T-Mo and Sprint will unify under the T-Mobile brand on August 2


Today T-Mobile took the wraps off of its latest Un-carrier move, Scam Shield, but that’s not the only big news that it shared today.

T-Mobile has revealed that on August 2, it will officially combine brand operations with Sprint. This means that T-Mo and Sprint will be unified under a single T-Mobile brand nationwide for the first time.

On that date, T-Mobile will be the single name for the combined company, so we should see the Sprint name fade away. Legacy Sprint stores will be rebranding to T-Mobile as well.

As part of this brand unification news, T-Mobile has also teased some new deals that are coming soon. “Execs foreshadowed new, aggressive offers to be unveiled next week … saving people money, challenging the competition and raising the bar for the industry,” T-Mobile said in today’s announcement.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert previously said that the T-Mo-Sprint brand unification would be happening mid-summer, and now we’ve got an official date for it. Ever since the merger was completed at the start of April, T-Mobile has been taking steps to integrate Sprint into T-Mo, including giving Sprint Galaxy S20 owners access to T-Mo’s 5G network, expanding T-Mobile Tuesdays to Sprint customers, and deactivating Sprint’s 2.5GHz 5G coverage, and this brand unification is the next big step in post-merger process.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Mike

    Yep, got the subscribers, now its time to hide a legacy name, Sprint. Corporate world got ya.

  • Gary C

    I’m hoping T-Mobile will send me a T-Mobile sim card for my Sprint phone. I was a T-Mobile customer for years and now I’m on Sprint and I hate it. Our group (7) switched in order to get 7 new phones and a military discount. We can’t give that up.

    • slybacon

      Is it better than the T-Mobile Military discount? My group of 8 pays $20 per line for unlimited.

  • Mitchell Bleser

    Any word when T-mobile SIM cards will start recognizing Legacy Sprint cell towers for signals? My house currently has no coverage on T-Mobile, but there is Sprint coverage.

    • Sharti24

      Lol then why do you have tmobile as your carrier if you’ve never had signal at your house?

      • kev2684

        He was probably on the road most of the time and just use wifi at home until we are now all working from home after rona.

        • marque2

          Or he moved. I used to do contacting and moved about once a year. Most places got decent signal – some to the point where I just used my phone for internet (and didn’t need cable) but some spots I got zero signal. I wouldn’t change carriers just for a 9 month stint in Tuscon.

    • SpaceGho5t

      This is what I want to know, sprint has better coverage at my work.

    • marque2

      TMobile allowed Sprint to use TMobile, but I don’t think they will allow the reverse because of issues with the Sprint network. I gather the plan is to convert the towers one by one and make them TMobile towers.(Note this is just my guess)

      • Willie D

        And even then it’s not available for manual roaming or available nationally. It is selective roaming from Sprint to TMo specifically where Sprint offers no coverage what so ever, so if you’re in an urban area or well developed coverage areas like the whole easy coast then you’re not likely to roam on TMo.

    • Mike

      Many of those towers have to go over to Dish network, so don’t think you will be able to go to Sprint towers. Not sure how many Sprint towers they get to keep?