T-Mobile rolling out Scam ID and Scam Block features to help protect customers


T-Mobile is launching two new features today to help keep you safe.

Scam ID and Scam Block are two new features that will identify and block scam calls on the T-Mobile network. Scam ID uses technology to compare the phone number of an incoming call against a global database of known scammer numbers. If a match is found, the network tags the call is likely a scam and warns you about it.

If you’d prefer to never even be bothered by calls that are likely from scammers, you can enable Scam Block. As its name suggests, this feature will prevent calls that are likely scam from ever reaching you.

T-Mobile is enabling Scam ID and Scam Block for T-Mobile One customers on a rolling basis starting today. All new T-Mobile One customers will get the feature starting April 5. Other postpaid customers can enable Scam ID starting April 5 by dialing #ONI# (#664#) on their phone.

To enable Scam Block, you can dial #ONB# (#662#), and you can dial #OFB# (#632#) to turn it off. You can also dial #STS# (#787#) to check whether Scam Block is on or off on your account.

T-Mobile also says that it plans to roll out its Scam ID and Scam Block features to MetroPCS customers “later in April.”

These scam calling features are nice additions to T-Mobile’s network. Scam calls are annoying at best, wasting your time by taking a call from someone that just wants to mess with you, and when they’re at their worst, they can scam people out of their money. Now you can be alerted when a call is coming in that’s likely a scam and ignore it, keeping you safe from people that want to cheat you.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • bruce

    my line already has been doing it. I have tmobile caller id

    • Sharti24

      But that costs extra per month. This is free

    • Nearmsp

      I have caller ID, but it only gives name of caller but never scam or junk call message. Do you get that way?

  • Jason Caprio

    Google Pixel has this feature baked in, and my old Note 5 that I rooted and put a custom ROM on it also included that feature from I believe the Galaxy S7 dialer.

    • neospade44

      Same with Nexus 6P.

      • DHar Harr

        Same with 5X

    • noksucow

      So you don’t even know you’re getting the call? No ring?

      • Jason Caprio

        I would say about 80% of the time I receive a call from an unknown number, it will ring but the screen will be in all red and say “suspected spam number”

        • noksucow

          Does this do the same thing? I got the impression that you wouldn’t even see the call, which is how i prefer it.

        • MattPortland

          The you have to enable the block instead of just the alert.

        • lomsha

          If it works as advertised yea the call won’t even reach your phone.

  • Edward Ward

    Just one more way TMO looks out for its customer base. Nicely done.

  • Glassman

    Tried to enable blocking using #662# but received message that it was unavailable for my plan. I have the Simple Choice North America plan. I was able to enable identification using #664#

    • impasse

      i had the opposite experience; i got the message to enable using #664# but was only able to enable it with #662#. on a super old grandfathered 600min family plan

  • Brian Richards

    The tmobile name id app already does this and ships on their phones…. been using it for years. You can also report or read reports on numbers. Nearly every credit card company phone number shows as a scammer. People don’t like being reminded of their bills it seems lol…

    So does this mean the feature is now free instead of the current extra cost?

    • JJCommonSense

      U READ MY MIND! Cause I would love to remove that $3.99 charge from my bill.

    • lomsha

      Kinda borders on harassment sometimes lol.

  • markbyrn

    Seems to be working for me or at least I got a message saying they’re processing the request.

  • Charlie Zhang

    why not just install an app called “whoscall”?

  • Mark McCoskey

    Been using Mr Number. There’s a crowd sourced database that’s ever expanding. Highly recommend.

  • TrueCopy

    What database are they using? I use one of the CallKit apps on my iPhone, and often legit calls are tagged as “Spam.” The databases grow as people report spam calls, but it doesn’t seem like they’re scrubbed of ligit numbers.

    • humpfh

      I’ve noticed “potential spam” calls from legitimate numbers. I think it’s probably a crowd-sourced database somewhere, where people were getting collection calls and were angry about them, or where someone’s ex gave the wrong number for collection calls.

      • TrueCopy

        That’s exactly what it is, yes. I’ve seen entries in those databases that say the caller is “, I just cancelled my service with them, and they keep calling.” Yes, those are annoying calls, but they’re not technically spam, nor are they illegal or a violation of the Do Not Call registry.

  • EAS

    I tried dialing #664# today to activate it, cause why not? It said that the request could not be processed, but about an hour later I got a call from an unknown number and it said “scam likely.” Love it!

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    That sucks, not for me since I’m on a simple choice plan.

