T-Mobile 2G upgrade to 4G network seemingly well underway

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When T-Mobile announced earlier this year that it would be upgrading its 2G network to 4G, it’s fair to say our attention was grabbed. T-Mobile’s reputation of having great, fast coverage in major cities and having poor coverage elsewhere has been a big hindrance to many people joining the carrier. But times – as the famous song goes – are a-changing.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been informed by a good number of T-Mobile fans that they’re starting to see 4G, both HSPA and LTE in areas where they previously only got 2G/EDGE. In some cases, the network is still in the very early stages of being upgraded, and so speeds don’t climb that high. But, 4G is still showing up on people’s phones, in the status bar.

One reader got in touch from New Mexico, sadly with not screenshots or speed test. But the experience is encouraging nonetheless:

“Hi! I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and make the 250 mile drive down south to Las Cruces, New Mexico about once a month. For the last 6 years I would be stuck on 2G all the way down I-25, (the only road there, check it out) but now I am starting to see HSPA+ for at least 100 miles! Sensorly.com is showing it around Socorro right now, which is pretty awesome.

At the same time, I drive north on the 550 to Farmington, New Mexico once a month, and exactly the same thing is happening on that road!”

We also had another with news that 4G has been showing up in central-south Utah along the I-15 corridor. But that’s not all. The following locations are also seeing an upgrade:

West Point, Georgia

West Point, Georgia

Yuma, AZ (HSPA)


Houma, LA

Houma, LA

Lubbock, TX

Lubbock, TX

And these aren’t the only locations. This is but a handful of places we’ve been told about. There’s a growing forum entry on Howard Forums with other T-Mobile users updating when they notice a T-Mobile 2G upgrade to 4G taking place. All-in-all, it’s very encouraging.

UPDATE – They include:

  • Cedar City, UT – HSPA, Slow Speeds
  • Worcester, MA – 5×5 LTE
  • Greensboro, Burlington, Julian, Mcleansville, NC – HSPA showing up in network scans, not yet active
  • Ukiah, CA (LTE+HSPA) – Redwood Valley and Hopland have HSPA. Former MPCS coverage area(s)
  • Nephi, UT – EDGE to HSPA
  • Lost Hills, CA – New area of HSPA+ (that had previously been mapped as EDGE) on Lerdo Hwy (CA) between I-5 and Hwy 33
  • Seguin, TX – LTE
  • Livingston, CA to Gustine, CA – LTE just south of Livingston, along CA 140 all the way west through Gustine (see Sensorly)
  • Ann Arbor, MI – LTE. US 23 North and E Northfield Church Rd. South of I-94 along State St. at Lavender Drive, and east of Ann Arbor on M-14 at Ford Rd. (see Sensorly)
  • Worcester, MA – Expanded LTE coverage.
  • Joplin, MO – LTE
  • Southwest Missouri. Springfield and Osage Beach -LTE
  • Cajon Pass, 92407, and Baker, CA – LTE. MetroPCS conversion.
  • Muskogee, OK – Upgraded to LTE a month ago.
  • New Bedford, MA – LTE
  • Beaver, UT – 4G HSPA
  • Parowan, Nephi, Tremonton, and Fielding, UT – EDGE to HSPA+
  • Laredo, TX – LTE
  • Statesville, NC – EDGE to HSPA+
  • San Luis Obispo and Atascadero, CA – LTE. Was HSPA+ only 3 months ago.
  • Prescott and Jerome, AZ – LTE
  • Firebaugh, CA – LTE
  • Paso Robles, CA – LTE. Only for 5 mi from 24th St to San Marcos Rd.
  • Lincoln, AL (Talladega Speedway) – EDGE to AWS HSPA+
  • Fortuna, CA – LTE. Possibly a former MetroPCS site.
  • Burley, Kimberly, and Hansen, ID – LTE and HSPA
  • Oak Ridge, Crossville, Clarkrange, Jamestown TN – LTE. Mapped on Sensorly.
  • Collinsville, OK – LTE.
  • Farmington, NM – EDGE to LTE
  • Templeton, CA – H+ to LTE
  • Fenton and Argentine Township, MI – LTE broadcast only

If you’ve noticed an area nearby being upgraded from 2G to HSPA or LTE, we’d love to hear from you too. Be sure – if you can – to send us a screenshot of your own Speed Test results, and Sensorly maps. Grab me at cam@tmonews.com or on Twitter: @PhoneDog_Cam.

