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Just Another Nexus One Update


There is no doubt about it, the Nexus One is the hot topic right now, and while it’s starting to pain me to update every small finding on this phone, this one is important.  Tnkgrl was allowed a moment or two with the Nexus one, and while unable to take pictures or video she did come away with some nice impressions.  She found, to my dismay, that there is no multitouch in the browser … [read full article]

Is This The Nexus One Packaging?

It’s really saying something about how much we love phones if the picture of a retail box for the Google Phone aka Nexus One gets us all in a tizzy. I guess we can’t hide from the truth as newly founded website; TheNexusOne.com has uncovered and posted what is reported to be shots of the Nexus One packaging. That’s pretty much all we have right now but these folks claim to have a Nexus One … [read full article]

Nexus One Images Keep On Coming

Information regarding the Google Phone is coming out at a steady pace now and we can’t help but continue this run with a few more pics! Nothing astoundingly new here but at this point we’re just going to continue drooling wondering what this phone has in store for Android and more specifically, T-Mobile. A few more images of the boot screen, lock screen and the app menu might make today go by a little easier … [read full article]

More Google Phone Images

The Google Phone (Nexus One) wants some serious attention, and thanks to BoyGeniusReport we can drool over more images of this beautiful device. Rumored to hit Magenta on January 5, 2010 with the choice of a subsidized price (again rumored to be $199.99 with a 2-year contract) or retail price, the Nexus One will be the perfect New Years gift! Without further a do I shall leave you to drool. Another image of this beautiful … [read full article]

Google Phone As Early As January 5th?

According to sources “familiar with the matter,” the heavily leaked Passion/Google Phone/Nexus One will be available as early as January 5th directly from Google(the website (Yeah, I don’t know how that will work either)).  Our own sources are confirming this as an internal rumor, so don’t take it as final (but possible).  Want more good news?  They are also saying that it will be available for a reduced price if you agree to a … [read full article]

FCC Continues To Boost T-Mobile Chances For Google Phone

Those FCC digging boys over at Engadget have managed to uncover the FCC docs for the newly christened Google Nexus One. As luck might have it, and as we have been trying to point out for over a week now, T-Mobile is looking more and more likely as the supported carrier for this device. While at first it was thought to support BOTH AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands, Engadget has since updated the story to reflect … [read full article]