Yet more VoLTE sightings in Philadelphia, Chattanooga and Alexandria, Washington DC

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m completely in awe of the speed at which T-Mobile’s network team has been running lately. Since officially announcing its existence in Seattle, T-Mobile’s VoLTE service has been spotted in a huge number of other locations. And we’ve been trying to keep track of them all here on TmoNews. Today we bring you a further three sightings we’ve been informed of over the past few days.

TmoNews readers and T-Mo customers from Philadelphia, PA and Chattanooga, TN as well as Alexandria in Washington DC have all sent us in-call screenshots showing VoLTE calls being made.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, TN


Alaxandria, Washington DC

With T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 5.0 event coming in just under a week from now, we can expect Legere and the rest of the executives to make some announcements as to just how fast these network improvements are rolling out.

Another development is the upgrading from 2G to LTE and HSPA+ in some areas. If you live in one of those markets, we’re really keen to hear from you. So far, we’ve not received any screenshots for that, just short comments saying it’s happening. But, we’d love to have more visual evidence. Shoot me an email to with screenshots showing recent speed tests showing the difference in speed. We’d love to spread the word on that.

In other network news, we reported yesterday that T-Mobile had scored really well in PCMag’s Fastest Networks report, and a lot of that data came from you guys, submitting network and speed tests using the Sensorly app.

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  • sushimane

    Is that how u know if it’s HD voice when its green?

    • Willie D

      When I use HD Voice, there is a little orange box that says in white HD VOICE near the phone number. I am not on VoLTE though, just HSPA+

      • sushimane

        Oh OK.

  • Tgibbs

    Oh wow, that great news to know. Getting closer to Georgia. I hoping someone will post something from the North Georgia Mountains, but not news here as of yet. Keep up the good work T-Mobile.

  • Adrayven

    Yup.. just in time for Sprint/SoftBank to buy them out and trash the whole system. Turn support over to some foreign support contractor, re-do plans with contracts and raise the price.

    Yup Yup

    • Willie D

      Sprint totally contracted their network management, buildout, and maintenance out to Ericsson, and since they did that, their network went from one of the best in urban areas, they even once guaranteed their network in San Francisco, to the laughingstock of carriers worldwide, now rated as the slowest 3G network in the world, even in comparison to developing countries.

      • bob90210

        T-Mobile contracted the LTE deployment to Ericsson and Nokia Siemens yet T-Mobile’s LTE network is just fine.

        • fsured

          They won the contracts to supply the hardware but does that mean they also manage the network? I don’t disagree that they won management contracts and other services related to the hardware, just curious. Don’t the cell companies contract out work to smaller companies anyway when doing maintaince, field checks, etc? Similar to cable companies haveing other companies to help them maintain the network and customer installations in large markets. Whatever Sprint did wrong should be used as an example of how to f* up.

    • Fraydog

      If SoftBank, the new owners of Sprint, were so happy with outsourcing, why did they fire their chief network officer, Bob Azzi, as well as his chief lieutenant, Steve Elfman?
      If Legere does run a combined company, why would they junk the superior network?

      • fsured

        They wouldn’t. It would be foolish. I suspsect they would start doing the process of moving customers over to T-Mobiles network through selling of phones that pick up the network signal. Similar to how MetroPc customers were moved over and how AT&T is moving Cricket customers over. They will use the extra unused capactiy on T-Mobile for their customers as they rip out the defunk CDMA one and replace it with LTE. Gives them breathing room and less customer frustration since they will have a fall back network during the process.

  • steve1026

    Alexandria is in Virginia not Washington DC. Their are no cities within the district.

    • Willie D

      Well if you wanna get nit-picky I guess…

      • ParisWilponCOO

        Very interesting history- was VA, then DC, then VA again-,_Virginia

      • steve1026

        LOL Its not being nit-picky. I was simply trying to inform Cam. I’m sure being a writer he would want to get the info correct instead of almost correct. Wouldn’t you? I know I would.

    • Give @cam_bunton:disqus a break – being British is hard enough…

      • steve1026

        LOL Im sure it is but I was not trying to insult or harm anyone with what I had said. Was simply trying to inform someone who does not live in the area. I would expect nothing less if it were me. Oh well cant please everyone I guess.

    • UMA_Fan

      Its still considered part of the DC metro area

      • steve1026

        Yes it is but thats not what was written in the article. I am very aware of what cities and counties within MD and VA are considered DC Metro as I am from PG County which is included in the DC Metro area.

