Pardon The Construction

There has been a lot of frustration over the past few days regarding the up/downtime of the site. Rest assured I’m as frustrated as all of you, and it pains me to see the site strain so much. That being said, we’re making some sweeping changes tonight with hopes to rectify the problem, allowing for all of you to come back and comment, argue and discuss the happenings of the T-Mobile world. It’s been a long road for us with server troubles and while the reasons behind the mess is due to constantly outgrowing what we have, we know how frustrating it is for you and for us.

With that in mind, you might see some troubles tonight, which of course will hardly be noticeable from the rest of the day. However, your comments might not auto-populate so don’t be alarmed or concerned, they’ll be back sometime tomorrow, fingers crossed. Thanks for your patience and your loyalty and stay tuned, we’ve got some GREAT stuff coming. Contests anyone?