Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ coming to T-Mobile with 5G support in tow


There are several new Samsung phones launching at T-Mobile soon, including the Note 20 series and two new foldables. The list of new Samsung devices coming to T-Mo doesn’t end there, though.

T-Mobile has confirmed that it will carry the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are two new flagship-tier tablets that include Snapdragon 865 Plus processors, quad speakers, and up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

The larger Tab S7+ has a 12.4-inch 2800×1752 Super AMOLED screen with an in-display fingerprint sensor while the Tab S7 comes with an 11-inch 2560×1600 LCD screen and a side-mounted fingerprint reader. Both displays support up to 120Hz refresh rate. Another notable difference of the two tablets is battery, with the Tab S7+ having a 10,090mAh battery and the Tab S7 packing an 8,000mAh battery.


The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ both feature a microSD card slot so you can add more storage, a dual rear camera setup with 13MP main and 5MP ultra wide cams, and an 8MP selfie camera. There’s an included S Pen stylus, too, as well as 5G connectivity.

T-Mobile isn’t talking launch timing or price for the tablets yet, but Samsung has said that they’ll both launch this fall with the Tab S7 starting at $649.99 while the Tab S7+ starts at $849.99.

Sources: T-Mobile, Samsung

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  • Glenn Gore

    These devices are very pretty, but I am sad to say they are dead on arrival, simply due to the state of Android tablet apps, which is sad beyond belief. Google can’t seem to light a fire under Android developers to put out true tablet-optimized versions of their apps, and blown-up phone apps just don’t cut it. iOS is where it’s at for those developers as it is where they make their money.

    • TEKHD

      Things are about to change… Now with Covid-19 and students about to return to school/professors and universities… (all thru virtual classrooms) There is going to be a boom in the tablet arena. Tablets will certainly not die, at least in the near future. Demand is HUGE now. In fact, I am even considering getting 2 Tab S7+ 5G instead of 2 Note 20 Ultras 5G… (Much better price, same CPU and bigger screen) I will probably end up getting 2 Tabs and a Watch 3 for “on the road” calls. (and even the 2 S7 PlusTabs + Watch 3 is still cheaper than 2 Note 20 Ultras)

      • Bklynman

        I understand what ur saying,I can’t see myself paying $700 or $950. I went to Ebay got good used Elite x2 by HP,with keyboard for less than $360. With lte.
        I just might buy used Surface pro, sometime next yr, that use’s a sim card. This just me,if u can afford to drop over $1500 for 2 tabs that will be out of date within 2 yrs. That great,ur doing very well. I don’t mean this mocking way whatsoever. At least I know it will keep getting updates until they come out with Windows 11.The one I got used it has 8/512.

        • TEKHD

          Samsung is now providing 3 years of Android OS Updates. So, the Note 20 as well as the Tab S7 will see Android 13. Just letting you know. It was announced at the end of the Galaxy Unpacked Event.

        • Bklynman

          That cool. But still,that only 3 yrs. I am in NYC,so the tax would be about 10 pct. So I looking at $1700. Yes I know either Tmo or Samsung might have sale on them,but still that’s without keyboard,going by the Tab 6 keyboard,that another $100-150. Bring it up to $2000. To tell u the truth,if I could afford it,I would go for the + myself. Like I wrote at least with windows I know will get updates until they bring out a new version of windows.

        • riverhorse

          I think just like you, plus I don’t like missing TMo bands, so I never buy anything lol.
          We need to think more like Tek- way cheaper than a Sam flagship phone. But it’s tough to pull the trigger when in turn way more expensive than…

      • riverhorse

        And past Samsung tablets have had full calling capabilities.
        I could use a non-astronomical Windows version of s7+ that can run dual monitor when needed, or even a Chrome equivalent sufficiently specced to run my Android & Windows apps…cellular, not just wifi.

    • zapote21

      Thanks for your opinion. But i will buy one. I cant download google movies in HD on an ipad. I use my tablets for traveling and watch movies on airplanes.

    • Serolf Divad

      I’ve had Android tablets going all the way back to the Barnes & Noble Nook. I’ve never had an issue with “phone apps” that some people complain about. Chrome, Office, and every game I’ve played work great. I don’t really use the tablet for much outside of that.

  • JG

    Question regarding TMo’s data plans…

    I’d be interested in getting something like this with a cellular data connection (5G or Even just LTE).

    But I don’t really need the data on a regular basis. I’m usually using the tablet at home where I have WiFi. So the standard $20/month plan is a bit of expensive overkill.

    Does TMo offer any kind of On Demand plan where I could open the TMo app and add a data pass to my plan. Pay $10 or whatever and have (preferably unlimited) data for the day or whatever…

    I’m mostly looking at the random day when maybe a storm knocks the cable out… Or we go on a trip somewhere and I want to be able to browse the web, maybe stream Netflix on the go… The last time I would have needed it was a weekend trip we did nearly 2 years ago…

    • the martian ambassador

      You might be better off just buying the Wi-Fi version of the tablet, which will be at least $100 cheaper than the 5G/LTE. For the usage scenario that you describe, just tether the tablet to your phone when traveling. I have a wi-fi version of the Tab S4, and it works fine tethered to the phone at 3G speeds. Netflix would be SD quality, but on a 10-12 inch screen it looks good enough.

      • JG

        Yeah, going WiFi only would also give me many more devices to chose from. I could just use the Lenovo Duet I have now and save $500+ on getting yet another new tablet.

