Dark Project News, Again, HTC HD2 Launch?


When we first heard the words back in October, “Dark Project” took on a completely new meaning. What we thought would be a gracing savior rescuing T-Mobile from a spot as the 4th place wireless carrier turned out to be little more than a hype machine. The Dark Project rate plans, while revolutionary in the United States were not capable of meeting all the hype the interwebs had placed on them. We are as guilty as anyone for being a hype machine, but here we are again, faced with a training calendar inscribed with the words “Dark Project Training.” This time we are not certain at all what it pertains to but we have a good guess, or what we would like to think is an educated, well-informed guess. (We should preface this by saying that we now know the words “Dark Project” simply pertains to information T-Mobile wishes not to disclose.) Of course, in reality, it is really none of those things and we are just stabbing in the dark here thinking we know what it is. Therefore, bear with me as I say this training, which starts February 17th and ends March 9th is a possible run up to the launch of the HTC HD2 and/or a Motorola Android (Zeppelin?) launch.  What am I basing this on? My super human knowledge of all things. Our confirmed rumored launch date info tells us that a Motorola Android device codename-Zeppelin is launching on March 10th, along with as of yet unknown HTC phone. Coincidence that the training for this “Dark Project” ends March 9th? Time will tell…

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  • Todd

    GIVE ME MY HTC HD2!!!!!

    • kevin

      I know, right!!!

      I’m switching to t-mo from ATT when this phone drops and I’d love to do it sooner rather than later.

  • Its obvious that there current plan is not working out at all, many people who have a plan that they have to pay full prices for phone are not upgrading much. They need to do a few tweaks to there plan to be able to compete. Verizon and ATT lowered there plans to 69 dollars for unlimited talk. The difference is not much cos people under contract pay 59. The lower the plans are, the better chance that tmobile have to lure more customers!! The better for me too lol!!

    • Rubin

      I haven’t had any problems yet, in fact Most of my customers like the idea of paying full for the phone knowing they are saving on the monthly, especially when I take that phone price and split it into 20 payments.

      • JB6464

        Yea but that new Even More + plan does’nt do anything for a loyal customer who already has the Unlimited Loyalty Plan and only pays $74.99/month for Everything. I would have to pay a fee to switch to the new plan,then pay $5.00 more a month for the same service i’m getting now. And i can add and subtract the data plan whenever i want. I’m not Required to keep it for 2yrs like the new plans.
        So i would then have to pay for the phone plus an extra $5.00/month on top of my monthly bill. RIP-OFF !
        So much for customer loyalty. And most people are not going to shell out a half-grand for a phone upfront.

      • john

        Think again jb6464 you upgrade to a data device the data service policy applies and you are locked into it for 2 years

    • Marc

      I don’t know what’s working and not working, but it would be nice if they lowered prices, or add the 100 minutes they took off 600 minute basic plans.

  • Rubin

    It was called Project Dark, not Dark Project back in October

    • David

      Actually there was some real argument about that, it was supposedly leaked as Project Dark but referred to internally as Dark Project.

  • randall

    anymore news on the MOTOROI, is it still coming in march, anyone know

    • SalM

      Good question Randall, good question! I am dying to officially know, I want to light my Samsung Blast on fire, but there is nothing worth upgrading to right now and locking into 2 years….

  • I personally don’t because the phones are overpriced, it could be a little cheaper for it to make sense. The high end phones at tmobile are just too expensive with that plan. You can get deals with entry level phones and thats it1

  • David, you drop the coolest bombs.

  • randall

    saIM, im in the same boat as you, im out of contract family plan, 2 lines upgradable, im not paying 530 bux for the N1, and am going to keep my family plan.So no N1 for me, but the ROI is a phone that would be a good upgrade path for me.

  • sorandkairi


    • Chris

      haha and that’s what the tmo employees get train for :p

  • J

    The HD2 is not a “Dark Project”. T-Mobile has come out and openly said they will be the exlusive seller of the HD2 that is coming out (at least internally). The new rate plans was a “Dark Project”. I would expect that whatever this is, it probably isn’t the phone training. Who knows what it is.

    • Werd

      Argh, I didn’t see this comment before I posted….

    • pecoy

      Exactly. Good point. So I wonder what this training really is

  • