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T-Mobile And Nokia USA Announce The Nuron

T-Mobile and Nokia have gone and gotten all official for the Nokia Nuron which, at this point, wasn’t exactly a well-kept secret.  While I believe this phone is worth a look if only for its odd name, T-Mobile and Nokia want you to know a few things: “Nokia and T-Mobile USA today announced the upcoming availability of the Nokia 5230 Nuron, a smartphone solution for the masses packed with applications, maps with turn-by-turn directions, and more. … [read full article]

Even More 1.5 Soon Among Us?

Way back in October when the Even More and Even More Plus plans saw their unveiling, quite a few readers wondered where the data only plans had gone?  It’s important to recognize that a small but important minority of users have no need for voice services and just require a data package.  Typically, the Sidekick was the phone of choice for these individuals who saw the Qwerty keyboard device as a one-stop shop for communication.  … [read full article]

Dell Mini 10 Pricing

Update: Apparently there is a little confusion over the 3G connection and the Dell Mini 10. The webconnect services are built in, just the same as a Verizon or AT&T netbook comes with the service pre-configured. The same goes for T-Mobile here. The netbook is, by all accounts, a road warrior’s dream.  Lightweight with a lengthy battery and mostly capable hardware, the netbook has the computer industry in a frenzy.  Thus far, T-Mobile has remained idle … [read full article]

My T-Mobile Perks Preview Unveiled

Magenta has something special for the top 2% of their customers brewing slowly on their website.  It seems some users have been contacted last night and this morning to be offered a preview of a new program called My T-Mobile Perks.  Membership to the new program is completely free and doesn’t require you to do any fancy tricks to sign up. Just click the link in the email, sign in, and then confirm you want to join … [read full article]

More Launch News For The Dell Mini 10, webConnect Rocket & Dark Project

If you recall, our super ninjas have told us the Dell Mini 10, T-Mobile’s very first netbook,  would be launching March 24th.  As shown above, we continue to confirm the March 24th launch date (that is, if there aren’t any potential delays).  On the very same day the Dell Mini 10 releases, T-Mobile will also be launching  the webConnect Rocket, T-Mobile’s first USB modem that can take advantage of HSPA+ 21Mbps.  Do keep … [read full article]

Boise, Idaho Now Experiencing 3G Goodness!

Residents of Boise, Idaho are rejoicing!  Thanks to T-Mobile, they are now experiencing 3G goodness! As someone who has had 3G for a while, I sometimes forget that not all of the country has 3G.  Personally, I can’t wait for HSPA+ which T-Mobile is indeed promising.  Currently, HSPA+ is only available in certain markets now.  Get ready for 21Mbps!  Let’s hope it comes soon.

Cliq XT Back In The Proverbial Wild

Attention Motoblur fans: More pictures of the Motorola Cliq XT (also known as the Motorola Zeppelin) continue to surface.  The photos above detail the Cliq XT in all its glory with Motoblur, LED flash camera, and a 3.1 inch screen. For those who don’t know, the Cliq XT will run Android 1.5 and be both WIFI and GPS equipped.  Unlike its brother, the Motorola Cliq, the Cliq XT will not feature a keyboard.  The … [read full article]

HTC HD2, Nuron And Cliq XT Pricing Cometh

I’m going to let the numbers do most of the talking here so this will be short and sweet.  When T-Mobile originally launched the TouchPro2, it was understandably met by a large number of detractors who were taken back by the $349.99 price.  T-Mobile seemingly took that lesson to heart and this time is introducing their next Windows Phone powerhouse with a much more agreeable price, $199.99 after rebate.  At the moment, we can’t verify … [read full article]

Motorola Acknowledges Cliq Update Fiasco

Well, folks, it seems that the Motorola is finally acknowledging the issues that the Cliq 1.3.18 update (you know, the one that transformed Cliqs into bricks) caused users.  In a statement made to the blog These Are The Droids, Motorola said: Last week, the CLIQ 1.3.18 over-the-air software update began rolling out to consumers.  While the vast majority of updates were successful, a very small number of consumers reported a date error and found that, after factory resetting … [read full article]

Microsoft Crushes Hopes Of A WP7 Upgrade For HD2


There have been quite a few rumors of a Windows Phone 7 OS upgrade for the HD2, and, until now, there was hope for a possible upgrade to the Windows Phone 7.  In an interview with APC Magazine, Microsoft claims that the HTC HD2 does not meet their criteria for the new OS.  Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region, pointed out that the HD2 will not qualify for an … [read full article]

Moto Cliq XT in T-Mobile Branding

Motorola Cliq XT on T-Mobile

Have you been longing for Moto Blur, but you would really appreciate a thinner device and no keyboard? (GASP! I know, but I fit into that category)  The WiFi equipped, Android 1.5, Blur covered Cliq XT might just be your phone. It is rumored to be launching on March 10th.  While nothing is completely shocking about this phone, I hear there is a secret feature which is quite interesting.  Apparently, the face of the phone outside … [read full article]

HTC HD2 Releasing Mid-March?

RUMOR ALERT! Let me just preface this post by saying we are filing it strictly in the rumor category.  Nailing down the release date of the HTC HD2 has proved elusive with regards to actual T-Mobile information.  We can only note that “Spring” is the anticipated timeframe.   However, the HTC HD2 release date rumor mill has begun to discuss the possibility that the HTC HD2 will be releasing Mid-March, or March 12th or 17th … [read full article]