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  • peharri

    I assume you/they mean they’re adding 3G and 4G in areas previously served only by 2G, because if they’re actually replacing 2G then that’d suck! 2G may be useless for anything other than voice, but good old 2GSM is still the most reliable communications system in use!

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, exactly. I don’t think 2G is going anywhere until 3G/4G is properly active.

    • eanfoso

      No kidding, when t-ghetto had an outage in my area (southeast texas) I forced my BlackBerry to gsm only, that way I was still able to make phone calls and send sms, Web still worked, just slow

  • Steve

    Cam, would you be willing to give the link to the Howard forum you reference? Thank you.

  • Guest

    Some suburbs outside of Chicago where there was weak 4G/2G signal is now full HSPA+. Didn’t have the chance to screenshot but there was definitely a huge difference in speed and coverage.

    • Tom

      Hopefully coverage on the interstates between Chicago and Rockford and Milwaukee get upgraded soon.

  • SEBA

    Great news! Much better then VoLTE news.

  • thirty5thrifters

    I noticed an upgrade. Not where I live unfortunately but it’s nice to actually see an upgrade for myself. Happy to see T-Mobile is finally solving their biggest issue.

  • impasse

    was in charlottesville last weekend for a reunion event..i get 4g (“h+”) all over the place and a few dabs of lte, but speedtests definitely indicate the speeds are still edge or worse, which makes no sense to me. was in a friend’s apartment with three or four bars of 4g, and couldn’t even load the google home page..sigh. i know it’s just a [fairly notable] college town, but coverage there is absolutely atrocious compared to at&t and verizon.

    • Adrayven

      There backbone pipe is probably not upgraded yet (fiber) ..

  • chris

    I’m in Lubbock. unfortunately not all of the town has been upgraded, but it has where I lived. It’s so much faster, too! Consistently getting over 30mbps down, and a little over 11 up.

  • Adrayven

    Wait for it.. Sprint/SoftBank is coming to screw us all! YES.. isn’t that GREAT!? /s

    • Matt

      How do you figure or are you just a naysayer?

    • Jeremiah McCurry

      Doubt it. T-Mobile customers could then buy new phones and access the current TMO network plus the available Spark sites.

  • UMA_Fan

    I think the biggest complaint the tmo execs get is rural coverage so I would expect this to be a huge part of the uncarrier 5 announcement

  • Marcoshay

    I was the one to send in the Yuma, AZ HSPA sighting, I would of included a sensorly map check but I have an iPhone so I unfortunately can not track speed.

  • james

    The Most important one is on the I-15 from Barstow to las vegas EDGE

  • Daniel Rivera

    I really want tmobile to work on there 2G edge coverage on the road to vegas from los Angeles. Its real bad att n verizon have 3G all the way there tmobile is all edge/G.

  • HothTron

    Still need coverage in Idaho and Montana….

    • enkay1

      T-Mobile has service in Idaho. Montana is a different story. MT is too rural for T-Mobile to expand into profitably at the moment.

      • HothTron

        Then Verizon will remain king out there. Fark magenta for being cheap

  • chris

    What about getting coverage in the Northern Part of Michigan nice to see Ann Arbor make the list, but what about the North part of Michigan !!!!

    • Kevin Mills

      I’m pulling for St. Clair. I get LTE in Chesterfield and Marysville, but that little spot between is what kills me.

