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Motorola Announces T-mobile Android Phone “Cliq”

Five minutes away from the big Motorola Android announcement. All signs point to the Morrison, we’ll be updating this blog post as details get announced. Watch live at GigaOM! Announcing one android phone today, one in coming weeks. Predicting Morrison and Sholes. Announcing Moto Blur right now! Motorola Blur: focusing on social networking, connectivity, always on connected, contacts, messages, photos, videos, all synced from the phone. No opening/closing of apps. The Motorola Blur seems like true … [read full article]

N900 To Be Free Of T-mobile Customization

One of the most frustrating things about a new a phone purchase is the seemingly unlimited methods in which a carrier can screw up a device with their own add-ons. Just ask unlocked users of the Nokia E71 and AT&T buyers of the E71x what kind of a difference unbranded phones can make! With this in mind, Nokia is following in the footsteps of Google and Apple in seizing control of the user experience with Maemo by … [read full article]

Will Motorola Be Relevant Tomorrow?

We are just a little over 3 hours for the big Motorola announcement and expectations are high. Motorola, more than ever needs a win to return itself to the status and power player in the wireless industry it has not held since the glory days of the Razr. Love it or hate it, the Moto Razr was a remarkable design and a phone that certainly shaped the future, just as another phone has introduced smartphone features … [read full article]

T659 Slides in Silently

While the rest of you are patiently awaiting the latest Android news, Samsung and T-Mobile teamed up to bring another phone to the lineup unnoticed.  They are calling it a functional compact slider for the cost conscious customer that combines easy-to-use platform with high quality features, including support for multiple messaging and multimedia features at 3G speeds.  Here is a short list of specs: · Stylish slider with metallic finish · Web … [read full article]

Indianapolis Goes 3G (Hopefully)

One of the larger and more disappointing 3G holdouts has been none other than that of Indianapolis, Indiana. The 14th largest city in the country and third in the Midwest has been one of the most asked about cities in my email and now, we (hopefully) can put the argument to rest. While unconfirmed by T-mobile directly, emails are flooding in reporting that 3G is indeed showing up across the city limits. … [read full article]

Pandora Plays on Android

While some of you are excited about the social aspect of the new Facebook app, what I have here makes me even more excited.  I am very proud to announce that there is officially a Pandora app for Android.  Now, being a loyal listener of Pandora for the better part of its existence this is huge for me.  From what it looks like, they have even made a widget so you can play your favorite station … [read full article]

Tattoo On Video (Again)

Not too long after the official debut of the HTC Tattoo (formerly Click) someone went and found it to show the faceplate action.  While we have seen the Tattoo on video before, this video will give you a chance to see this phone without covers (yes, naked) but it doesn’t show the phone in action.  As said before, this phone will feature customizable face plates (front and back) just to make it your own.  The … [read full article]

9700 Press Shot Revealed

What is that I hear?  You want more new phone news, well here you go.  While today has been packed full of Android news, the Blackberry 9700 (Onyx/Driftwood) has gone and made itself unofficially official.  What you see above is the first official shot of the 9700 and with it comes a few interesting tidbits.  T-Mobile has gone and said that: “The BlackBerry ‘Onyx’ sports a premium experience and design … [read full article]

Facebook Drops (Officially) For Android

Easily one of the most requested (and noticeably absent) applications in the Android market was Facebook. That changes today as Facebook officially drops into the Android market, version 1.0. I haven’t been able to check out the app myself but hit the jump over to Androidandme and get some screen shot love. Androidandme

Motorola Android Hints Abound

We are just two days away from Moto’s big Android announcement and we are sitting here hoping and praying that Moto drops something beautiful. Fortunately, for the inter-webs we may have just gotten a preview of what to expect with Two XML pages that have surfaced courtesy of the WiFi Alliance. Codenamed MB200 and MB300 little is known about both phones other than a few specs, which do not really give credence to inspirational designs, … [read full article]

HTC Click Gets A Tattoo

While we patiently wait for future Android announcements, HTC has gone and made the Click official while branding it Tattoo.  Some important things to note with this compact phone, it has that glorious Sense UI (Yes, please), it will have customizable design covers (HEY! that sounds familiar) and it will have a resistive touch screen (BOO!).  Now, before you get all upset about that, resistive technology has … [read full article]