New T-Mobile deals offer free OnePlus 8T+ 5G, discounted Samsung phones and tablets


The holiday season also happens to be prime deal season, and today T-Mobile launched several new offers on Android smartphones.

You can get a free OnePlus 8T+ 5G or OnePlus 8 5G when you add a new line or trade in an eligible smartphone. With this deal, you’ll need to buy your new OnePlus phone on monthly installments and pay applicable sales tax. You’ll receive a one-time bill credit based on your trade-in value and the balance of the deal via 24 monthly bill credits.

Here are the devices eligible for trade-in if you decide to get the deal that way:

Get a OnePlus 8T or 8 free

  • Apple: iPhone 11 series, XS series, XR, and X
  • Samsung: Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy S9 series, Galaxy Note 9
  • Google: Pixel 4 and 4 XL
  • OnePlus: OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro 5G McLaren
  • LG: V60 ThinQ

Save $375

  • Apple: iPhone 8 series, iPhone 7 series
  • Samsung: Galaxy S8 series, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S7 series
  • Google: Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Pixel 3a and 3a XL
  • OnePlus: OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, and 7 Pro 5G, OnePlus 6 and 6T
  • LG: G8 ThinQ and G7 ThinQ, V50 ThinQ and V40 ThinQ

If Samsung’s more your thing, T-Mobile has a few deals on Galaxy devices, too. You can get $500 off a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20 FE, Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 2 or Z Flip, or a Galaxy A71 when you buy your device on EIP and trade in an eligible device. Your discount will be given via 24 monthly bill credits.

These are the devices eligible for trade-in with this $500 off Samsung deal:

  • Apple: iPhone 11 series (excludes: iPhone 11 Pro 512GB, iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB, and iPhone Pro max 512GB) iPhone XS Series, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Series, iPhone 7 series.
  • Samsung: Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Note 10 series, Galaxy S9 series, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8 series, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S7 series
  • Google: Pixel 4 and 4 XL, Pixel 3a and 3a XL, Pixel 3 and 3 XL
  • OnePlus: 8, 8 Pro, 7T Pro McLaren, 7T, 7, 7 Pro, 6, 6T
  • LG: V60 ThinQ, G8 ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, V50 ThinQ, V40 ThinQ

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is also available free with 24 monthly bill credits when you activate a new line or service and buy the phone on monthly installments.

There are a couple of tablet deals to be had, too. You can get $300 off a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ or you can get a Galaxy Tab A for free when you add a new line of service and buy your new tablet on EIP. With both deals, your discount will be given in 24 monthly bill credits.

Finally, T-Mobile is offering a deal on a new Samsung device for your wrist, too. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available for $49 when you add a new line of service and buy the smartwatch on EIP. As with the other offers, this discount will be applied via 24 monthly bill credits.

Will you be taking advantage of any of these new T-Mobile deals?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • krisstofer

    How much does it usually costs when you add a new line on a Preferred choice plan?

    • Sayahh

      There’s a preferred choice plan?

      • krisstofer

        yah, that was an old plan Family of 4 lines at $100.

        • WONDROUS5000

          are you talking about select choice? that plan is excluded from this promotion.

        • Sayahh

          Select choice is excluded, for sure, but preferred choice might not be. Doesn’t hurt to ask. I’ve been asking them on Twitter DMs so that way you can get a paper trail in case they lied or gave you bad information and you try to get them to honor what they offered. If not, get the local TV station and the local or state consumer affairs department involved. Since it has 4 lines they might qualify for phone upgrades (or not), but I’m guessing it might not be eligible for the free line offers. (But can’t hurt to ask.)

    • Keith Stevens

      There is no such thing as “preferred choice” plan on T-Mobile. Not sure where you are getting that from.

      • krisstofer

        Okay my bad. I mean Simple Choice plan.

  • G1andonly

    You forgot that you can get a free Iphone mini if you trade in the iphone 11, like I did.

    • Sayahh

      Or even an iphone 8.

  • Alex Pilaia

    trade in a 1+7T and get a FREE 1+8T? whats the catch???

    • dcmanryan

      You can do exactly that. B&H had them for $300 but I think that deal is done.

      • Alex Pilaia

        seems like a no branier with all the small updates… 5G, 256GB (instead of 128GB), 12GB Ram instead of 8GB, 4500 battery instead of 3800, 65W charger instead of 30W, and all this for FREE? (just taxes).. hmm going tonight to investigate this…

    • MachoMachoMan007

      Buying a Samsung s9 on eBay or swappa would be cheaper. Still a great deal

    • Keith Stevens

      Yes sir… I worked for T-Mobile for 4 years and they Vary RARELY do these deals without adding a line. Just the trade in device. Take advantage while you can. :)

  • steveb944

    The moment I stop seeing the OnePlus 6 for trade in I’ll start considering trading in my OP7P.

  • bruce

    Just my opinion, it’s BS Trade in hahaha,. After bill credits,. Hahaha

    • Keith Stevens

      ya cause getting a phone completely free as a one time credit is so BS. Smh. EVERY carrier gives a one time credit or over the months of the lease. Some people will complain about anything. Go ahead and skip this one so people who appreciate a free upgrade can use it.

  • fyah

    How long will this deal last til?