LG G4 getting Android 6.0 update over the air, too


UPDATE: @askdes, aka T-Mobile’s Des Smith, says that this update also includes Advanced Messaging and T-Mobile Video Calling.


After first appearing in LG’s Bridge computer software, the G4’s Android 6.0 update is available over the air, too.

Several folks are reporting that they’re receiving Android 6.0 on their LG G4 over the air, and T-Mobile has updated its support documents with information about the update. The update is version H801120i and includes a bump to Marshmallow as well as improvements to messaging security.


To check for the OTA update on your phone, go into Settings, tap “About phone” in the System area, tap “Update Center,” then “System updates,” and then “CHECK FOR UPDATE.” The update weighs in at a hefty 963.7MB, so you might want to connect to a speedy Wi-Fi connection before downloading it.

This over the air update is a bit easier to install than the LG Bridge method since you don’t have to download software onto your computer, plug your phone in, then wait for the update to download. Because of the ease of updating OTA, it’s nice to see that the over the air rollout has become available so quickly after the update was made available through LG Bridge.

If you’ve got an LG G4, have you gotten your Android 6.0 update yet?

Thanks, rinthos, Jose, and Zack!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Henry Pham

    Please let this mean the V10 update is not far off. I hope this means better battery life for the LG phones. I’m pretty satisfied with the V10’s battery life, but better is always better.

  • G4

    I’m still on H81110h and the 10n (353.5MB) must have been downloaded, so I don’t have the “CHECK FOR UPDATE” option. How do I clear it so I can check?

  • Pat

    Bloody H. Where is the update for the HTC One M8 that was promised weeks ago?

  • Android_God

    My Dash hasn’t received an update in years!

  • Xmill31

    It’s not showing on mine yet. :(

  • DrakenFX

    For everyone who wants the update and not waiting for the OTA just head XDA here’s the link and READ before doing something.


    Hope that helps

    • Xmill31

      Yeah…I read first….that’s too much work for me. LOL I’ll just sit patiently for the OTA. Ho-hum. :)

  • Jay Holm

    Dang! It’s nearly a GB, sheez!!! I hope I’ll have some decent wifi wherever I will get wifi when the day comes that S6 gets updated.

  • RLB63

    Checked mine.says it’s up to date at 5.1 after 4 p.m. Cst

  • Steve Park

    Nothing yet. Checking manually show up to date.

  • Joey Frohock

    TMo’s website says the update is available but I’m not getting it OTA or via Bridge. 11:pm Eastern.

  • BRian

    I did the update. It doesn’t look visually different. Haven’t really found new features yet. It does have random freezes though.

    • RLB63

      Please keep us updated on everything you notice on the updates and if it keeps freezing.

      • brian

        A battery pull seems to have helped freezes but have yet to see any new “visible” feature. Battery seems to drain slightly faster.

  • Snn

    Updated on Feb 4. No issues. All works well. Very few visual changes if any. Mostly under the hood stuff. Adv Mess and Video Calling works.

    The silent profile is nice and DND is improved over Priority mode. Battery life is still around 25 to 30 hours.

    I used the LG Bridge method to update.

  • Mike Thaler

    I’d like to wait a couple weeks to see if bugs are being reported. I don’t think you have an option to reload older OS version.

  • Andy

    Got it and the only big difference I’ve noticed today is the phone not getting as hot when using gps and talking.

    The video calling feature also shows up for random people but it always says unavailable so haven’t been able to test it out.

    Also can’t use Google hangouts to send mms.

  • Manny

    No update available for me. :(

  • Kevin

    Nope. Both the phone and Bridge said I am up to date,

  • Joey Frohock

    Still no update for me, either.

  • Luis

    Manually installed the update, did a full factory reset. Phone is running awesome, feels snappy and the doze really helps extend battery life, i lost %1 battery overnight!!. Battery life in general is also better.

  • James Turner

    My g4 bricked when it got the update. Now i have to wait for a replacement coming in the mail

    • Sjh19582

      Still haven’t received update

    • RLB63

      Did you get it over the air or did you go to the website?

      • GeeOne

        He is probably not going to answer that. Far too many people screw up their phones trying to get the update manually.

      • James Turner

        actually I was driving to a friend’s house using the GPS and next thing I know the phone hard boots and gets stuck in a boot loop and then finally died. I have a feeling it was getting the update when i was on the road. i did not manually install it or anything.

        • RLB63

          So you got a replacement already?
          If do doors that have marshmallow?
          If not did they tell you how not to have it auto install again?

        • James Turner

          yes I got my replacement. no it doesn’t have marshmellow and I don’t even know how to disable auto install.

        • GeeOne

          It doest work like that. Your phone just malfunctioned.

  • mingkee

    For those who wanted to update and retain root:
    Check xda if you want to make full update through LGUP as well as you have to unlock the bootloader (it will fully wipe your phone) like V10 if you want to regain root.

  • Steve Park

    Still waiting at 5.1…..and waiting….and waiting

  • GeeOne

    It seems that only one person has gotten 6.0 via OTA!

  • Clevenger23

    Been trying everyday on the wife’s phone to get the OTA but still nothing. The tmobile website does say compete, but why is no one getting it?

    • GeeOne

      That’s my question as well. However it appears that tomorrow is the actual start day for the OTA. It seems that someone should communicate with us if there is a problem but with the update but again, its all a waiting game, unfortunately.

