Apple’s new iPhone SE now available to pre-order from T-Mobile


Apple’s new iPhone SE is now available for pre-order from T-Mobile.

T-Mo is selling the new iPhone SE in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB versions, and color options include white, black, and (PRODUCT)RED. Here’s how T-Mobile’s pricing for the new iPhone breaks down:

  • 64GB: $0 down and $16.67 per month for 24 months or $399.99 full retail
  • 128GB: $49.99 down and $16.67 per month for 24 months or $449.99 full retail
  • 256GB: $149.99 down and $16.67 per month for 24 months or $549.99 full retail

T-Mobile is not offering the new iPhone SE on JUMP! On Demand at this time.

T-Mo did roll out a special deal for the new iPhone SE, offering the 64GB model free with 24 monthly bill credits with a new line and trade-in. To get this deal, you must activate a new voice line, buy the iPhone SE on a monthly payment plan, and trade in an eligible device:

Get iPhone SE free

  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

Get $300 off

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus

If you’re not able to both add a line and trade in a device, T-Mobile is offering up to half off the iPhone SE with 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in an eligible iPhone or add a line.

Sprint is taking pre-orders for the iPhone SE today as well. Pricing is similar to T-Mobile’s, but Sprint is also offering the new iPhone SE for $5 per month on an 18-month Sprint Flex lease when you switch to Sprint or add a new line of service to an existing account.

Of course, you can also pre-order an iPhone SE from Apple, which is offering T-Mobile and Sprint flavors as well as a SIM-free model.

Apple’s new iPhone SE will launch on April 24th. Metro by T-Mobile will begin selling Apple’s new phone on that date, too.

Are you pre-ordering a new iPhone SE? If so, which model are you buying?

Sources: T-Mobile, Sprint, Apple

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  • VanceDuke

    I just ordered the 128GB version. I was hoping they would throw in some freebies but it still seems like a good deal.

    • dcmanryan

      Typical add a line 50% off BS or you can trade in a 6s/6s Plus for $100 or $200 off for a 7/8, and the Plus models……rip off as usual from T-Mobile.

      • VanceDuke

        Yeah I have an IPhone 8 but I’m gonna hold on to it and mess around with it.

        • dcmanryan

          I would too. It’s worth way more than $200. TBH, I’m not sure if I’d even upgrade to the SE.

  • S9779

    T mobile has listed jump on demand at 399 down 0 a month

    • Iphart

      Lol, good one.

  • mreveryphone

    Apple still making money off that iPhone 6 design… Crazy… No other OEM could or has gotten away with this. Those bezels in 2020 are crazy huge!

  • Ben

    I find it funny T-Mobile still is selling the iPhone 8 and 7 for $449 and $399. Lol you would think they would drop those to $299 and $199 but nope.

    • dcmanryan

      Walmart has a deal right now where Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all have deals where the phone is 50% via bill credits with no stupid trade in or add a line. T-Mobile hasn’t had a decent iPhone deal in ages with no strings attached.

      • Ben

        Ya it’s bull. You would think they would at least do say $100-200 off with Bill credits for 2 years. Keep people locked in and happy.

    • mikeZo6

      Apple still has better trade in then Tmobile !

      • Ben

        Only for the iPhone 8. iPhone 7 is $200 for T-Mobile and $120 for apple. iPhone 6S is $100 for T-Mobile and $80 for apple. So depends on which phone. But honestly the iPhone 8 is the same phone as the SE besides the A13. It’s by far and away not for people with the iPhone 8 to upgrade I think that is a poor choice in finances for you to upgrade from an iPhone 8. So in that respect T-Mobile has the better trade-in deals. Unless you have an iPhone 6 then you got to go with Apple or an iPhone original SE.

        • dcmanryan

          What’s ironic is if you buy an iPhone 11 and add a line and trade in a 6s Plus you get $500 but only $100 if you buy the SE. This is the kind of BS that infuriates customers.

        • Ben

          Yeah it’s backwards. In November you could buy an iPhone 11 with a 6s trade in and add a line and get $700. The phone was newer then now it’s old news considering the iPhone 12’s right around the corner. T-Mobile just does randomness. In my opinion if you’re willing to add a line and you get bill credits for two years why the heck don’t they just give the iPhone SE for free. They’re going to make bank on you for 2 years.

