Nexus One Images Keep On Coming


Information regarding the Google Phone is coming out at a steady pace now and we can’t help but continue this run with a few more pics! Nothing astoundingly new here but at this point we’re just going to continue drooling wondering what this phone has in store for Android and more specifically, T-Mobile. A few more images of the boot screen, lock screen and the app menu might make today go by a little easier as all tech sites scramble to uncover more info. One thing of note is that our source was clear in stating that no flash support was found on this device as I see that question has appeared quite a few times in the comments.

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  • Omg Omg OmGoogle! I want this now!

  • Peter

    Is it me or is this one silver and not gold?

  • Doug

    If these are mostly in the wild in the SF Bay area, I would be worried that it’s showing EDGE. This is the first we have had a screenshot without WIFI turned on.

    • auskibob

      If the guy is on AT&T that’s all you will ever get.

      • Yemi

        It clearly says tmobile on the picture

  • Cybersedan

    Could be the lighting / flash, but you could be, either way damn that screen looks vibrant, I want one now, to echo Jason OMGoogle.

  • 9ooyan

    it’s very possible we’re seeing edge network because the shots are taken from someone popping their iPhone SIM into this badboy. This phone has been confirmed to be limited to EDGE on ATT network, but operate on Tmo’s 3G. and i’ll echo Jason’s sentiment as well…omg omg omg, i want one now!

    • Acsteffy87

      but it clearly says T-mobile on the lockscreen

  • sean

    It clearly states T-Mobile on the top right corner…so this definitely has a Tmo sim in it. I’m worried about the Edge as well… all shall be revealed.

  • TheAtom

    Doesnt it say Tmobile in the screenshots?

    • auskibob

      I can overlay the words T-Mobile over things as well.

  • JD

    Probably using edge because the battery level is low. I know the power manager app auto shifts to edge if the level is under, say 25%. In fact, Tmobs own power management has the same option.

    • JD

      Having said that, I now see all pics show edge, regardless of battery level.

  • Thwiipp

    It shows edge, but if you look at one of the screen shots it show that 3G has been disabled, so that’s why.

    • 9ooyan

      good catch, mystery solved…i was afeared for a moment there….i want this phone on tmob!!

    • Vyse

      Where’s that picture? I don’t see it up there.


    ok ok already i get it.

    it’s a smart phone and the only thing that’s going to set it apart from every other one is the features and software.

    come out with specs and solid info, otherwise, it aint any better than my g-1 out here in the real world.

    i bought a used crackberry just for giggles recently and i’m slowly falling in love with it just for one thing that it does better than ANY ANDROID, it rings on my hotspot@home network and i don’t have to stand by my living room window to call someone.

    when google or t-mo has a phone that rings at my home, they’re worthy of me shelling out hard earned bucks for improvements.

    one of the most vocal user groups that’s out there is clamoring for a UMA android are the marketing geniuses that friggin’ deaf?

    you can bet your asses that there is not a need for UMA within an hour’s commute of silicon valley because the cellcos know where to put the towers to schmooze people of influence to their mindset.

  • beastly

    All the Android phones are seriously nerfed in some ways. The apps are cool and fancy and shiny, but my new 9700 has wifi calling, can be used as a modem (the new BB Manager program makes this ridiculously easy) lets me transfer files over Bluetooth, and lets me copy files between my phone and the memory card. For some reason, *none* of the Android phones can do any of these things. I love the BlackBerry for other reasons too (the 3.5mm headphone jack, for one thing.)

    Much love to Android anyway, and I have no doubt the Google phone will be awesome for its own reasons. Anyone who’s concerned about flash, just wait a month or two. Adobe has already promised us their next flash player will run on Android.

    And to those of you who had Droid envy: Told you so. Something bigger and better is always just around the corner. And before you tell me the Droid has a physical keyboard, try using it. It’s one of the worst keyboards I’ve ever used.

    • Trill

      You can use your phone as a modem using android as well as transfer files via bluetooth including contacts so where is your info coming from? The droids keyboard is pretty bad but I love the hardware in the phone but android has been in somewhat of a beta for a while (so it feels) but its not starting to come together as an OS not to mention the options that come with rooting your device on the open platform heck, can you say using your phone as a wifi router lol.

      • Maddy

        There’s one thing that ALL current android phones (and this one too I guess) lack, i.e. UMA.

        Common, is it *that* difficult to implement UMA in Android, given that how closely Google has been working with T-Mobile, it’s almost unreal that they’ve ignored a significant feature that T-Mobile is a primary provider of (and needs it, thanks to their puny network footprint).

    • jtothada

      u are dumb, android can be used as a modem (via wifi bluetooth and usb) can ur dumberry tether over all three? as far as file transfers…like the death star says theirs an app for that! Astro file manager, (FREE) let copy file from device to sd, makes zip files, backs up app, registry editor, photo editor, emails, mms, and bluetooth files, all in one app……u must be complete ignorant to android capabilities

  • Please bring this to t-mobile please! I gotta have this NOW!!

  • tato22

    really nice cant wait for it

  • alex

    Big question is will you be able to tether with it?

    • Acsteffy87

      once its rooted.

  • Here’s a recap of the news which led us to this point.

  • Maurice

    OGM OMG!!!! The apps menu you looks amazing I’m loving this phone already!

  • tinalooks808

    As long as this one has a 3.5 mm (the only thing I hate about the G1) jack im in <3.

  • remi

    how is this different from the mytouch? take the flan update out of the equation, because that will get pushed to all android phones eventually.

    • Timo

      This beast has far more advanced hardware than the MT3G.

    • Inhuman

      Mytouch: 3.2 screen, 528 qualcomm cpu

      NexusOne: 3.7 Amoled screen, 1ghz cpu

      most notable differences besides android 2.1

      • -ray

        Don’t forget the camera flash and real glass screen… MT3g just plastic…

  • fizzy

    far as edge i know i dont get 3g everywhere i live in pa i got the touch pro 2 from tmobile. but this phone looks sweet. i think i’ll get it when it comes out hoping by then i can upgrade cuz i went from the dash3g to the tp2 so fast so hopefully.

  • Axeaholic

    Has anyone said “I want this now” :)

  • Van

    What about USB host mode? We’ve been denied this on the G1 for no clear reason – the chipset supports it, but Google refuses to expose it. Same with Bluetooth.

    I love my gPhone, but I feel cheated by this and much as Id like to get a Nexus I *will not* do so until and unless someone confirms USB Host Mode support for it.

  • JGreen1280

    For those of you interested in UMA on android, please vote for the feature request: