T-Mobile says 5.5 million subscribers using Advanced Messaging


Last July, T-Mobile launched Advanced Messaging, which offers improved text messaging with features like delivery and read receipts and support for sending larger attachments. Fast-forward to today and we’ve now got an idea of how much Advanced Messaging is actually being used.

T-Mobile today said that more than 5.5 million customers are using its Rich Communication Services (RCS)-backed Advanced Messaging and Video Calling services. Those subscribers are sending around 40 million messages every day. There are 10 devices on T-Mo’s roster that support Advanced Messaging, eight of which also support Video Calling.

When Advanced Messaging originally launched, it was only available on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. T-Mo has added the functionality to other devices through software updates, though, including the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and LG G4. There are still quite a few phones on T-Mobile’s roster that don’t support Advanced Messaging, but the number that do is certainly growing. That’s good to see because the RCS-based service offers several benefits over the old SMS/MMS standard, and because it’s built in to the phone, folks that own a device that supports it don’t need to hunt down and install a special app to actually use those benefits.

So far, T-Mobile has the biggest supporter of RCS-based messaging among the four major US carriers. AT&T launched support last year and currently has it enabled on a couple of phones, while Sprint (and several other international carriers) recently teamed up with Google to boost the adoption of RCS. Meanwhile, Verizon said last year that it doesn’t have any timeframe for supporting RCS and pointed users toward its own Verizon Messages app.

Have you used T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging service yet?

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  • Ky

    It would be good to have a complete list of supported devices this besides the 3 models mentioned.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I would like to see that as well.

    • lomsha


    • riverhorse

      Culled from various Tmo announcements. If anyone doesn’t have it, please reply.

      LG G5
      LG G4
      LG V10
      LG K7
      Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
      Samsung Galaxy S5
      Samsung Galaxy S6
      Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
      Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
      Samsung Galaxy S7
      Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
      Samsung Galaxy Note 4
      Samsung Galaxy Note 5
      Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

      • Daniel

        Lg v10 doesnt have it

        • Trevnerdio

          It does as of the 6.0 update

  • Jack Packlaian

    This is great, but LG g3 users can’t use it until Marshmallow update!

  • Mike

    I wish Samsung would make a messaging system like Apples imessage

    • morrisp

      It was called ChatON; they discontinued it last year…

      • J.J.

        Yup cause no one used it.

        • TylerCameron

          *no one in the US
          But America is the only country that matters, right? :p

        • J.J.

          correct!!! jk. but on a serious note if it was wildly popular they would not have gotten rid of it, so yes no one of a particular value important to samsung used it.

  • Brian Richards

    Can someone clarify how this works? Do I have to use the native bundled messaging app for rcs to work? Or is it happening in the background when I use textra? Textra has had send and delivery receipts for a long time and has never balked once at the size of an attachment. Is this because it’s naturally taking advantage of rcs?

    • enoch861

      Think of RCS as platform agnostic iMessage.
      I believe you’d have to use the built in client or a messaging app that supports RCS. delivered receipts have been available for a very long time but this expands things further into allowing you to see when someone is typing, sending larger attachments, etc. Basically what iMessage does. Also if the video calling portion of things is enabled your dialer is able to natively handle video calls also.

    • your name

      You must use the default texting app to see RCS benefits. Both users have to be T-Mobile. Both phones have to be RCS capable.

      Also Textra, GoSMS Pro, Handcent all manipulate the APN settings and can cause your device APN to corrupt and stop downloading messages. These apps also don’t work well with Wifi calling APN stack and can cause you to not receive messages as these apps were designed for cellular APN.

    • Rod

      AFAIK you have to use the defult messaging app to take advantage of RCS. The SMS standard has support for send/delivery but not Read or typing, that’s where RCS comes in. Textra dosent balk at the size of your attachments because most 3rd party messigning apps are not configured to limit the size of the attachment.

  • lion7718

    Without a downloadable App, my Nexus 5X won’t see this anytime soon…if ever.

  • illstplaya .

    Too bad unlocked phones don’t have this. And since more manufacturers are going toward selling the phone unlocked like Google and Sony it will just hinder customers. Just like not having wifi calling on an unlocked phone.

    • ThatsMrtoyou

      My Nexus 6 is factory unlocked and I get wifi calling with no issue

      • illstplaya .

        I meant t mobile wifi calling. Wifi calling is built into marshmallow but I don’t think t mobile recognizes this.

  • Too bad the Grand Prime that I bought for my father does not have this so-called RCS Advanced Messaging feature T-Mobile! BS!

    • Interesting, my mom’s Galaxy Grand Prime does have RCS Advanced Messaging. Whoever, your father is texting, the other person’s phone also has to have RCS Advanced Messaging and on T-Mobile’s network.

  • almost_happy

    No wonder Verizon is so gung-ho for “5G”, looks like they have bypassed most of the advanced features in 4G :)

  • S. Ali

    I use video calling over WiFi, its pretty nice. My only gripe is that it counts against your data usage when you’re not on WiFi.

