New T-Mobile app for iOS now available


UPDATE: Looks like lots of folks are being greeted with a “Cannot connect” error message upon launch. If you’re having the same issue, you may want to check back in after a bit to see if the connectivity issues have cleared up.


As expected, the new-look T-Mobile app for iOS has arrived.

T-Mobile version 2.0 is now live in the App Store, complete with a UI that looks similar to the Android app that launched last month. There’s a lot of magenta in there, as well as features like bill pay, the ability to view your usage across all lines, support for making tweaks to your plan, and a store locator.


The App Store listing for this new T-Mobile app also shows that it’s a universal app, meaning that it should work on both iPhone and iPad. However, the “Screenshots” section for the iPad says that the app for Apple’s tablets is coming soon.

The new T-Mobile app looks like a big upgrade over the original, bringing a fresh design that’s more in line with today’s mobile software. The whole card design is a bit reminiscent of Google’s Material Design, so if you dig that look, you can give your iOS device more of it with this app.

To check the app out for yourself, just tap the App Store link below.

Thanks, AdamMichael and Mike!

Source: T-Mobile (App Store)

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  • besweeet

    Great start: “Cannot connect — Sorry we cannot retrieve information at this time, please try again later.”

  • patt

    Like others. Can’t connect.

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      The T-Mobile servers have always sucked.

  • nutmac

    Looks good when it worked (not working anymore). The app is a good effort at much needed window dressing and far better navigation overall, but it has a lot of quirks and/or missing features.

    1. No Today Widget (which Verizon had this for over a year)
    2. No Touch ID login for WiFi connection
    3. Still has worthless/battery sucking Device Health diagnostics, which asks for many strange permissions (photos, contacts). Thankfully, it can be disabled in App Settings, but doing so simply grays out the card on the main screen with a nag for “Enable this card”
    4. iPad version doesn’t work at all.

    • Mike

      No Touch ID are you kidding me here we go again with the you must login manually like we did in the 1980’s if you are using WIFI. Touch ID has only been available for over a year now. I give it overall 1 star but it’s mostly useless.

      • Mike

        Actually the useless app seems to work over wifi with no annoying prompts to login. At least for now.

  • kgraham182

    This is good news, that means the windows version will be around the corner. Hopefully before the Daytona 500.

    • nutmac

      Considering T-Mobile does not sell any Windows phone (aside from one single clearance refurbished model), I doubt one is in the works. At least, I wouldn’t put any hopes up.

      • Mike

        I wish they’d support windows again.

  • kev2684

    Cannot connect lol

    • Mike

      After several hours I can connect now but it’s a disappointment you are not really missing anything. Meh….

  • It’s crazy. It tell you to turn off WiFi, but then it does not work. If you turn on WiFi…it works! They hit me up on twitter stating they are still working out some things, which is good. It looks good though…nice upgrade! Long overdue.

  • Mike

    Useless! After the long wait they give us this crap! Still no function for reporting services issues. I hope they are seriously thinking about building a separate application for that like AT&T Mark The Spot app which they’ve had for years! I have sent my feedback on App Store and via the app encourage you all to do the same.

    • This app is not useless, you need to get real. Complaining about the things you want in an app, does not make it useless. For real help, go into a store or call. Stop making a big deal from nothing…it’s not that serious, it’s an app for your phone lol.

      • Mike

        Sure go to a store when you are in the middle of nowhere with no service or after hours. You are a real genius! The app does the same junk as the old junk app which you can always do the same by accessing the T-Mobile web site. Nothing new. Huge magenta backgrounds is its biggest feature. Meh!

        • Guest 12

          Then leave tmobile, they dont want you anyways. lol thats exactly why theres no service at your place. GO HOME MIKE, no one wants you anyways

        • Mike

          They don’t want me? Are you kidding me? They would kill for AT&T customers. Do you realize what they are doing to get customers from all carriers specially AT&T and Verizon? They still have a long way to go to compete in many areas with AT&T and Verizon. I like some things about Tmobile that is why I switched to give them a try again. Luckily for me I can switch out any time I wish as I have an unlocked phone and have no loyalty to either company! Now Tmobile barks a lot about a lot of things and as a result they really need to put their money where their mouth is. Prior to this new app they had the worst mobile management app in the business and that is a fact. Now they made this new app which is great compared to the old junk but it really does not offer much in terms of new functionality. Unlike AT&T who’s had something in place for many years, Tmobile still has no good system for reporting any type of service issues. You can report it to their useless customer service who have nothing they can do with the info you provide and nothing ever happens in terms of getting an update from Tmobile or them actually investigating the problem. Then they have some sort of social junk where you can report services issues that way that is great I don’t use any social apps. And besides if you are trying to report a service issues when you have no service or your data doesn’t work you are screwed anyway. Tmobile could really benefit if they had a real system like AT&T’s Mark the Spot which allows anybody to report service issues from anywhere under any circumstance and gathers a ton of data for the carrier.

  • Johnnola504

    Nope, not working yet!

  • VINN

    Just in case, someone should try it with LTE off.

    • VINN

      PS. That’s my trick for some Android issues I found.
      PPS. I don’t have an iPhone.

  • Does it DO anything new?

    • Mike


  • matt

    I like the old app. It would tell me how many minutes and data I have left on my prepaid. The new app just says were sorry. We’re not ready for you yet and it opens safari. I want the old app back.

  • S G

    Prepaid customers can’t use the app… It says that they are not ready for these types of accounts. There is no alternative except redirecting me to T-Mobile’s horrible website that does not even display data usage for prepaid customers and only works half of the time… I think T-Mobile has the worst web interface and costumer service I have ever encountered. Their app has been a disaster for 3 years. I have been a T-Mobile user since the VoiceStream days, and I should probably reconsider whether the cheaper prices really offset the waste of time and nerves troubleshooting their frequent issues.

  • vinnyjr

    After updating come back to application in about one hour and all is well. Not sure why this is but mine is working after one hour.

  • Brian the populist.

    At tge end of the day its the high end customers that are making money for tmobile. prepaid is good thats why you have metro pcs.

  • sanguiseritmeus

    Where is the usage widget for the Today” view on iPhone?