HTC One M10 official teaser image arrives


Following a leaked image that surfaced earlier this month and claimed to show the front of the HTC One M10, it appears that HTC has shared its own image of the device. Since the image is a teaser, though, it doesn’t reveal much.

The image was posted by HTC’s official Twitter account, and it appears to show the corner of a phone that has chamfered edges. Beneath the device is the hashtag #powerof10.

Unsurprisingly, HTC isn’t just straight up saying “Hey, we’re teasing the One M10,” but it seems likely that that’s what is going on here. We’re now nearly one year out from the debut of the HTC One M9, and many companies update their flagship phones annually. Plus, if HTC follows the naming scheme that it’s used for its flagships to date, the next One phone will be the “HTC One M10.” Finally, a photo leaked out recently that claimed to show (part of) the back of the One M10, and it included chamfered edges like what we’re seeing in HTC’s teaser.

It’s rumored that the HTC One M10 will include specs like a 5.1-inch 2560×1440 display, Snapdragon 820, and 12-UltraPixel rear camera, but it’s also rumored that it won’t have front-facing BoomSound speakers like past One M flagships. If true, the One M10 could cause some mixed emotions, getting folks excited about its spec upgrades but also disappointing them with the lack of front-facing speakers.

Now that we’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 debut, what features will the HTC One M10 need to have to interest you?

Source: @HTC

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  • Eric Edwards

    If it isn’t IP68 or 69 then Samsung S7 it is for me. It does depend on other specs M10 has. I’ve always liked HTC. Only went to Sony when Z came out so we will see.

    • Ray

      Same here. I wash my Z3 a few times a week so my next phone must have IP certification.

      • Prode

        how do you wash your phone a few times aweek. Sounds to me like you need to check your pockets before you pants in the washer

        • Ray

          I wash my phone with soap and water. Disinfectant wipes leave a film overtime .

        • Prode

          I hope to god you are trolling right now.

        • Ray

          Nope. I guess you can say I’m a clean freak. I take steps to make sure my Z3’s flaps are closed before washing. The speakers are a bit muffled but that doesn’t bother me.

        • guest

          Please don’t tell you wash you phone with soap made with organic coconut oil. Because of ‘no harmful chemicals’ and stuff like that.

    • Deadeye37

      Agreed. IP67 or IP68 would be a great selling point. Keeping front facing speakers & a microSD slot is a must. It would be awesome to have 2 microSD slots, but outside of Saygus, I don’t think that would be happening.

      FYI – IP68 is the highest IP certification – 6 – max dust sealing – 8 water resistance greater than 7 (3 ft for 30 min), but must indicate the level water resistance (ex. 5 ft for 30 min, 6 ft for 1 hour, etc).

      • Frankwhitess

        Then give us IP6-28….

      • guest

        IP69 means shock proof, fluid proof and Oh God! proof.

  • NardVa

    I forgot HTC is still making phones. They use to be the top dog, but now they struggle to keep pace with Apple and Samsung.

    • Mike

      LG is doing better then HTC

      • Ordeith

        HTC was always at their best with Windows. They sank like a rock with Android.

        • Andrew Singleton

          Actually the M8 was the most awarded android phone in history.

        • Ordeith

          I was speaking to their financial situation.

    • George Salcedo

      Their marketing sucks but honestly they still make solid phones.

    • Chilehead

      You forgot HTC still makes phones but also think they struggle to keep pace???

  • Matt

    M10 it is…..can’t wait till it’s release. I hope M10 has OIS in its camera. I’ll past LG5, Galaxy S7. Lol

    • Vahdyx

      why are you passing on the G5 and S7? Not trying to start a debate, I’m genuinely interested to see opinions as I form my own.

  • steadymobb

    It looks just like the a9 for the most part

  • Ordeith

    Hopefully there will be a version that carries the theme and comes with Windows 10.

  • AS118

    A replaceable battery would be nice, but I doubt anyone besides LG is going to shock people with something like that.

    • guest

      LG just announced that they won’t make more Nexus phones and that they’ll focus on the LG brand.

      I hope they bring their mid range phones to the US unlocked or thru carriers at least. I like the X Screen.

      • gmo8492

        Good, I hope Google could get in contact with Sony to make the next Nexus device.

        • Joe

          I think Samsung would make a killer nexus if they wanted.

        • B_Eng
        • guest

          Sony’s plans are more unlocked phones thru Amazon and Best Buy for the US, phones for different people, not a one-phone-fits-all and probably no more Xperia Zs. Like LG, I don’t think they want to do a Nexus phone.

          I may buy a Sony if they make a phone with removable battery and they make an app to backup your phone to the SD card like LG Backup.

  • Sushimane

    Such a bummer I was looking forward for boom sound speakers I currently have the z3 and I like front facing speaker loud and clear

  • jack bibi

    Maybe its windows 10!

    • 9to5Slavery

      you disrupted my yawn with laughter

      • jack bibi

        You’re welcome

  • Chilehead

    I’m gonna be real sad if they abandoned the Boomsound.

  • Mark

    Not sure if I’ll go for this, or forget about my Jump upgrade and just keep my M9 for another year.

  • Banney Ley

    Let’s hope it’s a wake up call and is actually competitive.