        Though if I can find a good data plan, I’d still kind of prefer having a tablet with its own cellular radio (LTE and/or 5G). That way I can use the devices independently. I don’t have to drain the phone’s battery using it to get the tablet online. Or if I drained the phone during the day playing Ingress and Pokemon Go, I can still use the tablet on the bus ride home… [Though I usually do a good job packing extra battery packs, just in case]

        I had an LTE Nexus 9. Managed to get it on sale for about the price of the WiFi only version. At the time, T-Mo had a plan offering 200Mb of free data/month. That was pretty nice… I only used like 50MB over the 4 or so years I had it. But it was nice knowing I had a fall back, just in case.

        • the martian ambassador

          The T-Mobile line is only $20, so it’s not too bad, it’s cheaper than an additional phone line. My beef is they usually offer the low end version in black. I was able to get the Tab S4 256GB Wi-Fi version in the pearl gray color for just $650 over the holidays that year.

        • JG

          I’m not really too concerned with the color of the tablet. There’s a good chance it’ll end up in a case & you’ll never see its color…

          $20/month, though, is a little too much for my particular use case. The vast majority of the time (probably close to 99.99% of the time), I’m going to be using the tablet at home, where I have ample WiFi.

          I’d only potentially need LTE (or 5G) a weekend or two a year. A full week at the very most. Just whenever I happen to get a chance to travel somewhere. And the last time that happened was two years ago, back in 2018.

          So if i paid the standard $20/month plan, that means I would have paid $240 in 2018, $240 in 2019, $240 in 2020… That’s $720… And out of those 3 years, i would have only used LTE for a single Friday-Saturday weekend. And really just the 10 or so hour travel time each day. I only had the phone with me when we were exploring the city, the tablet was either at the hotel or sat in the empty bus. And I don’t really see me needing it too much for the rest of 2020… I’m holding my thumbs, but I’m not too hopeful for 2021 either… Maybe a weekend excursion during the summer, if we’re lucky.

          I’d like to do an LTE(/5G) watch as well. Which if I’m not mistaken is only $10/month. But again, I’m not going to need LTE that often on it given I almost always have my phone in my pocket so I can use its data plan via Bluetooth. Or when I don’t, I’m generally at home in WiFI. Given it just mirrors notifications and the occasional Assistant query (Hows the weather? Turn the lights on! etc) I probably would be able to get by with just one of the old 200MB of free data tablet plans, for the few times I forget the phone at home or it runs out of juice or whatever.

          And preferably, I’d like to do (Tablet+watch)*2 for both of us on the family plan. So it would have really been $1,440 for the three years when we only would have used it that one weekend…

    • riverhorse

      Hi, you lose me at not wanting to pay 20 monthly but willing to pay 10 for one use.
      Anyway, here’s one option:
      Metro has a $15 Unlimited Add-on Plan with a heavily discounted entry-level tablet, which automatically joins applies Family Plan- that discounts $5 from each participating line. I had a plan with one phone- adding this discounts $5 from each, for a net cost of only $5 (originally was two phones each already getting $5 off, so the tablet received $6 off for a net of $9- don’t know why that extra dollar off).
      I’m now looking to byod upgrade the tablet. Will also port out the remaining phone line, leaving only the tablet & raising price back to $15 but so what.

      Bonus: Samsung tablets usually have native Android calling capabilities, so the tablet is a phone thru its carrier-assigned number. If not, the free TextNow works just as well as native Android Dialer = cheapest Unlimited call+data plan in America.

      Good luck.

      • JG

        you lose me at not wanting to pay 20 monthly but willing to pay 10 for one use

        Because it would be cheaper for me to pay $10 per day* than it would to pay $20 per month. [*Assuming we’re talking a day of unlimited data – if it’s $10/GB that would probably be a different story]

        The standard $20 per month plan would run me $240 for a year.

        I mainly use my tablets at home, where I have WiFi. I’d only need access to the T-Mobile cellular data network when I go on a bus trip somewhere. If I’m adventurous that might be two weekends a year, usually less. So we’re talking probably never going over $40 for the year.

        My last trip, and the only one that year, was a weekend trip into the city to catch a show, two years ago in 2018. We left Friday morning and were back late Saturday. In 2018 instead of paying $240 I could have only paid $20. In 2019 and 2020, instead of paying $240 each, I would have paid $0. $20 is a lot less than $720. And with the way things are going, I have a feeling I probably won’t be doing too many trips in 2021 either.

    • Jesse Mireles

      You can get a 2GB LTE Data Plan for $10 and it only slows down after you use the 2GB LTE High Speed there are no overages charges…keep In mind if you’re getting a tablet promotion it has to be on 6GB plan or higher but you can get Unlimited High Speed for $20…comes in handy when traveling

  • the martian ambassador

    Sad that they downgraded the display to LCD on the base model. Still, if I was upgrading this year, I’d go for the 12.5 inch AMOLED display.

  • Serolf Divad

    Looking forward to this. Almost upgraded my Tab S2 to a Tab S6, but Samsung dropped the ball on the keyboard case (weird, unreliable suction attachment). I’ll probably go for the 7 and not the 7+ because I’m a fan of the smaller size.

  • Ariel

    Does anyone know how much memory the S7+ on T-Mobile will have? The article says up to 8GB, but the Samsung website does not disclose that pasrt.