T-Mobile’s Scam Shield protected customers from almost 40B scam calls in 2022

There continues to be a number of spam and robocallers in the US. But thankfully, our wireless carriers are already doing their best to fight these callers. 

In fact, T-Mobile recently shared its Scam and Robocall Report, which highlights the number of scam calls that T-Mobile’s Scam Shield has blocked and identified in 2022. The report reveals that the Un-carrier was able to identify and block 41.5 billion scam calls in 2022 alone. This is already an increase of 75% that the Un-carrier was able to identify and block in 2021. 

In addition to revealing the number of scam calls identified and blocked by the Un-carrier, the report shares the ways scammers and spammers are victimizing customers. And even though wireless providers and regulators are doing what they can to fight back, Americans still managed to lose around $39.5 billion to phone scams made in 2022. 

Some of the common scam tactics mentioned in the report include the following:

  • Vehicle warranty scams
  • Health and insurance-related scams
  • Student loan scams
  • Amazon scams
  • IRS-related scams

Another thing that the report detailed is the regions and demographics that scammers usually target. These include the states of Texas, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. 

Thankfully, T-Mobile’s Scam Shield technology protects its customers from such calls. Once a threat has been detected, customers get a “Scam Likely” warning or no disturbance by turning on Scam Block. You can learn more about T-Mobile’s Scam Shield protection here. Or you can read more about the report here.

Source: T-Mobile 

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