T-Mobile Next U.S. Carrier To Get iPhone Love, Not Verizon?

Here we go again…yet another analyst has predicted a T-Mobile USA iPhone. The lastest comes from Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu who claims that Magenta is a more likely fit for the iPhone’s next home in the U.S. rather than Verizon Wireless, because T-Mobile’s 3G network wouldn’t require Apple to build a separate iPhone to support it. “Currently, T-Mobile’s 3G service (UMTS/HSPA) supports 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz frequencies while AT&T supports 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies,” Wu wrote in a note to clients today. “Interestingly, both the new iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS support 3G at the 2100 MHz frequency and, from our understanding, the technical hurdle to support T-Mobile is minor compared to supporting CDMA technology at Verizon and Sprint.” Shaw Wu also believes that Apple is eager to “attack Android more directly” and argues that Apple would need to get the iPhone into the line-up of carriers that currently support  Android. Additionally, Wu adds that, “we are picking up that T-Mobile views the iPhone as key in winning back lost customers and as such could be more likely to agree to Apple’s terms.” Wu states that the iPhone may come to T-Mobile USA as early as this fall. If you may recall, earlier this year, Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann hinted in an interview that its T-Mobile USA branch is indeed hoping to land a deal for the iPhone as soon as late 2010 or 2011.

It’s quite ironic that this claim is made just days after Apple’s unveiling of the new iPhone 4 at WWDC. How convenient to say it after the announcement? But, nonetheless the iPhone would definitely be a nice addition to the T-Mobile lineup and as well as bringing in a slew of new subscribers that are frustrated with AT&T. What say you?


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  • Ana

    With AT&T no longer offering unlimited date, this would definitely be a HUGE step up for T-Mo if, in fact, they offer unlimited date with the iPhone (why wouldn’t they?)

  • Darien

    I think it would be a huge addition to the tmo line up as it would give the iphone user a chance to use a carrier with amazing customer service.

    But personally I would prefer tmobile to gain its own superphone that can only be had on TMOBILE.

  • Tee

    HELL YEAH! at&t would lose MILLIONS of customers to T-Mobile + T-Mobile’s CEO is not gonna tell customers to lay off usage they are paying for… WTF you thinking at&t???

    T-MOBILE’S Rate Plans are about $20-$40/mo CHEAPER than at&t too.

    BRING ON IPHONE4 TO T-MOBILE!!! JUNE 19, 2010???

    • Awatt

      That’s probably not happening on the 19th since it’s launching at AT&T on the 24th. If anything, if I had to guess, it would be in the fall window. IF, this even happens at all.

  • john

    Here come the comments, I personally think it would be great for the company, but it is not the phone for me.

    • Dashi

      I Agree I Hate Apple But It Would Be Great For Tmobile!

      • john

        Damnit, someone agreed with me…ah well time to go piss off the isheep @ engadget. Lol

  • Chase

    I think tmobile needs to kickip it into gear if they want to release a phone Ike the iPhone. They need to roll out 3G and get better coverage. This ‘nationwide’ 3G bit is getting really old.

    • 3g has been working fine here in dallas for over 2 years now.

      • the guy

        pretty sure 3g is available everywhere by now, plus a few of the big cities have hspa+.

      • sheshe

        3g is not everywhere yet… I live in a suburb of san diego and I barely get it here

  • Alvin

    Will it happen? Maybe? Ill buy it if my tzones 5.99 plan hack still works! It runs perfectly on my HD2 and hopefully on the iPhone 4. Im normally an iphone hater, but some of the features are pretty darn nice!

  • podstolom

    Minor technical problem yes, but big economic and practical problem, T-Mo 3G on AWS is causing manufacturers to side-step the carrier for their 3G offerings since most global 3G gear is tuned to ATT/Global bands only. I don’t expect this to change in the near future without HSPA chips going penta band, which seems highly unlikely to me.

  • Jeffrey

    I don’t see the point in T-mobile getting an iPhone. They have the WORST 3G coverage ever, and every time I’ve tried to get an answer about getting 3G here in Tallahassee, Florida(the capital btw) I get no answer. Unacceptable considering how many phone lines I pay for every month.

    • J

      You are asking people who don’t know. Until recently, no one knew when Tallahassee was going to happen because the government held onto the frequencies. You can chill out now because your wait is pretty much over.

      Being the capital really doesn’t buy you much. Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and Tampa were all priorities above Tallahassee due to population. Tallahassee was on the same priority as Gainesville. Difference is, Gainesville’s frequencies were released by the government far earlier than Tallahassee.

    • what alot of you forget that apple has been partners with tmobile for quite some time now, tmobile uk has been offering the iphone, so when the contract with att is up, why wouldnt they just expand it to tmobile usa, tmobile is a GLOBAL company.

