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Inching closer…

CTIA is just days away and we all eagerly await Robert Dotsons keynote and any and all goodies he might announce in his speech. Until then here is yet one more confirmation of Android coming closer and closer to launch. An anonymous tipster emailed a screenshot of SKU codes and well I think you guys will read exactly we already knew, three colors: Black, Brown and White. I … [read full article]

Android myth busting…or not?

There have been no less than half a dozen threads popping up in the forums these past few days as to the identity of the “real” Android device. Some believe it to be real and just wish for its release, regardless of looks. Some however, say “something” so much grander is coming, of course providing no details as to what makes something “grander.” See here for that discussion. Now, I’m not one who enjoys blind … [read full article]

G1 logo revealed!!

Today, Androidguys, among our most favorite people to communicate with have given us something if you’re like me, you’re going to be using as wallpaper on your desktop/laptop/phone…seat covers in your car. That’s right, it the Android G1 logo…<cheap halo effects take place.> I know todays news hasn’t been received well and we knew that would be the case. I can’t imagine anyone believes we thought it would go over well … [read full article]

Android fans, good news and some bad news…

The good news is that this is today’s Android announcement but the bad news, is . . . well pretty bad. We get information regarding the Android launch and we take a lot of it at face value. We’ve always tried our best to be accurate and sure of our info, corroborate it and this time we’re confident enough. I must emphasize that none of this is 110% concrete and is of course … [read full article]

Android, photoshopped…

Ok, I know I know we’re putting Android stuff up all over the blog. I PROMISE non-android stuff is coming, we have a couple of exciting announcements coming up in the next week or so! For the moment however, I wanted to post this up because Jimbo831, one of our super forum members (and newest moderator!!!) took hours out of his time creating the best photoshopped look of Android to date. Here … [read full article]

Who wants more Android info? I do! Ido!

Well, loyal Android fans, here is something to fill that daily Android fix. The Android guys are at it again with a laundry list of things we can expect from the Android phone, mind you this list is not “official” but oh well, Android speculation seems just fun anyway: 528Mhz Qualcomm 7201 processor Data kit for USB connectivity in the box 64MB Internal RAM 128MB Internal ROM 1GB MicroSD card 5 Row … [read full article]

All hail G1!

That’s right Tmonews lovers, yet another Android find to get you oooohing…ahhhing and in my case, a little drooling. Just kidding, but not really. Thats right, we are hailing the men over at Androidguys tonight for this super spy find. “Official” confirmation with the myfaves logo, T-mobile wording and behold “google” on the back! Nothing else really to write here, just enjoy one more drawing and the ever increasing anticipation of Android. … [read full article]

Free (Samsung) Phones For All!

That is possibly our best graphic to date, wouldn’t you say? Anyways, time to bring our users some exciting news….that is, if you were looking at picking up a new Samsung phone along with a hefty 2 year contract. Starting on September 3rd, and ending on October 14th, all T-mobile Samsung devices will be free. The higher end phones will in fact have mail in rebates (MIRs), but in the end T-mobile will … [read full article]