        • 21stNow

          Prince George’s County is in the house!

    • Irfan

      what happen DC having height limited so no building taller then 16 floors so many Government Departments are located in Pentagon, Alexandria , VA area and MT Vernon is also located in Alexandria , its just a river between them , Just a Info

      • Teo T

        The height restriction isn’t 16 floors in the district. The height of buildings can only be the width of the street they face, plus 20 feet.

        In the bordering towns in Virginia and Maryland, there are technically no height restrictions, just airspace restrictions because of the close proximity of the airports.

        • Irfan

          plz check Washington dc web site …enjoy football

        • Teo T

          (a) No building shall be erected, altered, or raised in the District of Columbia in any manner so as to exceed in height above the sidewalk the width of the street, avenue, or highway in its front, increased by 20 feet (6.1 m); but where a building or proposed building confronts a public space or reservation formed at the intersection of 2 or more streets, avenues, or highways, the course of which is not interrupted by said public space or reservation, the limit of height of the building shall be determined from the width of the widest street, avenue, or highway.

        • steve1026

          The height restriction in the District is limiting building heights to 130 feet, or the width of the right-of-way of the street or avenue on which a building fronts, whichever is shorter.

      • steve1026

        Thanks for that info. I am aware of the height restrictions and the Potomac river that runs between Virginia and Washington DC. The article was written in a way that gave the impression that Alexandria is a city in Washington DC which it is not. Yes, it is the DC market. Sorry I am just passionate about my hometown.

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      Alexandria is in the Washington DC market for T-Mobile, so for this purpose, it is. Source: I’m employed in the DC market for T-Mobile.

      • steve1026

        You are correct Alexandria is in the DC market but it is not Alexandria, Washington DC. Alexandria is across the Potomac in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is not a city or a suburb of Washington DC. Source: Born and raised in the Metro DC area.

  • Roger Sales

    Totally jealous of people able to use voLTE now, I probably won’t have that luxury till I get an iPhone 6.

    • bob90210

      You can muffle your voice whenever you talk to someone who has VoLTE, just to level the playing field. You don’t even have to use the phone; you can do it when talking to them in person!

  • Deadeye37

    No screenshot from me (was driving 80 MPH at the time), but I was driving through Parowan, UT (pop ~2000 and out in the middle of nowhere) and had 4G service there. Before, I would barely get EDGE service there. Unfortunately, I don’t have an LTE device, so I don’t think it is related to the EDGE to LTE conversion, but its good seeing that the rural coverage is improving greatly!

    • bob90210

      The EDGE to LTE conversion does include HSPA+ in some cases so you have have seen some of the benefits.

    • Delusion_FTL

      Parowan received HSPA a few months ago. Should be mapped on sensorly.

  • Ryan H

    Oak Ridge, TN, now finally has 4g lte

  • SEBA

    Cam don’t you love my contact photo I sent you? I was hoping you’ll post my screen shot. It was more about his picture then VoLTE.

  • Alex Zapata

    Has anyone tried to test handoff between WiFi calling and VoLTE?

    • Irfan

      yeah i just tested with WiFi calling No Volte show up and because its a logically

      right its WiFi , but WiFi having issue on hand i was not getting any voice or receiving any voice over WiFi calling …

      • Fabian Cortez

        There is no handoff with Wi-Fi Calling.

        That’s why UMA is superior.

        • UMA_Fan

          Damn Right.

        • Alex Zapata

          As much as I miss UMA, and believe me I do, there were a few limitations to it :-/. I’m curious to see what Republic wireless is doing because their Moto X variant doesn’t have UMA hardware and can still handover between Wifi and Sprint’s network. I don’t know if they’re still using UMA on the backend though.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Where the heck is Las Vegas, Nevada?

    • bob90210

      It is in the southern tip of Nevada in the United States. It is a major tourist destination, mainly known for gambling, partying, and shopping. I surprised that you don’t know where it is.

  • Stone Cold

    Currently upgrading in Denver spotty LTE for the next 72 hours. According to tech support.

    • Alkadad

      I wondered what the heck the problem was. I have been having issues all day.

  • Aurizen

    I have an iphone 5 sucks I dont benifit from this.

    • Eric

      The iPhone 5/5C/5S could get an update to support VoLTE soon. :D

      • Aurizen

        I have hope :D

    • donnybee


  • S. Ali

    I don’t get it, HD Voice has been a feature since the Galaxy SIII, what exactly are you showing here??