    • john

      WAAAH WAHHH Jeffrey, cry to people who give a !!@@@@##@@$!$%@^^#^. Anyone who wants an iPhone needs to just go waste money at ATT and get it. T-Mobile isn’t getting it and doesn’t need/want it!

  • 313dash

    Sounds like fun! I hope its true but I’m still in love with android for now!

  • Jared

    I don’t understand why apple doesn’t just buy out their contact with AT&T. They can afford it and to release on multiple us carriers would bring in millions $$$ I personally would sick with an Android device still though. I feel with a higher end Android device I have more options and no one to tell me what I can and can’t do.

  • Jared

    I don’t understand why apple doesn’t just buy out their contact with AT&T. They can afford it and to release on multiple us carriers would bring in millions $$$ I personally would sick with an Android device still though. I feel with a higher end Android device I have more options and no one to tell me what I can and can’t do.

  • Mystro

    If Tmobile got an Iphone, I would definitely be interested. I always hear Tmo’s 3G is trash, garbage, etc. Here in Lexington, KY, it is absolutely excellent. I now consistently have a 5 bar 3G signal where ever I go, as opposed to the 2 bar EDGE signal I used to have. So, for me, an Iphone on my current 3G service, hell yes!!!

    • Davidohio

      Mystro.. The people who complain about t-mobile’s 3G network are the ones who live in a fringe area or those who are still waiting for 3G coverage in their area. I have great coverage in Cleveland Ohio and every other 3G market I have been in.

  • I can say this is definitely not happening, since if it did, that would mean T-Mobile is actually carrying a phone that I would buy. I’ve been on T-Mobile for many years, but I can’t remember the last phone I actually bought from them.

  • Kent

    I hope this rumor is false. Hordes of iPhone users mean increased loads on an already inadequate network, plus, I think Android is the superior platform anyway.

  • I would rather see better android phones but it would be nice to have as a worthy competitor.

  • Danl

    What the heck is wrong with this website. Half the time you can’t get in. “Database Error”, or something.

    • Tim

      I get that too.

      • Bart

        Their twitter said they were doing a server migration that should be done soon. Until then just keep clearing your browser data

  • newbiemn

    The way I see it is, Apple will not break their agreement with AT&T just to go to T-Mobile, that would be silly. They would for Verizon, but I doubt they actually will. Meaning, unless they sign exclusively with Verizon next, when their current agreement ends, why would it not come to T-Mobile. Especially if they keep making it and selling it for AT&T. Unless next June’s iPhone 5 or whatever is only going to be CDMA. Then we’re screwed.

  • bw

    It is missing the 1700 band

    FCC says they support UMTS I/II/V/VI/VIII

    1700 is band IV

  • jay555

    I wonder if this is the reason why T-Mo keeps coming out with mediocre Android phones? Maybe they’re trying to show Apple that their phone won’t have any real competition at T-Mo much like it gets no competition at AT&T. The iPhone is worst thing that could come to T-Mo if you’re an Android user.

    If you think T-Mo’s lineup is bad now wait till the precious iPhone is getting all their attention. Forget the crappy myTouch Slide, the best we’ll be able to hope for will be something along the lines of the Cliq XT.

  • Bill

    If T-Mo got the IPhone, I’d leave jump ship immediately. I don’t wanna share bandwidth with the I-retards.

  • tato22

    it will be a good money maker yes sir it will cant wait

  • cekryb

    I will believe it when I see it.

  • I like T-Mobile, been a customer for many years, but I know this isn’t going to happen – because it would mean T-Mobile would actually be carrying a phone that I would buy. I can’t remember the last time I actually bought a phone from T-Mobile.

  • 007

    Highly unlikely iPhone will on tmobile network….
    According to my source verizon will getting it first.

  • SEFan

    I’m skeptical. The just-released iPhone 4 has 5 wCDMA bands: 800, 850, 900, 1900, 2100 mhz. Really looks like they were trying to cover all markets they had an interest in. You’ll note there is no mention of 1700 mhz. If Apple was seriously thinking of a T-Mobile USA iPhone why wouldn’t they include 1700 mhz from the beginning?

    OK, not an airtight argument. For the record, I’d buy it in a minute.

  • J

    I find the IPhone4 over-rated for the simple fact they are not going to support flash. It’s blatant omission. You think leaving out a camera flash is a big deal? I’d give up a camera flash for flash player support any day of the week. Apple is getting too cocky

    • SteveBerman

      Flash sucks. It’s like being pissed your phone doesn’t have a FM radio.. it doesn’t matter.

      T-mobile won’t get the iphone. They are worse off in coverage than At&t, so why would Apple wanna mess with that?

      • J

        Its nothing like being pissed about the lack of an FM radio. Flash is an important part of many websites. But at least the IPhone can finally play Farmville with the app now, huh?