        • dcmanryan

          Exactly. There’s no doubt if you never switch carriers you were better off when considering phone deals only back in the 2 year co tract days.

        • mikeZo6

          Tmo NOT better deal add new line with trade in !
          Apple still way better !

        • Ben

          ? I just got an iPhone SE for $200 off with a iPhone 7 trade in with T-Mobile without adding a line? You don’t need to add a line.

        • John

          Wrong about the iPhone SE 2020 being the same as the iPhone 8 except for the A13.

          The iPhone SE 2020 edition gets some really cool features such as the A13 chip, Gigabit-class LTE, 802.11ax Wi‑Fi 6, Express Cards with Power reserve, 3GB of RAM, Dual Sim (eSIM), and slightly better camera when compared to an iphone 8 or earlier

          The new iPhone SE 2020 edition is more like an iPhone 8S/9 than an actual iPhone 8. As Apple never release an iPhone 8S or iPhone 9. The iPhone SE 2020 edition and iPhone 8 are identical in size and shape (138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm) and both weigh 148 grams. They both have a single rear camera and flash along with a glass back.

          The new iPhone SE 2020 edition has the same display as the iPhone 8: 4.7-inch Retina HD 1334×750 resolution at 326 ppi, along with True Tone, P3 wide color, and 625 nits of max brightness. However, the iPhone 8 has 3D touch and the iPhone SE 2020 edition doesn’t. Instead Apple gave the iPhone SE 2020 edition Haptic Touch. Both the iPhone 8 and the the iPhone SE 2020 still use that finger print button for touch id.

          The SE has Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 8 is powered by the A11 Bionic chip.
          The iPhone 8 has 2GB of RAM. Now, the SE 2020 edition iPhone gets 3GB of ram.

          Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE 2020 edition are IP67 rated for water and dust resistance which allows them to go into water up to 1 and a half meters for up to 30 minutes. Both the iPhone 8 and the new iPhone SE 2020 edition can do wireless charging via glass back. They also both have the same stereo speakers, Apple Pay support via NFC, and Bluetooth 5. The SE 2020 edition iPhone has the new Wifi 6 standard 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac/ax. Whereas, the iPhone 8 has the old wifi 5 standard 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac.

          Info on wifi 6 and why its awesome. Google wifi 6 as the verge has great info about it on their website.

          The iPhone 8 and iPhone SE both have a single 12MP, f/1.8 wide camera with digital zoom up to 5x. The iPhone SE 2020 edition get a sapphire crystal lens cover (a feature not on the iPhone 8). The iPhone SE 2020 edition allows Portrait Mode (limited to people), Portrait Lighting, Smart HDR, and QuickTake video, all of which are not available on the iPhone 8. Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE 2020 edition can record 4K video and have the same 7MP, f/2.2 front camera. Only difference with the front camera on the SE 2020 edition is you can now take portrait videos with the front camera (couldn’t do that on iPhone 8).

          For those saying that this iPhone SE 2020 edition is an iPhone 6,6S,7,or 8
          The only thing that this iPhone SE 2020 edition has in common with the iPhone 6,6S,7, or 8 is: the screen size, resolution, demensions, touch id, and the single rear camera. Outside of those things it’s way better than the iPhone 6,6S, 7,and just slightly better than the iPhone 8.

          Gigabit-class LTE:was first included/introduced on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and now included in the iPhone SE 2020 edition

          The iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X got the LTE Advanced modem which supports theoretical speeds up to 600Mbps
          The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus got the LTE Advanced modem which supports theoretical speeds up to 450 Mbps
          The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, got LTE Advanced modem that supports theoretical speeds up to 300 Mbps
          The iPhone 6/6 Plus got LTE-Advanced that supports theoretical speeds up to 150 Mbps

          dual SIM (eSIM): was first included/introduced on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and now included in the iPhone SE 2020 edition

          The A13 chip, 802.11ax Wi‑Fi 6, Express Cards with power reserve are 3 new features first introduced/included on the iPhone 11,11 Pro, and 11 Pro MAX and now on the new iPhone SE 2020 edition.