    • Rod

      Video calling doesn’t count toward your data bucket on LTE.

      • Fabian Cortez

        It’s suppsed to count.

  • Chad Creamer

    Note 5?

    • Philip

      Yes it work fine on the Note 5.

      • Chad Creamer

        So how do I get it. I was excited one day a person I was texting showed up as read but all my others are just time stamped.

        • your name

          Several requirements. Both users have to be T-Mobile. Both phones have to be RCS capable. Otherwise, service defaults to traditional text messaging.

        • Giro

          I think also Volte got be enable for everything to work

        • your name

          Correct. VoLTE or WiFi calling is required in order for RCS to function. To determine if someone is RCS capable, looking at the contact will display GREEN telephone/VideoCam/Envelope to signify they are RCS registered. If RCS is unavailable for several reasons, the icons will not be green.

        • Barnassey

          Incorrect VoLTE does not need to be enabled. I use it on a s6 it can use both wifi and any source of data to send files.

        • your name

          please re-read. I said “VoLTE OR WiFi calling is required”

        • Rod

          VoLTE/WiFi is only needed for video calling.

        • your name

          I just retested. I stepped down to 4G and can still do 10mb file transfer, but the RCS video calling is not available. So depends what you are interested in. Most want it for the video feature.

        • Barnassey

          Im more interested in the file transfer and full picture sizes than anything else

  • Philip

    I like the SMS status message thing. Usually it works but sometimes it doesnt. The video thing is great w/o using other app. T-mobile is doing a great job!

    • your name

      Both users have to be T-Mobile. Both phones have to be RCS capable. May appear to be sketchy if texting a variety of others who may or may not have RCS device.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    So I take it that unlocked phones like the Nexus 5 Nexus 6, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P won’t get the advanced messaging.

    • Rod

      AT&T launched support last year and currently has it enabled on a couple of phones, while Sprint (and several other international carriers) recently teamed up with Google to boost the adoption of RCS.

      • AnthonyRyan89

        But what about T-Mobile and Google with the Nexus phones??

    • steveb944

      Doubtful, unless N or O has it for the 5X and 6P.

  • TF Shaw

    I like it EXCEPT that you cannot send a picture with text. The picture always sends separately from the text. I hope they can change this in the future.

  • Mike Palomba

    I wonder if Apple will incorporate this into a near future iOS update

    • Apple

      Yes they will.

      • 9to5Slavery

        whats up with the hashtag dog

  • Alex Zapata

    Wish I was one of those people…….

  • MattPortland

    I don’t even know what it is.

    • tehboogieman

      RCS, it’s like imessage but open to all carriers and devices

  • Nick

    My unlocked international note 4 doesn’t support RCS on T-Mobile’s network sadly.

  • would like this on my iphone6s+

  • Mke

    Wow 5.5 million TMO subscribes use this service. I’m surprised. Is this possible since it won’t work on iPhones or any of the new Google devices?

  • Joekidd

    My wife’s Note 4 has it. But she prefers to use Textra.

  • patt

    Ah my friend once showed me that when he was texting on S6 Edge+ he saw read notifications and all that stuff. Now I know what it is. Cool

  • Jimmy James

    I can confirm the LG V10 has this feature. All messages can have delivery receipts, but only MMS messages have the notice that the message was read.

    • mab4285

      That’s actually not RCS. My text messages back in 2008 on my blackberry pearl did this.

      • Jimmy James

        Oh. My previous phones from T-Mobile weren’t able to get read receipts on any type of message.

        • Erica Dixon

          It’s not a read receipt feature. It allows u to see (in ur message box) when someone is typing, read your message and if it was delivered or not. Just like FB messenger.

    • Erica Dixon

      Yeah no. My husband and I both have the LG V10 and it does not have this feature like my S5 did.

  • rex2745

    Needs to come to iPhone would like to see if android users read my text as well lol

    • 9to5Slavery

      ahahhahahaha. its usually the other way desired.

  • killjoytre

    Im just happy they solved the wifi calling picture messaging problem. Took long enough…

  • ConfusedGuy

    I do not understand why RCS cannot be built into Android so all can enjoy. Or at the very least have an RCS app on Google Play I can download. Limiting it to 10 devices is a bit ridiculous.

    • SirStephenH

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was built into Android 6.1 or 7.x.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Hope the LG G5 supports it

    • Quan Bui

      it does! i keep seeing these blue check marks next to my texts and I googled it =)

  • Jeff Martinez

    I’m using it, I like it, but I wish Samsung would improve its messaging app, period.

    • steveb944

      Doesn’t Messenger support RCS? If not, good luck.

  • Mark

    Just curious, anyone know if T-Mobile still supports the Bobsled thing? Has anyone ever used it?

    • 9to5Slavery

      been a long time since i’ve heard of it.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    How are they going to support BYOD?