    • 0neTw0

      I on the same plan and I got the warning today. Something that never happened before.

    • SirStephenH

      “Other postpaid customers can enable Scam ID starting April 5 by dialing #ONI# (#664#) on their phone.”

      I assume this includes Simple Choice.

    • lomsha

      Works on simple choice

  • colonelcasey

    If only they would make this an option for LineLink subscribers. Sounds like a great idea.

  • Omegajb

    Odd, it worked for one line on my account but the second said it wasn’t available with my plan.

    • Good

      Same here but it still applied on my t-mobile

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    This has been working for me for the past few months at least, maybe I’m just lucky…

  • samsung freud

    How accurate is this tool?
    I enabled Hiya on android 7 and had various legitimate calls blocked, and my caller id
    misreporting some calls from my contact list.
    My momma was p*ssed off!

  • vincent vera

    Glad to see this from Tmo! Yes, there are a lot of 3rd party apps that do this but for those of you that don’t know or don’t care, it also shares your entire address book to the database.

    • coakl

      So, it might block a few calls for you, but increase the spam calls to everyone in your address book and contacts list. That’s called malware.
      You try to fight a scam, but instead, you simply make it worse.

  • George Salcedo

    Does this block bogus 411 calls cause I get those charges just about every month. It’s annoying the only solution is to pay $4.99 a month to have it blocked.

    • Mike Thaler

      What is a bogus 411 call? How can u be billed for a number u didn’t call? Aren’t there apps that will allow u to block calls to certain numbers?

      • George Salcedo

        Have 11 lines and every month one line or another is billed for 411 calls lasting about 1 minute. The users tell me they are not dialing 411, who uses 411? As for an app to block I should look into that.

        • vincent vera

          George, I have never ever heard of this scam and in what I do, I hear about scams *all the time*. Something these users are doing is resulting in a 411 call. If someone ran this scam, it would have to be Tmobile because they benefit from 411 fees. Doesn’t make any sense.

        • George Salcedo

          Whether its a scam or not the users are not dialing 411. T-Mobile shouldn’t charge $5 just to have 411 disabled on the account.

        • Bonedatt

          I’ve had to call T-Mobile twice about this bogus 411 calls too. They’ve been quick to apply credits but I can only imagine how many millions of customers don’t review their bill and pay for these charges.

  • Philip

    Cant those scammers use something to mask the number too? Then it would be useless.

  • john

    i am getting daily calls from different numbers but all chicago area code, i block them and yet they call me with different numbers with same area code.
    when i say Hello, the person in female voice would say Oh hello, sorry didn’t know you are there and then says you stayed at our of our resort recently and you are eligible to receive 2 nights 3 stays at some resorts, blah blah. When I speak, the person keeps speaking and saying the same crap all the time thats someone is calling me using different numbers and same nonsense.
    Unblocking didn’t help because it is different numbers every day

    • MindFog2287

      I get the same call about a mortgage refinance from many different NH numbers. I’ve stopped answering my phone unless I know who’s calling. So annoying. You block one number, they just call from another.

  • Austin8480

    Has anyone on a Simple Choice plan tried to access this yet to see if it work?

    • KaminskiBrigade

      Yes. Just turned on Scam Block (dial #662# ). Note: If you have Do Not Disturb mode on, it blocks Scam ID and Scam Block from activating.

  • coakl

    The spam calls have gotten so bad, that I set my phone to ignore everyone except contacts. On a Samsung S6:
    a. Set up Do Not Disturb mode, to block all calls, except for contacts. You can set this for texts, too. I set DND mode to run 24 hours (start midnight, end 11:59pm).

    b. Set you default ringer to “Silent” (yes, that is an option, scroll down to see it).
    Then assign your normal ring to your contacts. I need this because DND doesn’t work in the S6′ ultra-power-saving mode, but the default ringer tactic does.

  • J Cheney

    Sometimes I get multiple a day. One was a local independent cell phone repair store. I “googled” the number real quick and got the location. Called in and employee said he he didnt know where they got my number and would have to ask owner but he wasnt in. I told him to find out real quick cause I was calling in every 15 mins. I was gonna do it but got to busy and forgot for 45 mins. Every human I get when going through prompts promptly hangs up. Yesterday I got someone who sounded like an American.

  • J Cheney

    Why should the consumer pay extra to stop it when it is the carrier letting them use their network to get through to you.

    • humpfh

      Do you understand how telephony works *at all*?!

  • steveb944

    Better than Name ID bloatware that costs money.