      As an Ann Arbor resident, I won’t complain.

    • Scott

      Which northern part of Michigan? Along I-75, it’s LTE/HSPA/WCDMA all the way to Standish. Or are you referring to reducing the roaming on AT&T?

      • chris

        As a METRO PCS customer with T-mobile from the Northern part of Michigan like big rapids, mt pleasant area still waiting for coverage in the north part of Michigan, at least there coverage in the south area of Grand Rapids too !!!

        • Scott

          I see. Looks like T-Mobile roams just north of GR. Sensorly shows 3G+ around Mt. Pleasant. Not sure what the future holds regarding expansion of native coverage or less restrictive roaming.

        • enkay1

          If it is a former MetroPCS coverage area, T-Mobile will integrate it and expand their coverage.

  • philyew

    The HSPA+ to LTE upgrades are part of the tail end of the original network modernization exercise which started in 2012. TM entered 2014 with several thousand of the original 37,000 targeted cell sites still to upgrade. Strictly speaking, those results should be excluded from the dialog on the 2G upgrade.

  • Matt

    I will come back to T-Mobile once coverage improves in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. I miss having the unlimited data and not having to check to see how much I have remaining.

  • david

    T-Mobile need to upgrade 2G edge on (Logansport, INDIANA). Logansport been surround by other small town and all of them had HSPA+, since last year, even out in the country road, there’s 4G. But, Logansport been stuck with Edge for years now. and local T-Mobile store keep said its coming. still no sign of it and Logansport are cover in the newly 700Mhz. this is bull……keep seem other 2G place been upgrade and not my city….T-Mobile need to speed up the upgrade. oh btw….another small town next to ours, they had HSPA+ about 2 year ago. couple month ago T-Mobile upgrade to LTE. TMO keep doing upgrade and keep up the good work….But, let work on the 2G first.

    • mario

      Be Patient what do you think they are doing if you have coverage issues switch!

    • Indiana User

      That area has pretty good rural 3G/4G? coverage, especially for Indiana. You’re right though, Logansport, Peru, Rochester, and Plymouth, IN are all towns along major highways that need to be filled in to cover the remaining hole. Do all those small towns/towers now have upgraded backhaul to enable HSPA+ speeds?

      • Mathew Colburn

        I drive 31 from Indianapolis to South Bend about once a month. It sucks going from Carmel to South Bend (with the exception of Kokomo) with virtually no coverage but it’s not something that kills me for those 2 hours. I’m hopeful they upgrade their towers through there this year.

    • YABD

      I go there every day to deliver and there is no coverage at all. Tmobile forgot INDIANA!!!!!

  • Jay Holm

    No mention of Connecticut?

    • Luis Espinal

      Bridgeport VoLTE this AM 6.13.14 on note 3

      • Jay Holm

        I live in Bridgeport, southend, haven’t noticed VoLTE, I’m using the S4.

        • SZL

          VoLTE is currently only supported on G Flex, Note 3, and Galaxy Light, I believe.

        • Jay Holm

          Oh, that’s ok, I care more about fast data speeds than VoLTE.

  • Trevnerdio

    There was absolutely no reason for places like Lubbock to be anything less than the fastest and newest tech for so long. I live in a place with a metro of about 70,000 maybe? Lubbock alone has 236k.

    • JB45

      Try being in Cincinnati with a metro of 2.3 million and most of it not having LTE. We are just now getting hspa 42 this past week.

      • Trevnerdio

        Yeah…I hear spectrum is a problem there. We’ve got tons of spectrum here! Borrow a few MHz from us!

        • philyew

          It may depend on when the last network refit was carried out in the area. If the sites were updated shortly before the network modernization program began in 2012, TM will still be depreciating hardware which is incapable of supporting AWS. Hence the delay until LTE can be deployed on PCS.

  • maximus1901

    I’m surprised they’re deploying AWS Hspa. Should just use AWS for lte only.

