RootMetrics: T-Mobile joins Verizon as top Chicago carrier


T-Mobile’s network has been coming on leaps and bounds over the past year. Looking at the results discovered in the Fastest Mobile Networks report from earlier this month made the improvement incredibly clear. And not just that, we’ve been receiving news of 2G to 4G upgrades, LTE network improvements and VoLTE going live in a number of cities across the country. And slowly, but surely, RootMetrics’ own reports are starting to show the results of this work too.

In its most recent report on Chicago, the Windy City’s own carrier performance scores show T-Mobile in very favorable light, tying with Verizon in 1st place with a RootScore of 98.3. The top 4 carriers were ranked as follows:

1 – T-Mobile (98.3) 
1 – Verizon (98.3) 
3 – AT&T (97.3) 
4 – Sprint (93.3)

For those unaware, the RootMetrics reports base their overall RootScore on both speed and reliability. Unsurprisingly, T-Mobile’s lightning-fast LTE finished top of the pile with a speed index score of 94.5. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint were 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. But, as RootMetrics’ CEO Bill Moore states, “speed is meaningless if you can’t connect to your network.” Reliability is key to ensuring the network gets a strong overall score, and T-Mobile’s network scored 99.4 on the reliability index, with AT&T and Verizon on 99.7.

As you can see, there was little between the carriers in terms of reliability. Sprint also managed a respectable reliability score of 97.0. T-Mobile’s was the fastest, and close to being the most reliable network in Chicago.

Median download and upload speeds by network 
T-Mobile: 18.9 Mbps download/11.5 Mbps upload 
Verizon: 18.9 Mbps download/10.1 Mbps upload 
AT&T: 10.7 Mbps download/12.0 Mbps upload 
Sprint: 7.4 Mbps download/3.7 Mbps upload

For a full breakdown on the findings, head on over to RootMetrics’ full report. Given the positive findings by the company this time around, I doubt it’ll be long before Legere&Co. start using RootMetrics’ results to promote Magenta’s network performance.

Source: Digital Journal

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  • Tony Chen

    hahahahhaha look at sprints speed test in chicago LOL. Softbank should rename sprint to sprain network. a last place sprint network wanting to merge with the best network in the nation t mobile? what a joke sprint is.

    • Eric

      Ok we get it now Sprint has slow speeds. Move on and continue with your life. People like you make me not want to be on T-Mobile. Let’s just focus on the good our network is doing and stop worrying what sprint scores. Let’s not forgot T-Mobile was the bunt of jokes.

      • kev2684

        was. past tense. you can’t expect people to move on because this is the same company who is trying to acquire T-Mobile.

        • Jon

          Well said kev!

        • Ashton3002

          Wrong answer it’s not sprint as a company it’s softbank (who owns sprint)..they want to own both companies and merge them into one. People must not read and comprehend anymore.

  • Tony Chen

    o man wait till 5×5 t mobiles aws spectrum is released to all major cities around the nation.

  • SEBA

    “speed is meaningless if you can’t connect to your network.” I approve this message! I have different issue. I can connect to full strength LTE and have no Internet connection few times a day on Tmobile network.

    • thepanttherlady

      I am so tired of switching to Airplane Mode and back to get my internet connection to work again. This is ridiculous!

      • SEBA

        OMG! You are the first one to admit that there’s an issue. I just email cam about it too with sreenshots, hopefully there is someone who knows how to overcome this BS.

        • thepanttherlady

          It’s been happening for awhile and I know it’s not my phones (unlocked, international) because my daughter (separate account/line) uses the Nexus 5 and has the same issues. She even lives in a different city as I do.

        • Roberto Jaimes

          Same here. Gets stuck on it but no data comes in or out so have to turn airplane mode for it to work. The struggle is real

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Me too. I complained and they told me to reset my phone.

        • Morton H

          I have the same issues,, LG G2, Phone shows 4gLTE but nothing comes through and gets stuck, I have to often restart my phone to reset connections or put airplane mode on to resync data flow. smh

      • donnybee

        This has been happening to me! At least every day I have the issue. I’m on an iPhone 5S. What’s weird is it says I’m on the LTE network, but the data is disconnected. No data works until I use airplane mode to reconnect to the network. SO ANNOYING!

      • Nicholas Armondo Martinez

        Do you have Sprint, because I do, and I have the exact same problem.

        • SEBA

          Yes, we all have sprint on Tmobile network

        • thepanttherlady

          OMG!! Are people Google’ing Sprint and it’s bringing up this site now? =P

          We truly are doomed!