    • Ryanoberlin

      If you’re main reasoning for buying a phone is based on its ability to play Farmville.. You seriously need to re-evaluate your decision to not have any friends..

      Flash is old. Old and done. Anyone who has spent a lot of time with it knows who clunky, buggy, and just plain inefficient it is. HTML 5 does everything Flash does, better.

  • Brie987

    Doesnt matter to me. Love Tmobile hate their phones. Still using my trusty rooted G1 and loving it. But I am waiting for the HTC Vision, read it was coming to Tmo but not sure, fingers/toes crossed. Not an Apple fan. I get frisked, xrayed and questioned when I travel or enter a building, I don’t need to be frisked, xrayed and questioned when using my phone. VIVA LA PORN!!!!

  • Puv

    IF it happens – it simply means more people on my network, reducing my data rates – which if I may say so have been quite stellar! (NYC)

  • T

    It makes sence now the iPhone is going to a different carrier this year, why else would AT&T offer a generous upgrade to the iPhone? Because it’s finally coming to T-Mobile and they want to lock people in another two years before T-Mobile gets it, that’s why!

  • eYe

    I like my Androids but Apple has addressed many of my concerns with the upcoming model. Multi-tasking (not complete but it’s a pretty good implementation still), pretty good screen (I wish it was 3.7, don’t really need anything bigger to be honest, I find 4.3 screens too big for my taste), better camera and many improvements through-out OS. I think I will wait until the end of the year to see if this will materialize. As of right now…. let’s put it this way, I like TmoNews more then I like T-mobile. I don’t even know why I stick around, must be that loyalty. The way I see it is I get as many dropped calls as I would with AT&T, I pay only $20/mo less then I would be on Verizon and last time I called customer service I thought I was talking to Sprint because of how unhelpful and unknowledgeable they were. I sure hope that Tmobile can turn around and become at least, and hopefully better then, what they used to be.

  • LNG

    I don’t buy this guy’s reasoning. First, he’s just guessing, as it doesn’t sound like he’s actually got a source inside Apple. Second, for a company the size of Apple, who just incorporated a display on their phone that’s supposedly higher resolution than the human eye can detect, dropping in a CDMA radio is going to be that big a deal? Every other mobile phone company out there that releases phones in the US has both CDMA and GSM phones.* Not necessarily the same phone, but they all have the expertise to release both types of phones. You think Apple can’t or won’t do that? And going to CDMS from GSM gives them access to two other carriers in the US, not just one, as Sprint’s and Verizon’s networks are compatible with each other.

    He may be right, but not for the reasons he’s stated.

    * I’m guessing here

  • Laont

    If so, I will never even consider leaving TMobile

  • Jim888
    • Kickstar13

      That’s nothing new. T-Mobile UK already has the iPhone.

  • I want to believe, but I gotta say… too many back and forth’s on this rumor. Although I gotta say, running with an Ipad and a Nexus One with free tethering is hard to pass up… well unless TMO gave free tethering… hmmm.

  • jp

    A phone like this to possibly come to TMO. Has hell froze over? Since when has TMO offered anything the customer wants? Chalk this one up as wishful thinking.

  • socalfrank

    Sorry, but this is not news. EVERYONE KNOWS it would be easier for Apple to sell GSM phones over CDMA. So it took an analyst at Kaufman to make this a story?
    This story sheds nothing to lead me to believe I should hold off on June 19th from getting another rehashed MyTouch and wait for a T-Mobile version iPhone. Believe me, I would buy one if they sold one.

  • hi!

    eeergh, it’s so frustrating getting these rumors literally every single day. Do they do this on purpose to bait us along? Like someone said earlier, I like this site more than I like tmobile, lol.

    It sucks that this guy seems like he was 100% guessing. It’s like me saying I think the EVO is going to Boost mobile…um….just cause. Has about the same credibility as the guy’s comments above in the story


    The iphone is a been there done that device. The 4th is just a glorified screen over the s counter part. 4.3 inch screens are the next norm along with open functionality. i’ve hacked and rehacked iphones. please dont get the has been phone t mo!

  • raymond

    guys shld ii just buy a sprint evo 4g n get it flashed to cricket -_- 40 dollars a month but u get everything unlimited -_- except i won’t have 4g :O

  • mingkee

    Stop spreading false hope please.
    We all know it will ABSOLUTELY NOT happen, so we can put all predictions and speculations to the rest.

  • Negtne

    Who knows what is gonna happen, with the FCC clearing up so much extra space and frequencies. Who knows what T-mobile has up it’s sleeves. And with all the drop calls and iPad security breach with the iPad who knows what the contract says.

    • Negtne

      And from the sounds of the june 19th there gonna be blowing there inventory out, hopefully there blowing it out to stock up on some good stuff coming, all I can do is cross my fingers. And for all those iphone haters out there quit it, if it wasn’t for apple the companies wouldn’t be pushed to come out with better stuff, we would all still be running htc excaliburs or palm treos.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    at least it’ll boost sells if nothing else.