    What’s the newest phone on TMO that ONLY has Hspa on AWS and not on pcs?

    • ChristianMcC

      I totally agree, unless they got a super deal on the hardware. What doesn’t make sense to me is that they are refarming 2g, which none of the bands of EDGE are AWS.

      • philyew

        They are doing it so they can re-use some of the existing hardware in their cell sites. There was a generation of equipment that was installed prior to their network modernization program starting in 2012, which is capable of supporting LTE on the PCS band. Those sites never had the capability to have AWS deployed, which is why they are stuck with 2G until now.

        • TMOguy

          Just to clear up a few things here… 1) they aren’t deploying hspa on aws. Aws is now only used for lte in urban areas. In rural areas, it’s mostly unused and likely to stay that way.
          In rural areas, they have always just had 2g/edge on pcs and that’s it. They are literally “bolting” on lte on top of it, lte on pcs so they don’t have to climb the tower, no changing antennas and associated hardware. There will still be no aws and no hspa+
          Why? Because it’s cheaper, fast, and easy… just mount lte radio, upgrade backhaul, and done. That’s it (well there are some other minor things but those are the major ones) Not climbing the tower is huge though.

        • philyew

          If you read what I said again, you will see that I was not saying they are deploying anything on AWS. I’m saying they are deploying “LTE on the PCS band”. I said they didn’t have anything above 2G deployed in those locations before because these site were not and are still not capable of supporting AWS.

          Through the first half of the year they were, however, still deploying services using AWS in those sites that comprise the remainder of the 37,000 that were originally targeted in the 2012 network modernization program, which were always intended to receive the new hardware.

          What are they going to do with those sites that are part of the current 2G footprint and have hardware which is too old to support the LTE upgrade? Presumably they will be deploying the new Ericsson or NSN equipment, which would give them the option of deploying service on AWS…

        • maximus1901

          Well that sucks. If they’re not installing new antennas with RRU (remote radio unit), then they’ll continue to have signal losses from the antenna down to the radio on ground.
          Of course it’s better than EDGE and it’s more than acceptable the first time around.
          But they should come back and do a proper modernization sometime in late 2015 when they finish these hack jobs.


    I can’t wait for the all the highway corridors to be affected with the 2G to 4G change. I know that for all those living in the smaller cities, it’s not going to make a difference, but for those travelling in cars/trucks on a regular basis, 2G to even 3G coverage is hugo improvement.

  • notyourbusiness

    I did recently notice 4G in a place where I would normally only get 2G showing, but I thought that might have been the particular phone I was using at the time. Will test it out again when I go back, and with one of my other phones.

    • Spanky

      Angela or Alissa? Had to ask!

      • notyourbusiness

        Angela all the way! Alyssa’s not bad, mind you, but she’s no Angela!

  • Baz

    Still waiting for major improvements in Northern Delaware. Most upgrades to LTE were done last year, but areas near Middletown, Smyrna, and Bear are still stuck in EDGE hell. Waiting anxiously for upgrades to those rapidly-growing areas that have significant populations! Definitely part of an unCarrier push- tons of expansion reports on Howard Forums.

    Go TMO!

  • nramacciato

    When is New Rochelle, New York gonna get a share of this LTE business…? Been waiting for months. Every where I go, I get LTE, except for in New Rochelle. This is absurd.

  • nramacciato

    Still waiting for this LTE business in New Rochelle, New York. Been waiting for months. I get it everywhere else but here. Ridiculous.

    • maximus1901

      You could go to cricket wireless.
      Uses ATT network but not unlimited.

  • Rydnlow

    Cam, Fenton MI/Argentine, and Holly MI are PCS HSPA+42 and LTE 2x15mhz not just LTE. I was able to map some on Root Metrics.

    • maximus1901

      How do you know it’s HSPA+42 and not just +21 on PCS?
      Now that LTE is here, TMO gains nothing by paying Ericsson/Nokia for dual-carrier on PCS.