    • Lazornette

      Where does it say HD Voice in this post?

      • Danny Lewis

        In the first screenshot.

    • bkin94

      VoLTE = “Voice over LTE”
      this means that the call goes over the LTE network instead of dropping down to 2g/3g(like it currently does) when you make a call.
      currently, you can use data while in a call, but only on the older networks.
      this improvement is also important in 2g areas where TMO is adding LTE. If someone makes a call in a LTE/2G only area, they would be forced down to a 2G call, and therefore, not HD voice.

    • Isidro Cunningham

      Yeah HD Voice has been out for a little while. The LTE still showing as the data connection while on a call is the new thing . Currently while in a LTE coverage, your phone will drop down from LTE.

    • UMA_Fan

      This is a big deal and will help Tmobile as they build out low band spectrum which they will only build LTE networks on. Not gsm. LTE is data only so no normal voice calls or texting. So let’s say in the future you get one of tmobiles phones that supports 700mhz a block and you are in a building or rural area that Tmobile didn’t cover before but is now covered by 700mhz a block you would get data but no ability to place calls/texts without VoLTE

      • Stefan Naumowicz

        This is true for voice, but texting is done over standard LTE

  • donnybee

    Only one of these pictures actually says “HD Voice”. The others look just like any other call being made. They’re obviously all Samsung phones, so if only 1 Samsung phone shows “HD Voice” on a phone call, and the others are normal, wouldn’t that mean we have 2 different quality of calls being made here?

    Same manufacturer, same carrier, different scenarios. So how are all these VoLTE?

    • taron19119

      Because the one showing hd voice is a call being made to another tmobile device that’s why the other one don’t say HD Voice but what you need to look at is the fact that they on a call and it still say 4G LTE which means they’re using LTE voice

    • Fabian Cortez

      That’s what you call “fragmentation.”

      EDIT: Or what taron19119 said.

  • GreatNews

    Why only 3 compatible phones???

    • Chris

      Because the other phones might not have the necessary codec being used by T-mobile to transmit HD calls. Manufacturers might have to package those with a form of an OS update.

  • gpt2010

    I own a Note 3 in Houston and still have not received an update. I have read some posts saying that I have to update through Kies. Yet some say it is an OTA. Which one is it? I would rather have an OTA, because of horrible issue through Kies.

  • Daniel Rivera

    Hopefully volte sounds better than Hd voice over hspa, i always had mixed results here in LA when calling someone with another tmobile phone, first call i made sounded awesome like the person i was talking too was right next to me. ITS usually a hit or miss for me had plenty of phones right now using lg g2, sometimes calls sound robotic and cut out and hear static then i hang up try again and same thing kinda robotic sounding. I know people that have other tmobile phones one has s5 other iPhone 5c and they told me the same thing when they call someone with tmobile that call quality sounds kinda robotic.

    • Fabian Cortez

      It’ll sound the same unless T-Mobile opts for Full HD Voice. And even then, the handset would need to be upgraded to support the codec.

      • Daniel Rivera

        I guess so. Cuz when i talk with my tmobile phone with people who have att or verizon call quality is better. It only happens when i call other tmobile people that the hd voice icon turns on it sounds robotic.

  • Carlos

    Vo LTE in Perth Amboy NJ is working now yeaaaa

    • gpt2010

      Carlos. Did you get an upgrade through an OTA or through Samsung Kies?

      • Carlos


    • Carlos

      Via samsung Kies

  • turtle6988

    VoLTE is live in Detroit, been using it all day

  • keasycase

    Y not all there phones … Alot of people have note 3s Idk bout the g flex… But most people have iPhones Samsung HTC on T-Mobile… 5s s5 m8 should of all had volte

    • fsured

      They will probably get the ability for it. They just need to work on whatever software tweaks are needed with the phone first. These first handsets might be guinea pigs for testing the technology before opening the flood gates to more customers.

  • Grey

    Driving through Soddy Daisy, TN the other day and they now have HSPA/LTE. I am waiting for it to come to I 24 between Manchester and Chattanooga. That entire stretch on I-24 is GPRS not even Edge. Talk about slow slow slow.

    • Michael

      Why hello Grey!

      Look forward to seeing you at work!

      Yeah, Soddy has LTE at least in the latter half closer to Hixson. There’s a small space between Soddy and Hixson that remains 2G.

