T-Mobile Scam Shield is a set of free tools to help protect you from scammers


T-Mobile has been helping customers fight scam calls for a while now with features like Scam ID and Scam Block, but with its latest Un-carrier move, it’s kicking that fight up a couple notches.

T-Mobile Scam Shield is a new offering that actually consists of a few different features. That includes Scam ID, which will flag incoming calls that are suspected to be scammy as “Scam Likely” as well as Scam Block, which lets you block those calls from reaching your phone altogether.

Scam ID and Scam Block are free for T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers, with no special device, plan, or app required. Sprint customers are getting it free, too, using the Call Screener app that used to cost $2.99 per line per month

The second part of Scam Shield is free enhanced caller ID. This used to be a feature that you’d have to pay for, but now T-Mobile is giving it to customers free so that they know who an incoming call is from. Plus, the feature uses the STIR and SHAKEN protocols to verify incoming calls from real people and businesses for carriers T-Mo has integrated with, which include Comcast, AT&T, and Inteliquent. When you get an incoming call from these carriers that’s confirmed to be a real person, you’ll see “Number Verified” on your screen.

Enhanced caller ID is free for T-Mobile and Metro customers as well as Sprint customers with the aforementioned Call Screener app.


Next up is T-Mobile Proxy. This is a free second phone number that you can give for contests, loyalty programs, or other times when you don’t want to give out your personal phone number. You don’t need a second device to use this Proxy number, and this second number also gets its own voicemail so it doesn’t clutter up your real voicemail inbox.

A Proxy number can be managed using the T-Mobile Digits app and can be shared with family. Customers on a T-Mobile Magenta, Magenta for Business, or Essentials plan can get one free Proxy number per account.

If scammers have already gotten your personal number and are pestering you there, T-Mobile will also give you a new number for free.

And finally, T-Mobile says it wants to help you protect your identity from scammers, too. Be ID Aware is a partnership between T-Mobile and McAfee that offers identity monitoring. With it, you’ll be notified if your personal info shows up on the dark web, and recovery specialists can help you if your identity is compromised, including with canceling and replacing credit cards.

T-Mobile and Metro customers can sign up for 12 months of Be ID Aware protection free between July 24 and August 31 while supplies last. You’ll need to visit that link and enter your phone number, email address, and the code 2020MCAFEE. Sprint customers will be able to request the offer online right here.


All of these new features will be available in the new T-Mobile Scam Shield app that’s launching on July 24 on Android and iOS. Of course, you can manually enable Scam Block right now like you’ve been able to for a while now just by dialing #662# on your T-Mobile device.

Additionally, T-Mobile customers will be able to sign up for Scam Shield Premium, which is $4 per month or free with a Magenta Plus plan. Scam Shield Premium includes the ability to send certain categories of calls direct to voicemail, like telemarketers and political calls, plus “always block” lists. Also included is voicemail-to-text.

Sprint customers with an iPhone can download the upgraded Call Screener app on July 24 to get their own free scam ID and blocking plus caller ID. The app is preloaded on Android devices.

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  • zeiferx

    … uncarrier move… ok

  • disqus_2AG4Cmg523

    I bounce between VZW and TMO with the same number. And TMO has always had better call filtering. On VZW it’s as if they aren’t even trying.

    • slybacon

      I agree. I use the dual SIM on my iPhone, one line is Verizon and one line is T-Mobile (BTW, I use T-Mobile data cause it works better in Utah). Anyway, I get tons of spam calls on my Verizon line and only a few on my T-Mobile line.

  • So awesome!!!

  • Brenden Morris

    This isn’t an “Un-Carrier” move. T-Mobile is just as bad as Verizon. #FAIL

  • Kev Martinez

    So much hype for… This? Lol!

  • King Fro Man

    Yea where’s Legere? This ain’t gonna workout.

  • Tmo_User

    What about spam texts? I’ve been getting a lot of those.

  • Willie D

    And here we go, another hyped up, already delivered basic version for free product. I mean TMo are you even trying anymore?

    • Reagan1

      Nope. Too busy being “woke” and wasting money on Marxist organizations. Sievert sucks.

  • Francisco Peña

    This should be a #Commonsenseandrequiredanyways move.

  • Jason Caprio

    This is an un-carrier move?! I’ve had built in spam protection on my phone for YEARS with Google’s Phone app on Pixel phones. Not to mention, there are only a million apps already out there that already do this for people. T-Mobile has officially run out of ideas.

    • Jake Fitzpatrick

      Yeah but a lot of people dont want to go hunt for a third party app. It is easier when the carrier provides the features. “One Stop Shopping”. I know my mom would use these premium apps because it is easy.

      • Jason Caprio

        True, but this feature is not worth being called an un-carrier move. T-Mobile at this point is hyping up basic functionality now.

        • Sean Sorlie

          You clearly don’t understand what a huge problem this is to fight and how big this whole package is. I’m sorry all these free protections are not good enough for you.