      • Rydnlow

        Samsung service menu list as DC_HSPA+1 or HSPA+42 plus speeds break the 21Mbps barrier. All of our re-farmed areas here have full NSN tower setups so far. It would be pointless to not turn it on if the equipment is there. Technically a couple towers could support AWS HSPA also due to panel layout but it is not on. Or they could run Band 4 and Band 2 LTE so that could explain why no AWS HSPA broadcast yet.

  • JosephLagalla

    Does the refarmed 2g network work as 4g on any phone that supports both LTE and EDGE. In other words, would (for example) and M8 pick up on these areas that have been upgraded. Or am I misunderstanding this and is 4g being implemented on TMo’s normal frequencies in areas known to be 2g only?

    • Cam Bunton

      If you have a 4G phone on T-Mo, you should be able to pick up the new network when it goes live.

      • maximus1901

        Since TMO has mangled “4G”, the more accurate statement is “if you have an LTE phone …”

    • ChristianMcC

      It’s more like 3.9g, when we’re talking about HSPA+. In the case of the phone you’re asking about, it would catch the HSPA/HSPA+ signals, but if one had a phone like an unlocked At&t moto x, or anything that doesn’t pick up the AWS band, then they may be out of luck if the HSPA signal isn’t using the 1900mhz frequency. Since Tmo is refarming the 2g signal, it is a possibility that this is the 1900mhz frequency.

  • happy

    upgrade i15 from Barstow to las vegas only edge their right now

  • Bourgeois

    Add Tremonton, Utah to the list. A very small city near the Utah/Idaho border. Proof things are moving chez T-Mobile.

    T-Mobile wins!

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Nothing in Madera, CA yet. Or kerman CA

    • grod46

      Im sure madera is going to go live soon since both Firebaugh, and Mendota went live for LTE

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        I passed thru firebaugh on my way to i5 about 2 months ago only hspa so this must’ve been recent

        • grod46

          Yep it was recent, about on the 3rd i first noticed LTE on my nexus 5 for 15 mins but went away, and now recently its been back up and down for tweaking, i also noticed that there were couple of ericsson trucks driving around

  • Ryan M.

    Glad to see some very small towns along I-5 in Central California getting the upgrade. That bodes well for a few northern cities along I-5. I did see tower maintenance near Orland CA occur last Sunday with sporadic 2G outages but nothing to show for it yet.

    • sahib102 .

      Hey same here . I saw a guy working up there too . I was hoping it was something. I would be glad if Orland got some lte ^.^

      • Ryan M.

        Glad I’m not the only one in this town eagerly awaiting the upgrade! TMo is lucky I travel internationally and work / shop in LTE enabled cities.

        • sahib102 .

          its torcher to use this 2g x.x. its only good for text messaging and calling but getting mms pictures takes so long it times out on me. I hope the 3 year wait for LTE will come to an end this time around :D

  • Tmobile Fan 55

    4G has gone active in the Wetumpka, AL area along 231 from just south of the city to a few miles north of 14. More than likely it switched to 4G recently in that area because of the new casino that recently opened in the same area that draws large amounts of people to that particular part of the city. Once you get a few miles outside of the downtown area it goes back to 2G until you get into the Montgomery city limits.

    • Rdaex

      We tumpka. You tumpka… eeeeverybody tumpkas!

      Thanks for bringing back memories of my dad, random internetter. Greetings from Yankee town.

  • HangmanSwingset

    I just travelled from Seattle to Portland, and normally I’m on EDGE maybe 60% of the time. But, I managed to stay between 4G and LTE all the way until well past Olympia, and the EDGE network in between was way faster than I have previously dealt with before.

  • Martin Drphilmartin Reynoso

    25 down and 7 up in Pasco wa

  • priap1sm

    I was just in the Lost Hills, CA area and still had 1/2 g on my HSPA+ phone. I was just west of I-5 (like, a quarter mile), but no dice for coverage there. Either it hasn’t taken effect yet or it doesn’t quite extend that far west.