  • cruzn44

    I have VoLTE on my HTC One M8 here in Hawaii. So it’s not only on Samsung phones.

    • 54

      Where in Hawaii? Not here in Pearl City.

      • cruzn44

        A lot of places on Oahu. When my wife calls me there’s no VoLTE since she has a GS3 but when my friends calls from GS4 or 5 I get the HD and LTE signals on my M8.

  • Kornmatrix

    Well im hoping for the lte upgrade in my town soon because up until last year we had GPRS and then got upgraded to EDGE wow! But now the tower most the time doesn’t have any internet service at all which can be very frustrating. I have call t mobile multiple times and nothing has changed. I’m right on the border too next towns over to the east and north have gotten 3G and now upgraded to 4G LTE now so I’m getting jealous.

    • sahib102 .

      huh same here ….. all the cities around me have LTE and the city I live in has 2g:( even the sprint service is better than the T-Mobile service here :(

  • nycplayboy78

    Yup I can confirm that we have VoLTE in the NYC Metro area as well as the DC Metro area….I am on a rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N9000TUVUDNE6)

  • mark


  • Nick

    I’m in Philadelphia there’s no voLTE yet. When making calls it change to 4G

    • SEBA

      It is since Monday morning. You need to update your software. The only device is Note 3 if u update thru Kies. All others have to wait for T-mobile to release update over the air.

      • Nick

        Note 3 that’s all? No wonder…i try using HTC M8,GS4,Sony z1s with no!!!

  • Kuyaeddie

    Just updated my Note 3 here in DC.One thing I notice is the wifi calling symbol in the top left corner is now white instead of blue.

    • AA-Ron

      You should also have the download booster too

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    WHOA is that what it meant!? I saw HD voice on my G3 earlier today!!!

  • noc007

    So how does one tell if they’re making a VoLTE call? The screen caps look like any normal call I’ve made on T-Mobile.

    • Rod

      1. Its says “HD Voice”
      2. If you look at the screen shots it says LTE not 4G

      • noc007

        Just doesn’t seem like that’s how it would be identified. Not saying you’re wrong since I don’t know. I’d just expect a different icon of a VoLTE logo somewhere.

        HD Voice has been around for over a year so I’m not sure that counts. That leaves the 4G LTE logo which I’m pretty sure I’ve had for a while.

        • Fat Albert

          right now, when you make a call your connection ALWAYS drops to “4G” (HSPA+) while now with the new update if you are in 4GLTE zone you will remain connected to LTE, which will make a difference if you browse the web, check FB, twitter or whatever while on a call, basically you get to stay always connected to the super fast network

        • noc007

          Thanks for the info. Looks like I have it then.

        • philyew

          But without VoLTE the data service drops to 3G/HSPA and that is reflected in the logo.

        • noc007


        • SEBA

          Above you see my screen shot I sent to Cam. There is 1 more think that says VoLTE call when you making a call:

        • AA-Ron

          What phone are you using. I don’t get that button. My 4g Ltd stays on now when I make calls. When I call my friends galaxy 5 and 4 that are on tmo, it says hd voice then.

        • SEBA

          Note 3. When u go to contacts and swipe contact you want to call to the right side, now it it’s VoLTE Call, before was only call.

  • Aurizen

    next is the removal of Edge and refarm to more LTE :D

  • RonJeezy

    The upgrade of 2G to HSPA and 4G must make things get awfully worst before it gets better. I live about a hour and a half outside of DC and things have been worse than ever network wise.

  • maciejkoziol

    Is Galaxy S4 capable of making VoLte call??

    • AA-Ron

      Only note 3, go LG Flex, and galaxy light for now

  • Still waiting for VoLTE here in Charlotte T-Mo!

  • jimmiekain

    Does this work on the nexus5?

    • AA-Ron

      Not yet

  • 21stNow

    I just tested from Silver Spring and didn’t have VoLTE. I’ll test from Prince George’s County tonight.

    • AA-Ron

      Tested in Rockville MD, VoLTE is running fine on Note 3. You might have to update with Kies to get it running. I updated last night and all my calls are VoLTE now no matter who I call.

  • saiflu

    VoLTE is working in Atlanta, GA!

    • Verizonthunder

      I know I am see it on my LG g flex

  • Dubb_Lane

    Volte live in memphis, TN

  • J.J.

    volte live this morning in Fort Wayne, IN