T-Mobile provides update on how T-Mo and Sprint customers are using networks during coronavirus pandemic


Another week has gone by with many people quarantining at home to fight the spread of the coronavirus, and so T-Mobile has given us another update on how people are using its network during these trying times.

T-Mobile’s Neville Ray says that use of education apps like Google Classroom and Khan Academy has skyrocketed, growing 167% since the beginning of March. Use of collaboration tools like Slack, Webex, and Zoom has also exploded, as more people use them to stay in contact with colleagues and loved ones. Usage of those apps has grown 137% over the last month.

Now that T-Mobile and Sprint have officially merged, T-Mo is giving us an update on how Sprint customers are using their network, too. Ray says that Sprint customers are streaming 32% more video since the beginning of March and playing 85% more video games.

Finally, Ray tells us that MMS usage is up on both T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mo customers are using MMS messaging 54% more while Sprint customers are sending 69% more MMS messages.

This is the first time that many people have worked from home for an extended period of time, including kids with their school and adults with their jobs, and so it’s interesting to get these updates and see how people are using their wireless networks to get things done.

How has T-Mobile’s network been perfoming for you the past few weeks?

Source: Neville Ray (Twitter)

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  • Dominimmiv

    It has been working great. I will miss the added 600mhz loaned to TMO. In the fringes that extra bandwidth make a big difference.

  • David E

    I have not seen any added bandwidth,still working great!

  • JLaw

    My lg v60 is pulling very disappointing 5g numbers here in San Antonio.
    I know its only sub 5g, but in reality I should get more than 29Mbps.
    Waiting on the mid band to open when sprint is totally consolidated.

    • David E

      when i moved back to cali a month ago, i was a 5G tower and tested around 50mbps DL and 40mbps upload on 5G OP 7 pro 5G phone but since then no 5G. They must of been testing it!

    • slybacon

      The great thing about Sprint’s 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum is that they were hardly using any of it. So, T-Mobile doesn’t have to refarm it to their network (or reduce Sprint’s capacity), they can simply start deploying it on 5G.

  • marque2

    Sometimes it slows, but I have turned off WiFi because TMobile is doing better than COX

  • Bemi

    Man the Google maps on my note 10 plus is horrible.

  • terryo

    Sad, I have four bars of Sprint signal with Band 41, but can’t use it on my T-Mobile phone because we T-Mobile users get no immediate benefit from the transition. I have three bars of signal on T-Mobile but no band 71 due to a hill in my way – just the luck of the draw I suppose. And, I’ve only seen a loss of speed with the so-called “improvements” made for the pandemic. I hope I don’t lose the Sprint tower with the transition because the signal is superb. Sorry to be so negative, but those are my results.

    • Brad C

      Sprint does not have universal VoLTE going on their network, and T-Mobile would need to upgrade all of Sprint’s network to VoLTE if they wanted to allow T-Mobile to roam on Sprint.

  • JG

    Ray says that Sprint customers are streaming 32% more video since the beginning of March and playing 85% more video games.

    Sure, we’re going to be consuming more content (I’m streaming YouTube TV as I type this)… What else are we going to do stuck at home all day, talk to our family members???

    I am a bit surprised, though, that Sprint and T-Mobile are seeing these large spikes…

    If your at home, why not switch to WiFi? It’s probably faster (unless you happen to be one of the lucky few to have mmWave 5G) and your ration of full speed data is a lot higher (1TB vs <100GB)…

    • none

      Where I used to live, the only internet available was AT&T 18Mbit DSL or 25MBit Comcast.
      MetroPCS LTE got 130Mbit/second so it was actually faster to use it. Even once they reprioritized data at 35GB used, I’d still get 90Mbit/second.

      By changing some computer settings and using PdaNet+ you could tether and get full speed.

      At this point, T-Mobile really needs to offer a no-contract LTE home internet modem for anyone who can pay for it.
      It wouldn’t be hard on their network, especially if they limited it to 100Mbit/sec.

  • Dunno

    I have T-Mobile phone and 4g internet. My kids use the net with their school work during the days. And we game on it and watch Netflix/Hulu on multiple devices in the evening. No problems with my slow down. I appreciate it all.