  • LNG

    I don’t buy this guy’s reasoning. First, he’s just guessing, as it doesn’t sound like he’s actually got a source inside Apple. Second, for a company the size of Apple, who just incorporated a display on their phone that’s supposedly higher resolution than the human eye can detect, dropping in a CDMA radio is going to be that big a deal? Every other mobile phone company out there that releases phones in the US has both CDMA and GSM phones.* Not necessarily the same phone, but they all have the expertise to release both types of phones. You think Apple can’t or won’t do that? And going to CDMS from GSM gives them access to two other carriers in the US, not just one, as Sprint’s and Verizon’s networks are compatible with each other.

    He may be right, but it would be a lucky guess, not because of this network type reason.

    * I’m guessing here

    • Negtne

      Have you looked on gizmodo when the took apart the iPhone 4? It’s packed in there, adding gsm and CDMA in that they would of probably had to make it thicker. Or create two seperate devices which doesn’t make since sense. How many carriers around the world are CDMA? I am asking because I am actually curious! Lol well Apple went to verizon first and they said no. AT&T was one the one who took the chance. I am not gonna lie if the iPhone came to t-mobile I would buy it in a second!!!!

      • ctk

        there are 2 cdma carriers in the major worldwide market: verizon and sprint.

        apple is run by smart business people. they will not build a phone based on completely different radio technology for 1 or both cdma companies when every other major cell provider company IN THE WORLD uses gsm technology. the only way the iphone hits verizon is if verizon starts offering gsm phones. it’s next destination if it has another american destination is t-mobile.

    • Doug

      Tmobile is a logical choice, because its likely only a radio rom mod is needed to support the bands, or just a modified radio chip, iphone is already going to support multiple other 3g frequencies for other locations around the world.

      Converting to CDMA would likely require a complete redesign of the radio portion of the circuitry

      Its one thing to just flash a different radio rom or drop a same design but modified for other freq chip into the same assembly line. Its a whole other expensive story to retool an entire assembly line for a modified board layout to support a standard that few others use around the world.

  • DJK53

    iPhone 4G + Tmobile = My money in Tmobile’s pocket…point blank. Grow some balls Tmobile and get a phone that people want, iPhone 4!!

  • Rotten Apple

    I think I’m gonna be sick . . . Please don’t post anything here about the eyephone unless it’s TMO’s press announcement. That will be my cue to pack up and leave TMO for someone who hasn’t drank the koolaid.

  • Frozenicecream

    i can see it already

    in the apple store

    hello i would like to buy an iphone

    would you like
    at&t or t-mobile?

    Looks at rate plans

    at&t 450 mins+ unlimited text+2gb of internet 100$
    t-mobile 500 mins+ unlimited text+unlimited internet=75

    i think i will take t-mobile

    • Junior

      Lol hahaha!!! Im with u

  • timmyjoe42

    Why do people think that Apple would rather be lazy and sign a deal with T-Mobile than make modifications to their device? Come on, Steve Jobs knows how to sell devices and will do so if he wants to.

  • Kevin

    The New iPhone 4 uses microSIM cards. If it were to come to T-Mobile, subscribers would need to get a new microSIM card. If it didn’t come to T-Mobile and stayed on AT&T, we would be SOL because of the simcard problem. Damn you Apple and you microSIM card support! lol

    • covert

      TMO has micro sim technology already in use and it’s imminent that it will be adapted to phone use.

    • Doug

      umm current iphone/att users are in the same predicament, all iphones till now used the old standard size, they’ll all have to be swapped out or the card cut down if you really want to keep your old one

  • Michael

    As much as I want to see T-Mobile USA offer an iPhone for those iLovers, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I still love T-Mobile!

  • Vision77

    I’ll believe it when I see it…..Until then its the N1 for me….Now if you say the EVO is coming to T-Mo

  • chris

    they really gotta get it soon.. im thinkin of goin to at&t which i dont wanna do.. but t-mobile needs to step its phone game up asap

    • sean

      good luck using a 4g device with a limited data plan. you probably hit your overage cap about 1 week into the bill cycle.

      • steven

        TM does not have a data cap. The individual data plans for their handset users are unlimited as are the web sticks plans for the laptops. the webs ticks are throtled however.

      • Jared

        Its not a 4g phone, its still only 3g. Its just the 4th generation.

