Archive | February, 2016

T-Mobile says 5.5 million subscribers using Advanced Messaging

Last July, T-Mobile launched Advanced Messaging, which offers improved text messaging with features like delivery and read receipts and support for sending larger attachments. Fast-forward to today and we’ve now got an idea of how much Advanced Messaging is actually being used. T-Mobile today said that more than 5.5 million customers are using its Rich Communication Services (RCS)-backed Advanced … [read full article]

Bernie Sanders weighs in on the matter of T-Mobile and unions

T-Mobile has been the target of criticism from several labor groups lately, and this week the subject of unions is in the news. In a statement to InsideSources, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders haas touched on the recent labor and union news surrounding T-Mobile. “T-Mobile’s repeated labor law violations and anti-union activities are particularly troubling given the long history of its parent company in Germany … [read full article]

Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL can now get pre-release OS updates through Windows Insider Program

Today is a big day for the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL. Not only is it receiving a software update, but it’s been added to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview program, too. Microsoft today added support for the Fierce XL to its Windows Insider Program, which will allow Fierce XL owners to try out new software updates before they’re released … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s recent 700MHz spectrum purchases detailed in FCC filings

When T-Mobile announced its Q4 2015 results, it also revealed that it’d acquired some additional 700MHz spectrum. T-Mo said that the airwaves were acquired this month from multiple groups, but those were all of the details that we were given. The good news is that that’s changed thanks to some FCC filings. Documents posted to the FCC’s website show that Cavalier License … [read full article]