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Important Info For Sidekick Users

This service interruption that has plagued all Sidekick users nationwide doesn’t seem like an ordinary outage. Many of you Sidekick users (including myself) have been very frustrated with the Sidekick data outage that has been going on since last Friday and T-Mobile has assured us all that they are working with Microsoft and Danger on the issue as quickly as possible and apologize for the problems it has caused (and the families they’ve broken apart).  T-Mobile-supported services, such … [read full article]

Is T-Mobile Losing Their (Android) Thunder?

Google and Verizon announce partnership, love and new Android handsets to result

As some of you may know, there have been a bunch rumors (that are less rumor and more fact) about Verizon’s upcoming Android phone, the Motorola Sholes.  Well, Verizon and Google went semi-official and announced their (somewhat unlikely) partnership today.  While these companies have had disputes in the past, everything seems to be just peachy now.  In a press call, Verizon and Google said that they will be showing off two (so the Sholes … [read full article]

Cliq Hits Ebay

Do you find yourself dreaming of the Cliq at night, or even during the day?  Then do we have a deal for you.  You can skip the pre-sale and official sales dates by going the shady route and bid for one on Ebay.  Now, there will be a generous markup applied, for the seller’s trouble and all, so don’t expect this to go cheap.  The 100% positive feedback seller is estimating a $1000 … [read full article]

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Releasing October 7th

Do you know what would go nicely with a new BlackBerry 9700? Probably not, so I’ll tell you: it’s the new BlackBerry Messenger 5.0! BlackBerry Messenger (a.k.a “BBM”) 5.0 is expected to release October 7th. The guys over at CrackBerry recieved an email today from one of their tipsters giving a nice overview and expected release date for the new version.  I’m sure this will make a large amount of you BlackBerry owners (including myself) very happy. … [read full article]

Sidekick Data Outage Update 2

Here comes another update for Sidekick users that have had no data service since Friday. The future looks bright! Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is continuing to work urgently to resolve the service disruptions affecting T-Mobile Sidekick customers. The following is a status update for our valued customers: IM services and access to social networking applications are now being restored along with Web browsing. The Address Book, Calendar, and other features are available as well, however, we … [read full article]

Flash Coming to a Smartphone Near You

You may recall a while ago when Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen, announced in the Q2 audio press release that a version of Flash Player 10 would be available for Smartphone browsers starting this October (during Adobe MAX). Well it’s October now (if you haven’t noticed already), and Adobe Systems Incorporated unveiled Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 software for smartphones today. Windows Mobile (Yay for Touch Pro 2 users) and webOS users will be able to take advantage … [read full article]

Introducing The Redesigned Forums

It has definitely been a long time coming, but the redesigned, improved, super hot-looking Tmonews forums are here. A while since we redid the main blog page to much appreciated fanfare. Time took a toll on the forums, however, that is all in the past. We “relaunch” them today with a completely matching look to the blog page, a first in our history! You shouldn’t be reading this anymore, you should already be on the Forums page … [read full article]

Wi-Fi Calling For Blackberries


Soon, T-Mobile will be set up to allow corporate customers who use Blackberries to make calls over their office Wi-Fi connections without using up cell plan minutes (hey, this sounds familiar).  Then, as a neat trick, the call will be automatically switched to T-Mobiles network after said Blackberry user is outside of their Wi-Fi network’s range.  T-Mobile “will charge a flat monthly fee on top of cellular rates,” all in an effort to persuade business customers … [read full article]

More 9700

You don’t mind more 9700 photos, and even a video, do you?  What am I kidding, you are probably begging for it.  What may be the hottest Blackberry out there (at least for T-Mobile) has been caught on video, and captured in photographs, again.  While I don’t understand the Vietnamese of the Tinh Te poster, phone comparisons and love are universal (oh, and we can just forget that this particular 9700 is AT&T … [read full article]

Behold 2 Goes Official

Well the Android wars are certainly going to heat up this holiday season and T-mobile isn’t going down without a fight. Casting aside the upcoming launch of the Cliq this month, T-mobile and Samsung have officially announced the Behold 2. While not an unknown device to us, we’ve certainly been short on actual details. Well thats all changed now the announcement offering up exactly what we can expect in the follow up to the Behold. The … [read full article]

Cliq Preview

While we wait patiently for the pre-order date (which is just over two weeks away, in case you were wondering) you may want to take a gander at more images of the Cliq.  What we have here is the blue version (funny, I thought that went to the wayside) of the Cliq.  Mobile Review couldn’t get into the software because there is no place to sign up for a Motorola ID… yet.  Head on over … [read full article]