    Still, great news for racers at Buttonwillow Raceway!

    • Philip Ruiz

      Same for me..

  • Allen Enriquez

    Cool, I am going to North Carolina June 25-July 9, 2014 I am going to be thrilled to see it for myself!

    • Jaramie Black

      What part of NC?

      • Allen Enriquez


  • Jordan Bookhart

    Hey tmobile show the outskirts of columbia SC some love!!!!

    • fechhelm

      I work in the outskirts of Charleston, always had edge until a couple weeks ago now it’s back and forth between hspa+ (5mb/sec) and edge. Very promising, just not consistent enough.

  • Ejay

    I love how these small no name towns are getting it but lets be honest one of T-Mo’s biggest markets is FL. So how is it that they don’t concentrate their efforts on the their BIG markets first???!?!?! Population should take priority over small towns.Make the masses happy then trickle it down to the little ones.

    • philyew

      They’ve been concentrating on the larger markets for the last 8 years. Around 75% of their cell sites are in the top markets and they were the first to get 3G, then HSPA+ and, over the last year or so, they have been following in the same areas with LTE.

  • YABD

    I want coverage in the I-69, Indiana 20, Indiana 120, Indiana 15, Indiana 9, Indiana 3, Columbia city, IN. Goshen, IN , Milford IN, Syracuse and more and more Warsaw IN

  • Stefan Naumowicz

    I’m a store rep for T-Mobile at Walmart in Albany, NY. been there for 2 years. Used to have to go outside to get 3g/4g, only got gprs/edge while indoors. As of today we had perfect LTE pulling over 30mbps in the store. Go T-Mobile!!

    • maximus1901

      I’m noticing in Canton/Livonia/Plymouth that on my iPhone 4S, which only has hspa on PCS, is getting more bars in more places ;)
      But seriously, it is. I think TMO is moving fast on upgrading more towers with PCS HSPA.
      Also, I saw for myself on my sis’ iphone 5s that TMO has 20×20 LTE in metro detroit.
      On Note 3, got 38mbps down inside a restaurant in Livonia (forgot how many bars).

      You know, the more TMO upgrades the less of a case there is for a merger.
      TMO’s announced upgrade plans, next year, for greater than 250mil LTE whereas Sprint has only announced 250mil this summer, even though their website states 270mil+ on 3g; TMO’s is 284mil TOTAL NATIVE coverage.

  • Tito

    I live in Yuma Az. and getting only 2g the post above about Yuma going 4g is not accurate.

    • Marcoshay

      Yes it is. You can check root metrics too. Go driving around and check it out because I have 4G. I usually don’t get it past 16th all the way to 1st street on avenue B but it’s been a week or so since I’ve checked.

      • Tito

        My apologies I checked it out today and i was getting 4g in many parts of Yuma Az

  • James

    Many parts around Augusta, GA have rapidly switched from 2g to 4g and LTE.

  • od312

    I will be testing the New Mexico claim this weekend. Driving from El Paso, TX to Albuquerque. Exciting news!

    • Dutch

      Will you please report back here?

  • Philip Ruiz

    Im from bakersfield Ca, i travel for work thru lost hills and that area they are talking about i actually get no service at all.. hopefully i will see a change soon since it is 2g in all areas surrounding there and absolutely no internet service. On a plus note in bakersfield on olive dr and hwy99 i got 72 mbps on a speed test the other day.. fastest ive ever gotten.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    If Statesville, Julian, McLeansville & Burlington is on the map, maybe, just maybe Kings Mountain, NC will get updated this year!!! My iPhone 4s needs some love!

