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Google Receives Last Batch Of Nexus One Handsets

If you’ve been planning on getting a Google Nexus One, you might want pull the trigger soon. Google today announced that it has received its last shipment of Nexus One handsets and that once it sells through this last shipment, it will close the Nexus One web store. Although it will halt Nexus One sales, Google says that Customer Support will still be available for current Nexus One owners. Just curious, but does anyone … [read full article]

Android 2.2 Update Officially Rolling Out To Nexus One

Apparently, the last time Android 2.2 was rolling out to Nexus One owners it only made its way to a few devices. But not to fear for Google is here. Google is now officially rolling out Android 2.2 (a.k.a Froyo) to Nexus One devices. This update provides some great new features including support for making your Nexus One a portable hotspot and support for Adobe Flash within the browser. Keep an eye on … [read full article]

T-Mobile Nexus One Unavailable For Purchase?

Update: Nevermind, its back up for sale, must have been an inventory refresh! We can’t really explain what’s causing this “Sorry, this item is temporarily not available,” message currently found on the Google Phone store. Is it the beginning of the end having already decided to shutter the model for Google? Or is just a temporary thing and stock will be back shortly? What’s really on everyone’s minds is just when we can expect … [read full article]

Nexus One Available In Third Party Retail Channels, Coming To Corporate Stores Soon?

When Google announced it would stop selling the Nexus One online and revert back to selling through retail stores, I don’t think any of us expected an independent third party retailer such as i Wireless. i Wireless, an authorized T-Mobile affiliate has started to sell the Nexus One for $299.95 on a 2-year contract after rebate. It might be a bit more than the contract price that was available through the Google Web Store, but, … [read full article]

[Updated] Nexus One Users Waking Up To Froyo?

Update: Engadget is confirming that their own Nexus One has received the device along with various reports popping up on twitter also reporting Froyo update availablity. Update 2: Want Froyo sweetness on your Nexus One now (No root access needed). Click here for details Update 3: Google has confirmed Froyo rollout for the Nexus One Apparently this night is different than all other nights as Nexus One users are … [read full article]

Nexus One Getting Android 2.2 Love In The “Next Few Weeks”

Even with the various 3G problems Nexus One owners have been plagued with, the one thing Nexus One owners have an advantage over other Android handsets is that they’re always the first to get updated to the latest and greatest Android OS. This is because once the update is ready, Google can quickly send the OTA over to Nexus One owners without any issues and also because their isn’t any proprietary UI to … [read full article]

Stop The Presses, Google To Stop Selling Nexus One Online

Honestly, I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised to hear that Google has announced the end of the Nexus One online sales. Instead, they’ll be adopting a global method of selling devices in-stores with partner carriers. The website will shift to promoting the “…variety of Android phones available globally.” Google isn’t too proud to admit that some strategies work and others don’t and that while they are pleased with the adoption of … [read full article]

What Is Project Emerald?

For the past few days our sources have been whispering the words: “Project Emerald”. So naturally, the BIG question is, “What Is Project Emerald?” One of our highly trusted sources hit us up and told us a few details. Our source states that it is definitely a handset launch, and that Magenta is referring to it as, a ” new Nexus One-like device”. Our initial thought is that its the HTC Desire, (you know … [read full article]