LG G4 Android 6.0 update appears on LG Bridge


Well, this is a bit surprising. Neither LG nor T-Mobile have made any announcements about an Android 6.0 launch for the LG G4, but some folks are now downloading the Marshmallow update for their G4.

The update is appearing for some Reddit and xda-developers through the LG Bridge software. LG Bridge lets you do use your computer to do things like manage the content on your phone, back up its contents, restore, and update. The Android 6.0 update is appearing as H81120I.


T-Mobile’s Software Updates support page says that the LG G4’s Android 6.0 update is still in the “Manufacturer Development” stage, so it’s weird to see it appearing in LG Bridge. That said, the Sprint version of the LG G4 got its Android 6.0 update back in late December, so LG has already put in work on developing Marshmallow for the G4. It’s just kinda of strange to see it appear on LG Bridge like this.

As I mentioned, neither LG nor T-Mobile have said anything about the rollout of this update yet, so there’s no word on when an over the air push might begin. If you’ve got an LG G4 and want to try and sink your teeth into Marshmallow right now, download LG Bridge and see if the update appears for you.

If you manage to get Android 6.0 for your G4, let us know!

Via: Android Central, Reddit, xda-developers (1), (2)
Source: LG Bridge

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  • G33KYFR34KY

    1.57Gb update, installing as we speak, expected time 38:00 mins (from work computer) – will update when finished.

    • G33KYFR34KY

      Update complete, Android V6.0, Software version H81120i. Now installing LG app updates that follow the 6.0 rollout.

      • k

        after the update, could you share any thoughts on battery life? G4 life is sucking bad.

        • G33KYFR34KY

          Give me a day or so to try it out, will follow up.

    • Eric Harlow

      Same here, I am downloading the update right now as it says 8 minutes to download.

  • Jose

    Appearing OTA for me just now…
    …Not sure how to post screenshot.

    …Maybe this?

  • Android_God

    Is it just me or does it seem like T Mobile is getting worse at updating Android phones?

    • VINN

      It is just you.

  • RLB63

    So is this the T-Mobile version of marshmallow?
    If not won’t that kill tonite specific items?
    Also won’t it kill the warranty?


    I think LG took it down :( I just connected my brother’s G4 and it says it’s up to date :(

  • rinthos
  • Phillip Bee

    Like most, I’m not getting an update via LG Bridge. However, Tmo says it should be an OTA. Yet and still neither are working for me ..


  • PartyPounder

    Got it today at 2230 Pacific Time using this approach. Version H81120i on my T-Mobile LG4. Seems to be working fine so far. Took about 35 minutes start to finish. Thank you for the tip. When tweaking permissions by app, most still say “This app is for a prior version – changing permissions may cause it not to work”. But it’s great to turn off massive permissions for some apps that just don’t need them.

  • Matt Gloor

    Flashed using KDZ file and LGUP, the process took about 30mins. Located in Texas. Device got pretty hot during the update. Drained about 15% of a fully charged battery.

  • Flashed KDZ, working fine for me.

  • JimTN

    LG just informed me that the update feature has been removed from LG Bridge!

  • user011