    • Chad Dalton

      King, NC is showing 4g on sensorly…just saying

      • Raiterio Patterson

        I live next Crowders Mtn Golf Course, just outside of Kings Mtn. There’s 4G on 1-85 going towards SC but nothing in the city of King Mtn. Should’ve been more specific.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Don’t get me started on Shelby, NC….nothing but EDGE even if you have a Nexus 4..

  • Chris

    Paradise, CA has spotty LTE and EDGE, no HSPA

  • jaxgrim

    LTE speed updates on the way too. I hit 60MBps down in Jax, FL

  • TGibbs

    Nothing here in my area. Have anyone heard or seen any 4G in the Blairsville,GA area? It’s the North Georgia Mountains.

  • DirkDigg1er

    Way to go T-Mobile! Finally a lil bit of coverage love.

  • jumia

    West side of Wichita, KS just got LTE. Up to 40Mbps download on 10×10.

  • enoch861

    I noticed too that when driving from the Twin Cities on US169 South toward Mankato I get LTE in the sticks. I used to think that my phone was broken so I’d turn on navigation (I don’t use my phone while driving) And sure enough the 4GLTE logo didn’t disappear for a good chunk of the trip. And when it did, it went back to 4G(HSPA) not 2G.

  • maximus1901

    Has TMO’s maps been changed to reflect this? Last time I checked, they hadn’t. Seems stupid of them. Carriers often overstate their coverage and seems weird (or lazy) of them to understate it.

    • Rydnlow

      They are still about 6 months outdated in MI. A part of White Lake has had LTE since January and still shows 3g. I’m not a big fan of their maps as it is since everything over 2g is the same color.

    • Eric

      I’m sure T-Mobile will update their maps come Un-Carrier 5, where there will be (most-likely) Neville Ray announcing new LTE/HSPA+ markets that were previously EDGE and Wideband LTE.

  • Jessy

    My sister lives in the woods and only gets 2G… She got a text message from tmobile today stating that her area was being upgraded to 4G LTE soon. Good to know, even though she always is on WiFi. Yay Tmo!

  • Dark enV

    Love hearing news like this, now if they can get the highways completely covered that’d be amazing. Been waiting to get coverage outside of Spartanburg SC so I can get my family to switch to T-Mobile, Verizon is price gouging the crap out of them and it’s making me sick but unfortunately at home there’s little to no coverage with 3 bars of EDGE being the best I could manage to get and they can’t get real wifi out where they live hopefully in a few more months things will change.

  • Archon

    Not a lot of love being shown by Tmobile in Iowa. Des Moines is fine, but go 10 miles outside the city and you are roaming on Iowa Telecom. This is one state where merging with Sprint could be beneficial.

  • MadJoe

    Littleton MA (01460) and Hopkington MA (01748) both lit up LTE in the past month or so.

  • Chris

    This is the most exciting thing to happen to T-Mobile sine joining in 2007. Let’s goooo!

  • NorCalOffspring

    T-Mobile must have a good roaming agreement with Union Telecom in Wyoming. I was in Rock Springs, Wy a couple weeks ago and was roaming on Union Telecoms 4G HSPA+ at 10mbps! Used 2gigs of data while I was there for a few days with 100% reliability. When I left Rock Springs, I continued to have 4G HSPA+ coverage 80% of the time until I hit Salt Lake City, UT. At that point, I switched over to t-mobile LTE.

  • Bill Berry

    The only reason why West Point, GA has HSPA+ is there is this huge KIA auto plant there which is literally one mile long from end to end; please note West Point city proper has no high speed data, nor do the adjacent cities of Lanett, AL and Valley, AL which all are side by side by side with a state line running through them has zero high speed; it’s only the auto plant; one tower; that’s it.

  • Bill Berry

    I will say this until I’m blue in the face; T-Mobile needs to lease or add towers to where there is no coverage; I think the upgrades are wonderful, but no coverage means exactly that; I’m sick of using two carriers.

