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T-Mobile offering free calls and texts to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

I’m sure you’re all aware of the huge typhoon that’s devastated the Philippines during the past couple of weeks. Many have been left homeless, injured, many have lost their lives. To help those of you with friends and family over there, T-Mobile (along with other carriers) will be offering you free calls and texts to the Philippines. This offer covers not only T-Mobile, but all of its operating brands/MVNOs too. MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile, … [read full article]

Dish Chairman, Ergen states that T-Mobile acquisition is still “on the table”

After failing to compete with Softbank on the purchase of Sprint earlier in the year, Dish is still looking at ways of getting in to the mobile communications market. One of the ways apparently still “on the table” is to purchase T-Mobile US. The company’s chairman, Charlie Ergen, spoke to Bloomberg and stated that this was just one of the options. It’s also looking in to “acquiring a company, selling our company, merging, … [read full article]

T-Mobile announces plans to sell $1.8 billion in stock to invest in more spectrum

Late yesterday evening T-Mobile announced a plan to sell common stock. In all, the company hopes to sell up to $1.8 billion worth of stock, or 66.15 million shares. The idea isn’t just to sit on a nice pile of money, instead it hopes to reinvest the money in to “capital investments, enhancing its financial flexibility and opportunistically acquiring additional spectrum.”  It’ll certainly come as good news for those of you concerned with T-Mobile’s … [read full article]

What was your first T-Mobile phone?

Most of us tech-heads know which device or technology sparked our interest first. It might have been something you owned as a child or an entirely fictional gadget from Star Trek. For me, the idea of being able to talk to someone miles away on the phone without having any wires connecting you seemed totally impossible. I had a fascination with mobile communication devices from a young age. After that fascination, we tend to – sort of … [read full article]