White Galaxy S II Model Only Available Online, Not In Stores

T-Mobile’s already confirmed the arrival of the white Galaxy S II for December 14th but, there seems to be some confusion surrounding retail availability. We did a little digging this morning and just received word from our ninjas that the Galaxy S II will only be available through T-Mobile.com, Telesales, Care and Care upgrades. It also looks like employees will be able to buy them as well. Ok so no stores but, online ordering works easy and quick enough. You’ll still have this in your hand in plenty of time to show off your festive White Galaxy S II to all your friends and family.

That should clear this matter up nicely.

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  • Mspri730

    Care & Care is Customer Care (611)???

  • Izzybrexx

    Wonder if the 149.99 price would b for this one as well

  • Lame. I want to see what it looks like first.

  • so we cant buy it  OFF contract then… BOOOOO!!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    The ONE phone I think is a worthwhile upgrade, and Tmobile does this… You are making this really hard Tmo. Just letting you know. Whatever carrier gets the first Tizen device, I’m there. Hopefully it’s Tmo but common sense says it won’t be.

  • Anonymous

    We can always do it in store and have it shipped :P

  • Tstaples

    I want this, but not at 279 and a rebate…

  • Anonymous

    I love T-Mo, but what are they smoking?! The white Galaxy S II looks GORGEOUS in photos, and it would look even more amazing in-person. In a store filled with shelves of grey and black phones, this phone would be a stunner.

    Heck, pair it side by side with the Radar 4G, and make a mini-marketing push around these “Winter White” super phones. Air a commercial showing them gliding gracefully through the air amongst snowflakes, they’re a PERFECT addition to their “4G (Winter) Wonderland” campaign. No other carriers have anything remotely resembling these phones, why not show it off?


    WOW! i missed that tidbit this morning. Heres a phone people i personally have a waiting list for (upgrades & new) and now i cant even sell the f*****n thing. quota is double, advertising is shit, free smartphones EVERYWHERE BUT T-Mobile stores, etc. Were (retail sales reps) supposed to compete with Internal sales, best buy, target, costco, walmart, amazon, etc. AND hit quota without discounting?! GTFO. Unbelievable.

  • Mcclurej

    An impulse item like this for Christmas and TMo puts this in the store, sounds like another Obama hair brain idea. TMobile you’re suckin hind tit for a reason. Sell it in the bigger markets in the store. This is advice you should take, and launch it with wifi calling ASAP!

  • mrmiddl

    no one caught that there will be no more headphones shipped with the sgs2? hope their offering bluetooth

  • mrmiddl

    i just checked the t-mobile site, and they dont even show any color SGS2 when trying an upgrade, but its there for new customers. wtf 

  • Can the people at the T-mobile store order it for me?

  • Anonymous

    The reason they are no long on the upgrade page is because TMO pulled them for upgrade on 12/8.  I tried to order one today and the rep told me they are in short supply and are only available for new activations until they get more stock.

  • Anonymous

    its only been available for an hour and a half and the damn thing is already out of stock? C’mon T-Mobile! What did you do, order only a hundred or something? I need to purchase 5 white ones for Christmas and hope that they arrive in time and they order a limited amount. Tired of being disappointed by T-Mobile’s broke ass.