  • aa1127

    No love for IL yet it seems…..would love to see the Chicago-Rockford corridor on I-90 finally covered at least with some HSPA+

  • Mark Adams

    I really hope this just means they’re adding 4G to areas without it and not switching from 2G to only 4g. The only way I can get cell reception in my office, which is in a metal building is to switch to 2G only… other wise it just keeps trying to switch over to 4g with 1 to no bars.

  • Jaime Ponce de Leon

    I can confirm that the I25 corridor in NM has been upgraded, showing a 4g (hspa, not lte) on my HTC ONE, at least albuquerque to socorro. However, data speed and bandwidth are, at least for now, no better then the edge speeds.

    • Dutch

      Yup, noticed that too. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before they’ll up the speeds..

      • Jaramie Black

        do you know why that is? I traveled to Florida last week and had 3g and 4g on my phone but the speeds were worthless..

        • Dutch

          Not entirely sure, as I’m not a technician, but I’m guessing it’s part of the way they upgrade the towers. Perhaps they’re still testing.. Perhaps they’ve done the antennas, but have not yet done the backbone piping to support the faster speeds..

        • ©ameron Tarbell

          It takes time. Sprint upgraded their 4G here in Des Moines Iowa a year ago and we didn’t see a change… Eventually, it was like a switch was flipped and we got 4G LTE running great!

  • Troy

    This is my biggest issue with T-mobile. In my area I get great LTE but if I drive 5 mins (Chesapeake VA) towards north carolina it drops to edge. This is also an area that has walmart, target, chickfla, bdubs. This isn’t some small area. Also has a local high school.

  • justin

    Lte up in Yakima Wa.

    • justin

      Well it was up, but now its gone…I dont get it!!

  • Tito

    Yuma Az has gone 4g but only in a small part of town. I hope their just going piece by piece and not just leave it how it is

  • Frank

    Last year at a Campground in South Jersey near Avalon I was getting 2g and sometimes No data at all – this same location this past weekend I got 4G with 20mbps and higher – this is great news – this is along Route 9

  • Mike Coleman

    probably a noob question, but is there a way to tell what kind of network you are connected to or is in your area? ie 5×5, 10×10, etc.

    or is it just a guess based on what your download speed was? :p

  • Raiterio Patterson

    There is a new tower next to a fire station a couple miles from house in Gastonia, NC but I don’t know if it’s T-Mobile or not. If it is T-Mobile, how do I find out if it’s wired?

  • naber229

    burlington ky hspa+ to LTE. LTE has not gone live yet but they are in the process of upgrading

  • naber229

    Cincinnati is going live soon too tmo coverage map shows LTE all over cincy

  • John

    I hope this news is true. I’m in Farmington, NM and while I love the customer service of T-Mobile, I cannot stand the EDGE coverage. LTE will definitely be nice. The sooner the better, but as of today, 07/10, we are still on EDGE coverage.

  • Angel Calvillo

    i switched from cricket to tmobile and with cricket which is now owned by att i never got a bad data signal from cricket i was with cricket for 4 yrs and i say about 6 times i encountered a 3g status .tmobile please step it up i love the unlimited data but i made a trip from san antonio to college station and about half the way there was all edge newtwork i was very displeased casue san antonio is lte blazing fast 20mbps. seemed like if threre was only farms and small comunities they would not invest in there data network

  • Eva Mal

    I reside in NM. Today I received a text mssg from T-Mobile stating that eff 7/25/15 my phone “may” no longer receive 4G high speed data. Then I got a letter in the mail today that said my current phone will no longer receive 4G high speed data and as a remedy they are offering a free smartphone, the Alcatel Astro. 2 of our phone lines are used for business sales and we use Square register. It’s not yet been confirmed, but it doesn’t look like the “free phone” is compatible. Not thrilled about this. If my phone must be replaced, is it unreasonable for me to expect the new phone to have at minimal, the features of my current phone? This could be an added expense that I feel shouldn’t be my burden. Any thoughts?