HTC Nexus One Boot Animation

More HTC Nexus One (Google Phone) action! This time it looks to be the the Google Phone booting up. Pretty colors! Check it out for yourself! Stay tuned for more details on the Nexus One! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Sidenote: Don’t forget to tune in tonight at around 10:30PM EST and join David and the folks over at Androidguys talk about the highly anticipated Google Phone via their podcast!

Thanks jmannyjr!

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  • joel2nd

    Looks like the best boot animation ever to me. Really cool.

  • John

    my question is: is this because of Android 2.1 or Google did some extra tweaking to the phone?
    Or maybe this is just a special version on Android 2.1 on other phones will get a “standard” version. Or even more, the next phone to get anything above Android 2.0 is getting 2.5 and everything else is skipping 2.1???

    • Kickstar13

      The boot animation is for Android OS 2.1 (Nexus One has Android OS 2.1)

      • john

        Lol, did anyone else notice the color scheme…mirror image of windows emblem. Kinda funny

    • AndroidGuy


      • Kickstar13

        The Boot Animation shown in the video above will be on all handsets with Android OS 2.1

  • Loren

    I want one… I think T-Mobile has known about this and that is why they kicked off the new rate plans of Get More Plus, it makes it easier to buy the phone from Google and get on with T-Mobile with out a contract… Go Magenta!!!

  • Acsteffy87

    i just got the bold 9700 without contract, this is my next one

  • Virus Beta X

    i luv u kickstar you and david always keep us updated!

    i cant wait for this phone!

  • Virus Beta x

    you guys are so updated! thankyou kickstar and david for keeping us updated!

    i cant wait till this phone comes out! =)

    • Virus Beta x

      whoops sorry

  • jak2black

    sorry if i sound like a noob..
    but what is magneta?

    • Broke

      Official color of T-mobile

    • Kickstar13

      It’s often referred to as T-Mobile USA

  • was really hoping for a completely new piece of hardware from google (i.e. not built by anyone other than google).