          FYI: iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and previous generation iPhones do NOT get Express Card with power reserve.

          Express Cards with power reserve feature which is included in the iPhone SE 2020 edition also included in the ‌iPhone 11‌ and 11 Pro, allows for authentication of Express Transit cards even when an ‌iPhone‌’s battery is exhausted. It can also be used for the “CarKey” function that Apple has in the works which will let an ‌iPhone‌ serve as an alternative to a traditional car key in vehicles that support the feature.

          Overall the iPhone SE 2020 is a great iPhone especially for the price.

          Only the iPhone 11,11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and now the New SE 2020 edition iPhone have wifi 6.
          Also the iPad Pro 2020 is the only iPad to get wifi 6 standard 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac/ax.

        • Ben

          Dang that was long. Well either way most people will think of it as an iPhone 8 with slightly better specs. Hence 8S you said. I understand it has so good improvements to if. Mainly the 3GB Ram and A13. Most people this is for like my mom uses 1gb of data a month lol so I doubt she cares about any faster lte or wifi. I personally am looking forward to the 5.4-in iPhone 12 this iPhone SE with this giant bezels is not for me it’s for my mom.

        • mikeZo6

          John well explained ! for people who really don’t know iPhones

  • Jared Hylton

    I’m buying the maximum household limit on the phones. These will be HOT ticket items, and I’m ordering a few through and then a few through my carrier.

    I’m going to do the iPhone Xr’s combined with these at T-Mobile for the Buy One Get One event, as long as it’s still ongoing at that time, and applies for these models. If not at T-Mobile, whichever has the best iPhone deals at the moment. Super excited for this! Been waiting for SO long, and the pricing is perfect, although I wish they’d have given us a 5.5″ screen model as well. However, I still think it’s dope looking, and the build seems solid from review videos.

    TLDR: 100% buying, several.

    • dcmanryan

      What BOGO are you even talking about? I don’t ever recall a BOGO on an iPhone through TMobile.

  • Fan_Atl77

    Yes, given today’s climate, I will pass on this offer for now, the New and shiny penny (Apple iphone SE) and keep my iphone 8 plus. However, All enjoy, and above all, Be Safe.

  • S9779


  • J.R. Vasquez

    $400 for a 4.7″ screen?! GTFOOH Apple… LOL. T-Mobile customers would be better served with a larger selection of phones at a lower price! TMo is still charging us more per phone compared to AT&T and Verizon. Hell, even Metro by T-Mobile pay LESS for the same phone! That’s what we have to complain to TMo about…

    • Ben

      Yeah I do find it odd Walmart is giving them away for $199 to Verizon and att. And even red pocket had then for $299. And metro has had a iPhone 7 for $99 before. While T-Mobile the iPhone 7 is $399 in stock right now lol. It’s not like we are even complaining. T-Mobile just needs to get there act together and at least try to compete with others.

      • J.R. Vasquez

        Ben, the problem is getting enough TMo customers to BITCH about this at the same time! Legere is still there. I’ve written him a letter about this and got back a form letter thanking me blah blah blah… The Uncarrier charges us more for phones that are offered to its own MVNO (Metro), it’s outrageous to me but we don’t complain about it in large enough numbers…

  • Ben

    I talked to T-Mobile on Facebook messenger and asked if they can give my mom a discount on the SE since she is on the 5S they gave me $100 credit and I used an old iPhone 7 as the trade in which is $200. So in all this will cost $100+ the taxes which where $31. So for $131 my mom gets a new phone for mother’s day haha! Go T-Mobile!

  • David

    I have a 5s in the drawer but I looked on apple they said $5:(

  • Will

    I was curious of whom the supplier was for the LTE modems? Qualcomm or Intel? Anyone have an idea of which? I’d gladly appreciate any and all info to my questions.

  • tvBilly

    Gonna buy one for my gf for her birthday from Apple. She’s a long time T-Mo user and has a 6S. I don’t care about the T-Mo deals. Should I buy her (from Apple) the T-Mo version or the generic SIMless one. Is the only difference whether a SIM card is supplied or not?