  • byron

    i just want to know if it is coming to tmobile cuz if not im buying it from att without contract….anyways, it would b impossible for apple to sell iphones for 2 carriers at the same time when its announced, the iphone on att itself gets sold out, imagine selling it to tmobile customers too

    • socalfrank

      Good luck! T-Mobile’s 3G network runs on a different band then AT&T. This is why unlocked iPhone 3G’s can’t get 3G coverage on TMO

      • unclecrystal

        Good job reading the article, it says that the iphone 4 runs of off T-mobile’s 3G frequencies so you may indeed be able to use an unlocked at&t iphone on T-mobiles 3g network

  • Taaars

    I honestly dont care if the IPHONE comes to tmobile, I want a good android superphone, Let at&t tend to the Isheep.

    • going_home

      @Taaars well said.
      I just today returned the 3G MyTouch Slide I bought off contract a week ago.
      It was very little improvement over my G1, and certainly not worth $429.00.
      I was underwhelmed by it completely.

      TMO we want an Android phone better than an Evo !
      So step up to the bag and start pitching us some real phones and not theses namby pamby idiotic social media phones !


      • joe

        wow mytouch slide very little improvement over g1? mmmmmmkay. so way better physical keyboard android 2.1 5MP camera with flash and it doesnt freeze and run slow all the time, those are all very minimal improvements…

      • johnnyonthespot


        Well said…the slide is a nice phone. Except I gotta disagree on the keyboard. The G1 keyboard rocked.

      • Taaars

        Slide is BETTER than MT3G, but not worth the price tag TMO has it at, I stated before, I have my MTG rooted, and it runs just as snappy as the slide now, I have swype, dont need a keyboard.

    • equisxx23

      ..agree, honestly way to much of this rumor crap, tmobile is falling third in the android game and only cus at&t to busy tryin to keep the iphone we r not 4th. with the phones verizon is droping and the evo on sprint and hero 2 ! all we get is nexus wich is stupid hard to get [still months later]

      • equisxx23

        o plus what are the chances of gettin iphone 4 anyways slim!

    • da9th_one

      i concur…

    • PyroBrit

      @Taaars You hit the nail on the head.

      Hoping for the Galaxy S to be that Android Superphone we need!!!

      And I actually hope the iphone DOESNT come to T-Mobile, because I like my data not being bogged down to EDGE speeds by the “isheep”<– that made my day btw…

  • billybo

    who cares? android ftw!! samsung galaxy S!!!

  • no iphone for t-mobile please, I don’t get that good of speeds with 3g as it is, don’t need any more bandwidth hogs :/

    • Usman


    • Frank

      Don’t worry! The new HSPA+ should be able to handle all that at fast broadband speeds

  • Turtle6988

    I work for T-mobile, I have heard nothing on our end about the Iphone. I have heard we are getting a touchscreen Blackberry. We are in the process of running Fiber optics to all our 3G sites so capacity should not be an issue and data speeds will surpass AT&T. It was also stated all 3G phones will be Compatible with HSPA+ 21 starting first quarter of 2011.

    • George

      Um, I am betting you are a rep, or a manager only. You are not someone T-Mobile would be explaining anything to long before the press got wind of it. The internet will know long before you find out officially from T-Mobile at your store.

    • steven

      Gotta agree with you George. I work for TM myself. Classic example is the switch to the new rate plans last October. TM didnt trust its workforce enough to explain anything until 3 days – 3 DAYS!- before they got launched. I learn more about what is happening in my own company from sites like this than from internal communications.

      • mel

        i will have to agree with steve….i, too, work for magenta and well…..ditto….

  • William

    I’ll believe this rumor when Steve Jobs himself makes the announcement and the FCC reveals the documents to back Steve up. Until then, where’s my Android super phone?

  • poopman

    i honestly dont think its gonna happen anytime soon since att still has 2 years left on the exclusive contract. tmobile needs better phones and an upgrade with 3g in my area.

    • john

      Hey POOP, apple’s contract ends this year. Secondly iphone is a toy and I hope it doesn’t ever go to T-Mobile. 3G will be around when your local township allows it

      • Youredumb

        iphone is a toy?

        now, im a huge Android guy myself but wtf…if iphone is a toy then what is:
        behold 2
        cliq xt
        mytouch slide
        gravity 3, :-), and w.e the other one is….

        i want better phones an the iphone would be a start in the right direction

  • g_willi

    Three comments:

    1. Obviously the author doesn’t understand the definition of ironic.

    2. Amazing insight. It would be easier to make a GSM phone work on another GSM carrier with a minor modification to the 3G radio chip. Duh.

    3. Who freakin’ cares?

  • SBree

    iPhone on Tmo? Yeah, that would be pretty cool. But all we really wanted to begin with was the HD2 with Android instead of WinMo 6.5. Was that too much??

  • Shon

    The iphone, won’t come to Tmobile anytime soon, Tmobiles too open with their network, and they would never agree to the restrictions that Apple wants for the Iphone.

  • osmany

    ima get pissed if i comes to t-mobile cuz this is mt dream phone but i like t-mobile and i just got a hd2 with a contract

  • bbswany

    Four letters.. LMAO. I think I want to be a mobile industry analyst. They make worse predictions than the weather people.

