Tonight’s Uncarrier 5.0 event will be live-streamed [link]


T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier phase is going to be unveiled at a special event in the company’s home town of Seattle, at the Paramount Theater. It’s due to kick off at 6pm Pacific Time (9pm Eastern) and run for approximately 1 hour. More importantly, the event is going to be live streamed.

If you want to tune in and watch the event as it happens, hit this link.

As for what to expect, we haven’t got all the details. Rumors predict that it could be a new tax/fees-inclusive pricing system. But it’s likely to be more than that, with yet further announcements of network upgrades expected and the introduction of a new, simpler billing system with no prorated charges, and EIP included from the first bill.

Whatever’s announced, I’m pretty sure we’re all excited about T-Mobile’s next industry-changing move. Unless it’s a merger with Sprint, of course.

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