Nexus 5X 16GB deal knocks price down to $269.99


Another day, another LG Nexus 5X deal.

The 16GB Nexus 5X is on sale today for $269.99, courtesy of eBay seller yapper_wireless. This is the US version of the 5X, and buyers will get brand new, factory unlocked units. The Ice version is already out of stock, but the Carbon (black) and Quartz (white) versions are still available as of this writing.

Google is asking $349.99 for the Nexus 5X, so this is a pretty solid deal on the smaller of the latest Nexus phones. Of course, the downside is that it only includes 16GB of built-in storage, so you may have to rely on the cloud or streaming for your content needs.

It’s unclear how long this sale might last, but because this is a solid price on the 5X, it could end up selling out. So if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on this deal, you may want to do it sooner rather than later.

Via: Slickdeals
Source: eBay

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  • riverhorse

    Deals like this sell out in coupla hours.
    This one might be an exception because it’s too much $ for 16gb storage + no sd.


    I wonder why they are lowering the price of the 5X this early. Maybe because Samsung/LG/HTC are about to drop their new models?

    • Medion

      It’s an Ebay seller, not Google.

  • AS118

    16gb with no microSD card isn’t enough for me. 32, sure. 16gb with a microSD card? Sure. But not 16gb only.

  • guest

    Does it have a removable battery, by any chance?

    I know it only has 16GB and probably only 10GB are free, but i need a phone with CA ASAP. Band 12 sucks without CA.

    • Kaulana1989

      Motorola X pure edition

      • guest

        Too big. I’m looking for a 5 incher. But thanks anyway.

        • FILA

          the bezels on the 5X is ridiculous big

        • guest

          Actually I like it that way because I like using phones with one hand and that bezel type is great for when you need to hold the phone. You don’t think twice putting your thumb there.

    • Walt

      Can you explain how Carrier aggregation works? Can band 4 bond with band 2 lte? Or how about band 2 and band 12 lte? Thanks

      • guest

        I’ve seen many people post pictures showing the aggegation of 2 T-Mobile bands at reddit.

        From what I know, and depending on the carrier and the device, bands can be aggregated in pairs and trios, if not more. So technically speaking, in the case of T-Mobile you could have b12+b2, b12+b4, b2+b4 and b12+b2+b4.

  • David

    The phone is HORRIBLE. I’m not talking about spec and function, those are perfect. Why?
    The location of the volume and power button. There’s no damn way I pick up or hold or touch this phone without accidentally hit those buttons, especially the volume down button in the fucking middle of the phone. I keep on muting myself all the time.

  • Mike

    There all sold out

  • Mike in KC

    I’d consider this phone if the 32GB hits this price point.