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T-Mobile Next U.S. Carrier To Get iPhone Love, Not Verizon?

Here we go again…yet another analyst has predicted a T-Mobile USA iPhone. The lastest comes from Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu who claims that Magenta is a more likely fit for the iPhone’s next home in the U.S. rather than Verizon Wireless, because T-Mobile’s 3G network wouldn’t require Apple to build a separate iPhone to support it. “Currently, T-Mobile’s 3G service (UMTS/HSPA) supports 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz frequencies while AT&T supports 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies,” Wu … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy S Site Live With Lots To See

Are you begging to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S superphone?  Well wonder no more as Samsung just lifted the veils on its Galaxy S informational website. In store for you is a bevy of images, music and a man making far too many outfit changes. You’ll also find a complete user guide, a bountiful gallery, specs (which conveniently leaves out a T-Mobile AWS version?) and did I mention plenty of pictures? By … [read full article]

Motorola XT720 Headed To Magenta?

A while back there were several rumors of the Motorola Motoroi headed Magenta’s way, which many of us have been eagerly waiting for. Motorola has now announced the new Motorola Milestone XT720, something the folks over at Engadget are told is a “…sister device of the Motoroi”. The handset is equipped with T-Mobile USA 3G bands (hooray), so there’s that ever so slight chance it might be headed Magenta’s way. However, Motorola has not … [read full article]

June 19th, The Mother Of All Father’s Day Sales?

Look…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Father’s Day Sale Extravaganza.  We’ve all been trying to figure out just what exactly is in store for June 19th. We’re still working to paint a total picture of what exactly is happening that day, but the above image should give a better idea of what is going down.  As always, this is all subject to change. These images are none other than … [read full article]

T-Mobile Garminfone Now Available

This device may not be the most anticipated, but we’re sure it’ll attract at least a few customers. The first Android-powered smartphone with Garmin GPS Navigation is now available for $199.99 (After a $50 mail in rebate) with a 2 year contract and $449.99 retail. For those that have purchased the Garminfone already, feel free to leave your likes and/or dislikes in the comments! T-Mobile And don’t forget, its the last day to try and win a free … [read full article]

myTouch3G Users, Your Wish Is About To Come True

So many of you have written in, asked on Twitter or really just begged for information regarding the possibility of future myTouch3G updates. While HTC has been pretty clear regarding Android updates for phones released this year, myTouch3G users have been left wondering. Well wonder no more as the above screen shot gives you all the answers you want. You may now rest assured that Android 2.2 aka Froyo is coming your way. It … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy S Release Date Leaked?

Stop the presses for this one but a trusted source has pinged us and told us to expect a Samsung Galaxy S launch for Magenta on July 21st. We’re chalking this up firmly in the rumor category (as we haven’t had anything officially say this phone is actually releasing on T-mobile) right now until we get further confirmation, however it definitely coincides with the previous rumor that T-Mobile and Samsung are gearing up … [read full article]

Has The myTouch Marketing Campaign Begun?

Thanks to one of our eagle-eyed readers we see the myTouch Slide “massive” marketing campaign has begun, with billboards in the NYC Subway. I might add, I saw the very same poster just this morning driving in the Ft Lauderdale area here in South Florida. While we know that the official launch of the myTouch Slide doesn’t kick off till June 16th, we hope that they blanket cities with billboards such as the … [read full article]

Just A Few Days Left In The Garminfone Giveaway!!

Garminfone fans, this post is totally and completely for you. T-Mobile is still looking to give away some Garminfone’s for your navigating needs and if you have absolutely no sense of direction like me, this phone will make sure you get wherever you want to go. Qualifying to win is simple, easy and takes only a moment of your time. Hit up the instructions below and get cracking on Twitter, there is less … [read full article]

T-Mobile Nexus One Unavailable For Purchase?

Update: Nevermind, its back up for sale, must have been an inventory refresh! We can’t really explain what’s causing this “Sorry, this item is temporarily not available,” message currently found on the Google Phone store. Is it the beginning of the end having already decided to shutter the model for Google? Or is just a temporary thing and stock will be back shortly? What’s really on everyone’s minds is just when we can expect … [read full article]