See how your data and tests affected Fastest Mobile Networks 2014

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Any regular readers will know that we partnered with PCMag and Sensorly recently to help them collect network performance and coverage data from T-Mobile users. Put simply, all you needed to do was download the Sensorly app for your phone and start testing. Results were fantastic, and in some areas, T-Mo tests outweighed others so much it was difficult to make comparisons.

As a result, Sensorly now has a more up to date, and thorough map showing actual coverage in cities, towns and roads in the US than before. What you should be able to see below is an embedded map which shows T-mobile’s current LTE coverage. Not only that, but, you can select to see what kind of speeds people are getting in those locations using T-Mo’s super-fast mobile network.

If the map isn’t showing any coverage or results for your specific location, and you know there’s 4G coverage there, the best way to rectify it is to submit your own results. Data isn’t provided by T-Mobile, but, by real-life T-Mobile users who perform tests. It’s completely crowd-sourced. Meaning, if you want a more realistic look at how T-Mobile’s coverage is in specific locations, this is one of the best ways of checking that (presuming there are people in those locations performing tests).

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