        • Jason Caprio

          My point is, an un-carrier move is supposed to remove a pain point and be a game changer, like Simple Global was. ScamShield is basically built into my Google Pixel’s phone app. T-Mobile Proxy…. Google Voice lol. I feel this un-carrier is an empty gesture because 90% of people already have these features.

        • Reagan1

          Exactly. Yawn on this whole announcement…

  • nutmac

    1. This is way better than Team of Experts Un-Carrier from 2 years ago and probably on par with last year’s New Un-Carrier 1.0. But it should’ve been a simple announcement when it launches next Friday (July 24). Too much fanfare.

    2. Free enhanced Caller ID is a good thing any way you slice it.

    3. I was hoping for a full suite of complementary Name ID features (e.g., filter by category, block numbers), but it remains a paid feature ($3.99/line), rebadged as Scam Shield Premium.

    4. From few screenshots, Scam Shield app looks very similar to Name ID app. That is to say, it still looks like a lame web app.

    5. PROXY by DIGITS is only for those on newest Essentials and Magenta plans. It looks like those on older customers can use DIGITS line ($9.99), but not with PROXY feature.

    6. Be ID Aware by McAfee is only 12-month trial. Is it the same as existing McAfee Security add-on ($4.99)? Or is that how much it will cost after 12 months? Either way, no thanks.

  • Aurizen

    So this caller ID thing happens July 24th? Not today? I was hoping I could see who has been calling me instead of picking it up.

    • nutmac

      Yup, nothing new at all until July 24th.

      T-Mobile launched Scam ID (available to all customers) and Scam Block (available to all postpaid customers) over 3 years ago, so they don’t count. (Prepaid customers will get Scam Block on July 24.)

      Only July 24, T-Mobile launches Enhanced Caller ID (all customers), Scam Shield app (all customers), Scam Shield Premium add-on ($3.99/line, presumably free on Magenta Plus), PROXY by DIGITS (Essentials and Magenta customers), Clean Slate (all customers), and McAfee ID-aware (all customers).

  • Panzer

    Is it a weird coincidence that I’ve been spammed.10 calls a day for the last 3 days?

    • dcmanryan

      No. They ended or slowed for a few months but India is back to work.

  • Ryaniskira

    Sucks that older customers such as those on One plans are left out of the proxy number program, but Google Voice has served that purpose for me for years.

    • Same. Been using the same Google Voice number since it was called GrandCentral (before Google bought it in 2007)

  • Mike

    Why couldn’t the news have waited until the 24th when the app comes out? It does sound like a good feature to add however. I dont really understand why proxy number is only offered to certain plans? Guess it’s a move to train people that a magenta plan is better, and get you to switch so you have restrictions on your hotspot while paying more?

    • nutmac

      PROXY is essentially a DIGITS line (it is called PROXY by DIGITS). You can pay $10/month to add a DIGITS line to any postpaid plan, and share it with your family.

      I agree with you on announcing on the 24th. I think that would generate more buzz and awareness.

      • Sayahh

        So it is free or is it 10 dollar per month?

        • nutmac

          1 line is included with Essentials and Magenta. On all other postpaid plans, it’s $10/line.

        • Sayahh


        • dcmanryan

          Just get a Google Voice line and accomplish the same thing.

  • JG

    Doesn’t STIR/SHAKEN require some special update that so far has only been verified and pushed out to like 2 or 3 select phones by Samsung?

    Has T-Mobile figured out a way to get the update sent out to all of their phones (baked into the upcoming Android update maybe?)? Or maybe some kind of work around where they don’t need the update? Or are you just gonna be SOL on part of the uncarrier until T-Mobile finally gets around to working with ZTE to update your 2012 whatever phone?

  • Anonymouse

    Meanwhile, T-mobile released July 2020 security update [N976USQS3BTF4] for Samsung Note 10+ 5G yesterday. Nothing special I guess.

  • Reagan1

    Maybe I’m lucky, but I hardly ever get scam calls and if I do, it almost always pops-up as “Scam Likely” already, anyway. Holy yawn of an announcement.

  • RealShit

    They had a count down splash page for this… LMAO… a count down splash page. I had to say it twice so all the fan boys can take it in. I knew this was gonna be some bullshit that didn’t deserve all that hype. And my favorite part about it all, we counted down and the app isn’t even available yet lmao. Stupid ass tmobile blowing smoke up everybody’s ass again and putting a pink bow tie on it lmao

  • dejanb

    This is just a rebranding of their existing Name ID app/service. The Name ID app updated itself and got renamed to Scam Shield. Same features and price for all of them.

  • the martian ambassador

    Oh brother. I think that I accidentally activated the premium version in the app, and I don’t see how to undo that.

    • RealShit

      Just go on to my tmobile website and remove it as you would remove any paid feature. It will be a $4 paid feature.

  • RealShit

    Hey thanks tmobile for making this unavailable to those who have grandfathered one plus for $5 or $10 so we can’t get any of these features without completely changing either the rate plan or removing the feature we already have. You guys are jackasses, straight up losers lol.