    • RockTripod

      You nailed it bbswany. I want a job where I can just make sweeping predictions based on nothing. I picture these people sitting around looking into crystal balls and using cell-phone tarot cards.

  • CyTex

    TMo’s 1700 band is unique to get 3G speeds. Unless TMo subsidizes the cost, it will be made available. Just have to wait and see…who knows. I’d still go with Android!

  • CyTex

    If Apple really intends to they could just sell it unlocked and it should work with TMo…no 3G speeds but EDGE is just fine…

  • Jon

    I dislike speculation. It is just someones opinion, but it would most certainly be great for T-mobile. It would bring more customers we all know that T-mobiles handset selection needs more diversity.

  • frank

    TMO gives us the HTC Desire!!! Forget the iphone

  • jake

    kiss unlimited data plans goodbye if the IPhone shows up :(

  • Reece

    This is awesome news!

    I keep telling you folks, 2007 will be T-Mobile’s year! Wait, it’s 2010 and there’s Snapdragon Android phones you say? hmmmmm

  • analog spirit

    An iPhone 4 on T-Mo would be nice, and would bring in a lot more customers.
    But realistically, I don’t see it happening within the foreseeable future. I’ll believe it when I see it in T-Mo stores. Then I’d consider getting it, but the iPhone’s screen feels too smallish and cramped for me. I’d really rather have a GSM version of the EVO on T-Mo, running Froyo. Now that would be glorious…

  • Nexus one is the better phone to me so if t-mobile decides to bring in the iphone i dont care.

  • I’m enjoying my Nexus One FTW, but I’m looking forward to this. So many AT&T users who hate AT&T but don’t want to risk jailbreaking their iphone will jump ship. Hopefully with all the new users T-Mo will accelerate ramping up it’s 3G/HSPA expansions. I’m still on the outs with 3G living in the one city in a metro of over 2 million that isn’t considered a major city. We have limited 3G in my city, but I go to work and there is 3G all day. Can’t wait to see the day when I can use the 3G wireless tethering in Froyo and not connect to wifi

  • I’ve deliberated over the iPhone forever, but in the end I’ll wait for the next great Android phone on T-Mo. The damn big brother level of control over the iphone by apple kills it for me. Not to mention, if you’ve ever played with an iphone everything is tuned towards getting more money out of you. Apps and features that you use for free or dirt cheap on Android cost money on the iPhone. In one case an app I get unlimited use of for free on my Nexus One has only paid versions on the iphone with the cheapest version costing $5.99 and only allowing 5 uses per month.

  • Ben

    I’m planning on buying an unlocked (not jailbroken) iPhone 4 when they are available. (Like some of the 3GS’s are available “factory unlocked” on buy.com) I have heard tmo is very accommodating when it comes to iPhone owners on their network. And while the phone is going to cost an arm and a leg it’ll be better than being on AT&T and cheaper in the long run not to sign that 2 year contract. However I will be seriously upset if they announce iPhone on tmo shortly after I buy my phone. So, if they DO get it I hope it is soon, otherwise I hope it isn’t until later.

    • Doug

      I hope you like EDGE speeds, cause that’s all your gona get until the iphone has 1700/2100 support.

      And please don’t officially bring the phone equivalent of AOL to TMO, i like my uncongested unrestricted network.

      ATT and Apple are the perfect match for each other, Apple locks down the phone and ATT locks down their network. Yay for one of the least free platforms in existence

  • Turtle6988

    The down side of using the Iphone 4 on the T-mobile network is that it’s 3G band is not compatible with T-Mobiles. NO 3G FOR YOU

  • soon2TMO

    and apparently there is hope!


    this must be really good news for you iphone lovers!!

  • Jenna

    I have had my iphone with t-mobile for the longest time, and even though I can only access Edge with t-mobile because of the incompatible 3G radio with t-mobile, I still enjoy having it. AT&T is just too expensive to have. They want to charge you for everything in return getting less and less. You people are right, AT&T customers are becoming very fustrated with their carrier. What I don’t understand is why Apple would limit their product to just one carrier. This is not good marketing in their part. Even Googles nexus one has a choice in carriers.

  • just some dude

    Keep the iPhone away from tmo, i like my network speeds just fine.

  • Scott

    As a Nexus One owner it would be interesting to see how well the iPhone performed on TM in comparison to ATT. With the N1 3G is either hot or cold, unreliable at best. Not sure if this is a TM or N1 issue.

  • T

    I can’t wait for the iPhone to come to T-Mobile! I am going to buy it the week it comes out!

  • That_Kid

    LAME! EPIC FAIL! i want to know for sure so i dont have to go buy an unlocked iphone.. waste of mula!

  • ctk

    i see all the doubters, or rather haters, saying they will jump from t-mo because of the network problems it will have. well, how do you know there will be any network problems? just because deathstar has network problems doesn’t mean magenta will. the way i see it, the reason the iphone causes so many network problems, or has since it was launched was because at&t couldn’t handle that many people on its network and NOT because of the data usage. the iphone is a popular device. i have seen more iphones than i have any other device by far. at&t most likely got crushed when they had so many people now on their network. the fact that the thing is a data sucker was an unknown unknown. it was an unseen side affect to their network. simply put i don’t think at&t had the network nor currently has the network to handle the iphone, which is why i’m not surprised the 1st gen iphone is essentially being discontinued or that at&t has discontinued the unlimited data plan.

    when the iphone hits another network (likely t-mo) there will not be the huge crush on the network like there was with at&t. there will not be as many people joining up to the new network like there was with the initial launch. plus i think the other networks can handle the hit the network will take. someone very high up in the corporate structure in t-mo usa has said when asked if his network could handle the iphone that it could. i have no reason to doubt him. every network has their own monster data hogging smartphone. how many of the other networks have had problems due to network congestion? i can think of one. at&t.

    with t-mo’s better priced voice plans and unlimited data plans the iphone to t-mo makes a lot of sense.

  • posada

    if t-mobile gets the iphone, it would be incredible for everyone. t-mobile will finally have a big name phone that will attract customers. apple will have more people to buy apps from the app store. at&t will get some relief from all the problems its network is having…helping its reputation. i hate the comments that t-mobile cant get the iphone. money wouldn’t be the issue because deuchst telecomm is huge overseas might even have more money then verizon. besides, love it or hate it, the iphone will bring 10 times more money back then it will cost. i hate the notion that verizon is automatically the next company to receive it. just because it’s the biggest company doesnt mean anything. cdma is ancient and the iphone was not built for it. i would have to figure that has to play a factor. apple wants to sell revolutionary products, not something that uses old technology. not to mention the shaky business relationship that the companies have. you can talk all you want about android, but t-mobile doesn’t even have the marquee android devices. as good as android devices are, they don’t have the simplicity and appeal of apple and the iphone. whether it’s deserved or not, they have the reputation of copying the iphone and of being geeky. t-mobile NEEDS the iphone!!

  • Pav

    I like the iPhone a lot but I do not want it anywhere near T-Mobile, I suspect they will immediately raise their plans and start limited Internet plans like AT&T. This is madness, Internet should be getting cheaper in the 21st century not limited.

  • solidus433

    I like the size of the iPhone, and that’s about it. I played with my sisters for a while ad she played with my mt3g, and we both chose the my touch over the iPhone. Apple needs to face the facts, android is the premier os right now. If they launched a t-mo exclusive android iPhone, I would pay retail for it in a heart beat, but if t-mo gets the iPhone as it is now….can’t wait for my froyo update.

  • bk1

    2 ghz android plz with a nice big ol’ screen w native tethering and a a 22 oz KC strip steak medium rare….

  • LPF

    Look Kids… Ive said this once before. The new german accents walking around tmo usa headquarters are all singing one song. iphone iphone iphone. Its coming, and their is nothing we can do about it. I am a die hard Android fan, and am not particularly excited about the slew of idata users headed our way. But apparently they believe the network is ready for the surge. Dont expect to see tiered data rate plans either… Chew on that!

    • LPF

      It may be interesting to note that someone in my house who works for Tmobile brought home an iPad running on tmos network…

  • RICO

    T-Mobile sucks in Hawaii; even it came to T-Mobile I still wouldn’t buy it cause the service here sucks so bad!

    • kim

      dude you don’t even know what you’re talking about. The service in hawaii perfectly fine! i don’t have any problems with it.

    • MikeB

      I’m getting very good reception in Honolulu. I was running original iPhone with Tzone, then used the Touch Pro2, now using HD2. Really can’t complain with Tmobile service/reception in Honolulu and next to my friends iPhone 3G, my HD2 loads pages maybe 1/2 a second slower. I hope there is some solid proof of tmo getting the iphone 4, cause this phone looks sick and has my attention of jumping. I love tmo, been with them since voicestream. Also the HD2 currently is the best phone I have owned.


    Come on Iphone. I have had an unlocked 3g and 3gs and they were both the best phones I have had on tmobile. The 3g broke and the 3gs got reset and locked up. I just got the baby brick mytouch slide and it nothing compared to the iphone. The galaxy s looks good, especially compared to the mytouch slide, but why no flash? Come on tmobile – GET THE NEW IPHONE!

    • J-Hop2o6

      woah settle down.. its only an iPhone.. but yea, it would be good for tmousa to carry it cuhz it will bring in the customers by large numbers.

  • HEMI 922

    Trust my words – Sorry, iP4 wont come to T-Mobile USA, but come to T-Mo UK & Germany only. Because T-Mo is headquarter and first class in Europe. Like GSM Blackberry Storm 2 already available on T-MO UK and Germany only, However doesn’t be available for T-MO USA. iP4 is available on AT&T, first then international will get it in July.. AT&T, Sprint, VzW are headquarter in USA.

  • Jeremydog

    STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tmo sucks already!!!! if iphone comes lord help us all!!!

    • Theweakend


  • I’m still not convinced that the Iphone will be on tmousa. I seems like Apple takes their delibrate time on progress. I feel that the next logical step is N1 with some upgrades. The mytouch slide is not a significant upgrade. It does not have the same levels as the N1. Can you imagine a N1 with a forward facing camera with snapdragon, fro upgrade and the full power of the Android market place?

  • 007

    What makes you think that iPhone will end up at tmobile network?
    According to my source yes they are indeed talking to verizon, but far as tmobile iPhone it’s very unlikely…..
    Sorry guys….

  • Holiday

    If the iphone were to come to T-mobile that would be like the 2nd coming of the mobile christ saving Tmobile.Only problem is that no one knows if it’s true…just words.

  • Harley

    I would think T-mobile USA will have some juice to aquire the iPhone, since they have it in Europe. As far as the Verizon iPhone, LTE is a gsm technology, which verizon says they’re launching next year. I dont mind the iPhone coming to tmo, im just not going to buy it. If they overhaul the network to anticipate the iphone that’s better for all of us. I’m happy with my blackberry and if a gsm version of the EVO (or something comparable) comes out, i will make the switch. Just because the iphone comes to tmo doesn’t mean you’ll have to get one.

  • khaltz

    @joe question long time ago I checked the HTC MyTouch slide on the weekend. You know what happen lots and lots of forcloses. It was on simple things that was upgraded such as camera. It forclosed on the slide out menu too.

    As for iPhone to tmobile and multiple providers, it would really benefit apple and providers and costumers. It would loosen up networks because it would limit 3g iphone usage to one network.

  • justin

    After 11 years with T-Mobile, I will finally be leaving because of the total crap selection of devices and no clear path for bringing anything good. Dropped calls and higher prices with the world’s best device is better than lower prices and slightly fewer dropped calls with a G1 that tells me daily to delete apps to free up memory and freezes frequently.

    • woody

      justin, I am with you man, same exact boat. If I don’t hear something very soon about an iPhone on TMO, I am jumping ship. All this talk has me pretty hopeful though. The Android pickins are pretty lame here on TMO, but I am reading this as a sign that they have been planning on making the iPhone move for a while. Sprint and Verizon aren’t, so they are getting all the cool new Androids, which face it are imitation of the real thing. I got this G1 the day it was available, and have been pretty happy with it, especially in the beginning, but I have had to root it and update update update it. I am done! So please iPhone, please come to t-mobile.

  • Damian

    hey sean, the Iphone 4 is not a 4g phone retard. its supports tmobiles 3g network (hspa) running faster speeds than at&t

  • Damian

    hey sean, the Iphone 4 is not a 4g phone retard. it supports tmobiles 3g network (hspa) running faster speeds than at&t


  • Marcus

    Just saw that iPhone is commitment free in Canada. So it should work here…no 3G speeds though. Guess it should be coming soon here in the T-Mobile US…can’t wait!

  • In a brief…new german CEO will launch iPhone early 2011…T-mo is definitely upgrading its radio Freq for this…Android will only get better…..Apple and Google will fight over “smartphone” supremecy….Verizon and Sprint need to ‘step it up in their “ancient” coverage….i got a feeling that this new CEO of T-MO is gonna make “things interesting” for T’Mo and the whole industry….hint hint….

  • Jay

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Theweakend

    Great my network is going to get bogged down like a bitch now…

  • raymond

    i come with news :\ tmobile lost the iphone to verizon boo yah :|


  • Brian

    Getting the iPhone might just save t-mo. They’ve been in a downward spiral for a few years and they need a hail mary NOW. Anything short of that and they might be going the way of the dinosaur.

  • Eric

    I would like to see AT&T be brought down a lot. They are raising their rates for the iPhone plan. AT&T is not the only carriers out there apple. Apple would get a lot more iPhones sold if they would branch out. I personally can not stand AT&T myself. They think they are better than everyone else and they can charge whatever they want for the plans regardless what the others are charging. Stay away from AT & T they are crooks!!!

  • TheTruth

    T-mobile already has the I=phone in 7 European countries. It makes sense, Verizon just signed a deal with Motorola and promotes Android only, plus they bash Apple left and right in marketing commercials. I bet T-mobile will get the I-phone, almost certain.

  • Freddy_Baby

    Good call….. NOT!

  • Casio CTK-2100 Very good