T-Mobile provides update on how T-Mo and Sprint customers are using networks during coronavirus pandemic


Another week has gone by with many people quarantining at home to fight the spread of the coronavirus, and so T-Mobile has given us another update on how people are using its network during these trying times.

T-Mobile’s Neville Ray says that use of education apps like Google Classroom and Khan Academy has skyrocketed, growing 167% since the beginning of March. Use of collaboration tools like Slack, Webex, and Zoom has also exploded, as more people use them to stay in contact with colleagues and loved ones. Usage of those apps has grown 137% over the last month.

Now that T-Mobile and Sprint have officially merged, T-Mo is giving us an update on how Sprint customers are using their network, too. Ray says that Sprint customers are streaming 32% more video since the beginning of March and playing 85% more video games.

Finally, Ray tells us that MMS usage is up on both T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mo customers are using MMS messaging 54% more while Sprint customers are sending 69% more MMS messages.

This is the first time that many people have worked from home for an extended period of time, including kids with their school and adults with their jobs, and so it’s interesting to get these updates and see how people are using their wireless networks to get things done.

How has T-Mobile’s network been perfoming for you the past few weeks?

Source: Neville Ray (Twitter)

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