Nokia E73 In The Wild

Let me just preface this by saying, I absolutely love the look of this phone. Call me old fashioned or even totally crazy but I just love me some Nokia E73 goodness. Tried and true Nokia still makes some of the best looking phones on the planet. Perhaps they aren’t the most feature rich, or the most up to date but Nokia has been a staple in my phone lineup since my very first phone. With a rumored June 16th release date right around the corner we’re hoping this phone might sway some of you who are still on the fence about Android, can’t find yourself owning a Blackberry and will take a phone that might be a little dated, but works like a charm. Any takers?

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  • Mohammad

    Hey David, did you confirm if $10 phone first web will be sufficient for this or we need smartphone data plan? Yuu said once in a previous post that phone first data will be fine, but another user reported that they twittered tmobile and tmobile said $30 data required.

    • Robert Najafabadi

      I was talking to T-Mobile about the Nokia nuron and that had the $10 phone web fist or what ever it is called so I would think that it would work with this too.

  • tim

    Really can’t wait to pick one up next week. Wonder what the full retail price is going to cost me?

    • Iamright

      Asurion deductible is 90 so phone will be around 300 range

  • drivethruboy168

    $30 smartphone web will be required if you upgrade. It’s considered a smartphone! Also notice the phone has a front facing camera as well and it does do video calling.

  • mj

    I would get this phone with a $10 data plan. I will not get this phone with a $30 plan. I am sure I am not alone.

  • riopato

    Give me that e73! is the build quality the same as the other e78 models?

  • threetee14

    Nuron was a smartphone but didn’t need a 30 dollar data plan. Web2go was sufficient.

    • kai

      nuron looks similar to this phone minus the wifi…. this one is gonna go for $30

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Nuron is NOT a smartphone. Nokia said so themselves thus the reason for the $10 phone first web.

  • Moy21

    It also has a front facing camera, wonder if T-Mobile will be launching a video call service soon? Samsung Galaxy S also has a front facing camera. Hmmm….

  • rev2redlineguy

    Wow, this looks like a great smartphone addition for TMO. I’m an android fan but I showed my sister this phone today and she absolutely loves it and wants it. I think for the person who’s not into blackberry or android this will be the perfect phone for them. It will be a great seller.

  • Uchenna

    There is no way they will charge 30 dollars for this phone

    • mj

      yes way….

  • keith
  • rubi76

    Can someone confirm $ 10 data plan is enough? That’s a deal breaker.

  • Kathrin

    E73 will be required $30 or $25 data service.

  • hi!

    that thing looks EXACTLY like the Motorola Q that was released by Verizon back in what….’06?!

    I’m not saying it’s a bad phone or anything, just getting nostalgic. I remember all the ads for the “thinnest smartphone ever” haha

  • adam

    USB/microUSB charging on a Nokia? I must be missing something… I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t buy a phone without a USB (now microUSB) charging system, whether it be for myself or a loved one. I’ve always had a softspot for Nokia, but they’ve missed out on years of my business due to proprietary chargers. Now I’m all about Android. Come on, Nokia. You know what we want.

  • Andrew Johnson

    This phone would have excited me 2 or 3 years ago. Now, it makes me say “meh” and love my Cliq and MyTouch Slide even more. Gotta love Android!!

  • Jeff

    this is a true phone, has everything you want, 3G, keyboard, apps(although ovi and symbian need an overhaul), navigation, 3G, and great price, i tried android but it just isnt me….cant wait to get this phone

  • jimjoebob

    If the Dash 3g, Behold 1, Memior, and all those lame handsets require a full data plan, guess what, so will the e73.

  • Brian

    looks like a crappier version of a 9700

  • drivethruboy168

    The phone does VIDEO CONFRENCE CALLING WITH THE FRONT FACING CAMERA!!!! And it is the $25 or $30 web. It’s a full HTML web browser, not like the Nuron. And has a bunch of features loaded inside!

    • ALek yo

      have you tested it out?

      • Riopato

        All nokia e7x phones does video calls. It all depends on the carrier for it to work. Considering nokia made this phone for tmobile, I wonder why they bothered making it this way unless tmobile is able to do something that att can’t!

  • Robert Najafabadi

    @ Riopato T-Mobile does have too many phones on it’s network and they put the front facing camera in this phone because that is the cool thing to do now in the US.

  • whyhellomichael

    front facing camera works great, it will be the “smartphone data package” and will be $70 after a MIR. Its really nice, I enjoy it a lot and provides a nice blackberry alternative that phones like the DASH tried and failed to do. its REALLY thin, great build quality 1500MaH Li-PO battery, awesome battery life, micro usb charger (the 3 upcoming samsung phones-gravity 3, t, and :) all have micro usb chargers as well!!).

  • so sorry

    Just played with our stores demo and I must say I am thoroughly not impressed. Especially based on the fact that this phone requires the more expensive data plan. The user interface is just annoying you can tell t mobile got their dirty little hands on it and edited the phone to their garbage standards. Camera 5 MP but the pictures were very diluted. What kills me the most is the fact that the phone is very unresponsive. And also the navigation pad is also a sensor like the trackpad on a blackberry. Unfortunately Nokia your not doing big things here in the u.s. I guess I’m sticking with my nexus lol yea right why would I ever leave the nexus

    • big poppa

      U can adjust the sensitivity on the optical pad. Once that is done, it actually performs better than a BB 9700. As for the UI, it could have been streamlined to look better, especially when browsing the web. Cant wait to see the Video Call in action!
      Just a FYI, i too have a N1 but i am thinking of getting this as my second phone.

  • Jeff
  • whyhellomichael

    this is a totally different device, not everyone needs or wants a nexus one/hd2/super high end phone. we have a toooon of foreign customers that my store services and they STICK to nokia. Some people need a device they can go several days on with a single charge and believe or not not everyone wants a touchscreen

  • BGR

    hint: this is just t-mobile proving 2 apple that they can handle video conferencing better than any other gsm carrier

  • ecp

    Thats not a camera in the front that a stupid sensor……….. although a very nice phone for customers that like to used these type of phones….. 30 dollar web thats insane for this phone

  • waapaack

    I heard (read) it requires a $30 data plan (unfortunately).

    I hope it’s not true coz I really wanted this phone. :)