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Minor MyTouch 3G Update Cometh

While updates are always welcome, unfortunately this is not the update that MyTouch 3G owners have been patiently waiting for. Android 1.6 update DMD64 OTA goes out tonight and merely “improves MyTouch user’s call performance.” No additional features are available here so it’s fairly minor but hey, improving call quality never hurts right? For the record, those picking up the MyTouch 1.2 later today will … [read full article]

Small OTA Update for MyTouch3G


This is kind of a good news, bad news (well, mediocre) post.  Good News: anyone with a MyTouch should be getting an over the air update.  Bad News: this isn’t Android 2.1, or even 2.1.  Instead, this update is to make sure that you get a nice little notification for missed calls.  Not a huge update, but important nonetheless.  If you are getting this update, or just have some thoughts on the … [read full article]

T-Mobile Offers No Returns On MyTouch LE Fender

One of our ninjas just hit us up with some bad news for those of you that purchased a Fender myTouch 3G. T-Mobile will not, I repeat, will not offer returns on the myTouch LE Fender. According to T-Mobile the myTouch 3G LE Fender is not eligible for returns even during the Buyer’s Remorse Period. Apparently all Limited Edition handsets cannot be returned. So that means, one you purchase it, you’re stuck with it, that is unless … [read full article]