        • thepanttherlady

          TMoNews, The Unofficial T-Mobile Blog

          So, no. I do not use Sprint. :)

      • Jon

        I thought it was just me. I often have to enable airplane mode to get it working ocassionly. When it works it’s great but sometimes it’s a pain.

      • Brian Perez

        Tmobile network is starting to look like verizon network lol overloaded but i still love !

      • Morton H

        LG G2 my phone does the same thing I have to put airplane mode on or restart the phone. Seems like the date 4GLTE gets stuck or lost. When I play spotify alot,, my music will stop and I look down @ the phone and the 4G data is gone… smh lol

    • IAmSixNine

      Those of us on TMO network and experiencing connectivity issues. Create a new APN. Copy all the info from the existing APN with the exception of APN Protocol. Change it FROM IPv6 to IPv4 in your new APN. On my M7, M8, Note 3, Nexus 5 i have had no problems if i use IPv4.

      • J-Hop2o6

        The thing is we’re trying to get off IPv4 since we’re running out of v4 IP addresses.

  • Deadeye37

    And then there’s Sprint…..

    • Tony Chen

      hum sprint must be desperate to merge with t mobile LOL. they cant compete in terms of network

  • keasycase

    I have to turn airplane mode on to sometimes… Data connection would just not work… HTC m8

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Same here. Sucks

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Awesome. Burn Sprint lol

  • keasycase

    I seen a post… On the website new York post… Saying T-Mobile has put it several bid s for more 700 a block spectrum…

  • Tony Chen

    by the way sprint framily plan that sprint has, charges you $7 extra for framily plan fee, and also if your not on easy pay program on sprint they charge you extra 7.99 a month on top of gov taxes each month so your not really saving in the framily plan. also if someone leaves your framily plan your monthly bill increases even more. on sprint your paying as much as verizon and at&t for subpar service. sprint’s easy pay program is similiar to t mobiles jump program, where you upgrade early, so if your not on sprint’s easy pay program your getting charged $7.99 /month on top of framily maintaince fee and their eip and then there is the monthly service bill. if sprint merges with t mobile we get screwed on our monthly bill most likely.

  • Andrew

    Chicago here and loving T-mobile. Switched from Sprint and couldn’t be happier. Way to go T-Mo!

  • Tony Chen

    alot of new customers got duped into thinking framily plan will save money, only later to come to find out it doesnt save them money. Get this sprint also charges you early termination fee, for framily plan thats not on 2 year contract, meaning if you leave sprint’s frmaily plan you pay the remaining balance on your current phone plus early termination fee. You guys shoudl remember this is not on a 2 year contract. lets say you buy iphone 5s for $600 and your paying eip for a month and then you cancel your framily plan.
    sprint forces you pay the remaining balance of the iphone 5s+ $50 for early termination fee.

    also sprint will not unlock your phone to be used on other carriers for any reason.

  • Ashton3002

    They must not have tested a spark compatible device because I’ve seen with my own 2 eyes an average of about 40 down and 12 up on sprint spark in Chicago.. but then again if they were testing regular LTE than of course sprint the slowest duh!! But even then 7.4 is more than enough to use Instagram, Facebook, twitter, download apps and songs..I personally have sprint but come November in switching to Tmobile because
    A) in my home (where I use my phone the most) They swear I have 4G but I don’t I have 0 – full bars of 3g. .It varies greatly..everyone else does but sprint.
    B) sprints 3G isn’t cutting it for me
    C) I can’t upgrade every 6 months.
    D) I need unlimited data.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Why November? Why not tomorrow?

      T-Mobile will pay those ETFs whenever.

      • Ashton3002

        I don’t have a contract I’m on easy pay and to my understanding from several Tmobile representatives they said you must be in a contract..and I want the iphone 6 or note 4 and they will both be out by then. And on top of that I’m the only 1 of the 5 people on my plan that are leaving. They don’t have much need of data as I do.

    • tehboogieman

      They used the median speed for the results from over 100,000 tests. So while a specific phone in a specific location may achieve much higher speeds, overall Sprint scored last.

      The lesson in this is that while tests like this offer an insight to network performance for a general area, it’s always best to find out on your own what works best for you.


    Anyone got an update today? I just woke up and got a software upgrade 220.00MB update! Don’t know what it is…. Can’t find anything on the Internet either… I’m already in Kitkat.!

    • Melvin Suarez J.r

      You must got the VoLTE update. Which now you can voice call on your LTE network. Which also means you can browse, download and do just as much on your phone when your not on a voice call. Simultaneously. Just downloaded mine note 3

  • notyourbusiness

    Wow. Go, T-Mo!

  • Fast

    Go just outside Chicago and see how fast that 2G is…