  • Walter White

    Update automatically Over-The-Air (OTA)

    This software update will be pushed to out-of-box devices beginning February 10. Your device will automatically download and install the software update before the Setup Wizard displays. If you have completed the Setup Wizard, your device will automatically download and install the update.

  • Wenceslao Jara Razo

    I haven’t received it yet. Does it get released on it on by a certain time?

  • Steve Park

    Still says I’m up to date at 5.1….update has not reached KY yet.

  • RLB63

    Well someone said it is an overnight release. Which would make sense since it is do so huge.it could drastically impact the network if they released it during prime hours. Why even risk it if your T-Mobile? Use the dead overnight hours…

  • truckeemike

    Its the11th in Nevada and no update. Checked manually too…
    And the clock goes tick…tick…

  • Walter White

    No update yet, 2/11. Chicago.

  • RLB63

    I have a big event this weekend. I doubt there will be problems with most upgrades. However, I don’t want to risk it without time to get a replacement phone. So I called and they walked me though a process to disable upgrades. I can turn it back on next week.

    So there doordoes seem there’s a decent way to postpone the upgrade….

  • Justin Feld

    Still nothing even though there support site said the 10th. Probably rolling out in imei groups first. Hopefully soon…

  • Geoff Gillmor

    Still not out yet in MN. Been waiting two days. I read that they are sending it out slowly so that there will be no problems since sprint had problems when they released it

  • Brain90

    complaining about not receiving the update? PLEASE download “LG Bridge” on your Windows computer. Connect your phone by usb to the PC and update it through LG Bridge.

    • jsand606

      Says “phone is up to date”

      • truckeemike

        That happened when I used Bridge as well.

    • Steve Park

      NOTICE: LG does not
      provide Mobile Device Software Updates from lg.com. Mobile service providers deliver software updates Over-the-Air.

      And LG Bridge says “phone is up to date” at version 5.1

      • brian90

        Funny, that is exactly how I did my update.

        • truckeemike

          Guess you were lucky!!

  • Mike Thaler

    No update in SF area. That’s good because haven’t seen any detailed reviews, yet, from anyone.

  • GeeOne

    Well well well, there is ONE (1) person t-mobiles’s support site (https://support.t-mobile.com/thread/129904?start=15&tstart=0) who says he got the update OTA! Good news, I guess.

  • Steve Park

    Still nothing, says up to day. And this quote from the LG support site:
    “NOTICE: LG does not
    provide Mobile Device Software Updates from lg.com. Mobile service providers deliver software updates Over-the-Air.”

    Something fishy in T-Mobile land.

  • George Salcedo

    The LG Bridge update on my Macbook doesn’t work, the software downloads then says there’s an error with the phone. Just have to wait until the OTA apparently.

  • Steve Park

    According to DanK at @tmobilehelp the release started to push on Feb. 10th and is being issued in phases,

  • brian90

    I would not bother with this update. It made my battery life terrible.

    • Steve Park

      Lucky I got a free spare battery with my LG G4. LG Bridge or OTA still says I’m up to date at 5.1.

      • truckeemike

        I’ve tried LG Bridge as well with no luck. Says I’m up to date with 5.1.
        Apparently I’m not worthy :/

        • Sjh19582

          Called t mobile they said it could take up to 2 weeks ota

  • UltramanX

    I am in Florida and was tired of waiting for the OTA. So, I downloaded the latest LG Bridge from LG.com and voila…it pushed the update to my phone.

    Just got minor issues, like reinstalling Facebook as for some reason the new 6.0 permissions was making it crash. Also my Neutron Player was not recognizing the media library until I put it on automatic. I haven’t found any visual/cosmetic difference between 6.0 and previous Lollipop.

    Differences I noticed: the do not disturb changed, some of my e-mail notifications changed sound for no reason, the new memory manager, the apps manager new screen and the video button on the dialer and contacts profile.

    Otherwise, battery life still superb!!

  • GeeOne

    At 3am (02/17/2016) in Georgia, I received the OTA. No problems so far.

  • Wenceslao Jara Razo

    1:00 pm here in California and have not received the OTA update.

    • Geoff Gillmor

      Found out that the update is rolling out in phases from 2/8/2016-3/8/2016

      • Wenceslao Jara Razo

        Where did you hear that from?

        • Geoff Gillmor

          T mobile support tech

  • RLB63

    Got the update this morning. Haven’t noticed a major difference.

    Can control a few things apps have access to but not auto start. Which would be the best option to control

  • Sjh19582

    Just got the update in pittsburgh.so far so good

  • Steve Park

    Still nothing in Kentucky….11 days since roll out and T-Mobile afraid of overloading their network with an upgrade download???? and most will use WiFi. What the $#&@Q# the holdup…

  • truckeemike

    Update received in Reno Nv last night. Took about 30 Min to update with no issues.
    I can’t tell any differences yet….

  • Washu Ai

    I’m in a city in the SF metro area and still haven’t gotten this . . I even manually check updates, when it is convenient to me.

  • Steve Park

    KY still not in the T-MOBILE love zone either. Must be pushing it to at least 10 customers a day. 7.0 announced yesterday and T-Mobile can’t get 6.0 out the door.

  • Geoff Gillmor

    Finally just got it. Haven’t noticed any significant changes yet

  • Walter White

    I finally got it last night, can’t really tell any difference. Seems the same. Battery life seems the same in both lollipop and marshmallow OS. The dialer now has a camera function.