend so much on, families, students and people who want to … [read full article]

T-mobile Releases MyAccount to Android Market, World Peace is at Hand


G1 users can now easily access remaining minutes, messages, billing details and more right from the comfort of their very own Android app. T-mobile has released their very first Android market application in the form of a “My Account” app which while not different from the My Account internet page still offers up: current activity, bill summary, plan information, online payment, help guides, forums, battery info, storage info, and more.  I think its safe to say that … [read full article]

Webconnect Launches Today


As originally thought, as originally detailed, T-mobile’s first entrance into the data broadband data card world launched this morning. Webconnect, starting at $99.99 for a 1 year contract and as show above, $49.99 for a 2 year contract will offer you up to 5GB of 3G speeds per month for $59.99. Priced right in line with the competition, this is T-mobile’s first data card release to  take advantage of their 3G network and first … [read full article]

Touch Pro2 Coming to T-mobile?


I’ve been working on this for a few days now, ever since the very same tipster who has been passing this around brought it to my attention via this xda-developer thread. Apparently, a ROM has surfaced and with the above picture as evidence, offers proof that the HTC Touch Pro2 is headed to our beloved magenta. Now I have to ask and wonder if this is a variant of, or a separate device from the [read full article]

Webconnect Launch News


Actually its not so much news as it is just a simple update. I think by now we’ve already covered enough of the webconnect details that can possibly be said. So here is what we are looking at, $49.99 for the webconnect data card on a 2 year agreement and $99.99 on a 1 year. Unfortunately, I can’t verify if its before/after rebate but I’d be betting on the latter. Still, its not a … [read full article]