MyTouch 1.2 Accessories In The Hizzouse!

2010-01-25 14.45.17

Well it’s not like the MyTouch 1.2 is going to come as any surprise to people but the clock is running down on the current MyTouch3G line. As the accessories start rolling in, the phones can’t be far behind. All signs point to a February 10th date and as the Black MyTouch3G suddenly appears sold out; things are looking up for those who have been waiting for a MyTouch with a 3.5 mm headset jack. Any day now!

UPDATE: A Couple of more MyTouch 1.2 Accessories after the jump!

photo (1)_wm

photo (2)_wm

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  • craig

    old news those started comin in the end of december

    • Rubin

      I agree, I unpacked those along time ago.

  • Skyler

    We got those in today too

  • FILA

    I think all of us early myTouch adopters should get a free upgrade to the 1.2! right

    • adc12356789

      i think we should they want to get rid of mytouch we should get the 1.2 and android 2.1

      • sorandkairi


  • JBLmobileG1

    FILA…. only one could wish. I myself have a G1 and feel that Google should let us early adopters pick up a Nexus One at the new customer pricing. After all… if it wasn’t for us the Android o/s wouldn’t have been where it is today. Tmobile took the risk of caring it and myself and others turned it into what it is today. I still tell people once you try Android you probably will never want another phone with anything else (while the HD2 is tempting… I still wouldn’t give up my o/s for it.) Like with all things…. they evolve into better or worse things over time. Hopefully Google can continue to amaze us with the Android o/s and the manufacturers will create better hardware as the o/s grows. Sorry for getting off topic. So yeah… we can wish but I doubt it will happen. Another off topic question…. anyone know how much the G1 deductible is now? It was like $130… but with the phone and a new contract its only $100 which makes it not even worth having isurance for it anymore if your able to upgrade for less. Plus your guaranteed to get a new phone and not a refurbished one.

  • Kenny

    I currently have insurance on my MyTouch…

    let’s say I “lost” my phone, what are the odds I would get a 1.2 mytouch as a replacement?

  • This phone is outdated, they need to upgrade it to atleast android 2.0 for me to buy it

  • Max

    any info about the release date of the moto roi?