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T-Mobile’s Scam Shield Technology Fought Off 19 Billion Scam Calls in 2023

Earlier today, T-Mobile released its third annual Scam and Robocall report. In this report, the Un-carrier took a look at the number of reported scam calls in 2023 as well as the trends related to such calls.  A recent report showed that Americans collectively lost $10 billion to scams in 2023. This is the highest number that has ever been reported to the FTC. … [read full article]

Go5G Next Subscribers Getting Hulu on Us from T-Mobile This Month

Good news to all T-Mobile subscribers! Earlier today, the Un-carrier revealed that it will be adding Hulu to its suite of complimentary streaming services.  Starting January 24th, T-Mo subscribers can get access to Hulu at no extra cost on the Go5G Next plan. This means that Go5G Next customers will have access to Hulu, Apple TV+, and Netflix. There’s also the season-long MLB.TV subscription that’s free every year for those on this plan.  With these complimentary services, … [read full article]

Identity Theft Protection Expert Shares Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. And while ordinary folks tend to get busy buying gifts and planning get-togethers, scammers are also taking advantage of this shopping season. As a matter of fact, the AARP pointed out that 76 percent of customers experienced a scam in the last holiday season. This is why it’s best to stay vigilant at all times.  In light … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s Scam Shield protected customers from almost 40B scam calls in 2022

There continues to be a number of spam and robocallers in the US. But thankfully, our wireless carriers are already doing their best to fight these callers.  In fact, T-Mobile recently shared its Scam and Robocall Report, which highlights the number of scam calls that T-Mobile’s Scam Shield has blocked and identified in 2022. The report reveals that the Un-carrier was able to identify and block 41.5 billion scam calls in 2022 alone. This is already an … [read full article]

T-Mobile releases first 2021 Scam and Robocall Report

T-Mobile has been busily fighting off scammers and robocalls off of its network. And today, the Un-carrier has released its first ever end-of-year wireless scam report.  In the report, T-Mo revealed that there has been an increase of 116% in scam attempts through Dec. 14 of this year. The industry is even predicted to receive 110 billion calls this year. But despite these numbers, T-Mobile has proudly revealed that they were able to block over 21 billion … [read full article]

T-Mobile: Now 100% compliant with FCC’s STIR/SHAKEN protocols

T-Mobile has completed its implementation of the Federal Communications Commission’s STIR/SHAKEN protocols. And along with its completion, the Un-Carrier has filed for a certification of completion. Once it obtains the certification, T-Mobile promises that all calls coming from its network are 100% compliant with the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database.  Apart from the STIR/SHAKEN protocols’ Number Verification, T-Mobile also provides free Caller ID under its Scam Shield protection. These features both give customers an assurance that the calls … [read full article]

T-Mobile: First US network to comply with FCC’s STIR/SHAKEN protocol deadline


For years now, US carriers have been doing their best to protect their customers against scam callers. It has gotten so bad that the government has even implemented rules against it and encouraged carriers to take the concern seriously. As their response, companies have rolled out their own security measures to safeguard their customers against these callers. The latest to take action is T-Mobile with its Scam Shield protection.  And today, T-Mobile revealed that they are the … [read full article]

T-Mobile and US Cellular now offering cross-network scam call protection

Last year T-Mobile teamed up with AT&T to being offering cross-network call authentication using the STIR and SHAKEN standards, and now T-Mo is doing the same with another major carrier. T-Mobile and US Cellular are now offering caller verification across networks. This means that when a T-Mobile customer calls someone on US Cellular, or vice versa, the carriers will validate the incoming call so you know … [read full article]

T-Mobile Scam Shield is a set of free tools to help protect you from scammers

T-Mobile has been helping customers fight scam calls for a while now with features like Scam ID and Scam Block, but with its latest Un-carrier move, it’s kicking that fight up a couple notches. T-Mobile Scam Shield is a new offering that actually consists of a few different features. That includes Scam ID, which will flag incoming calls that are suspected … [read full article]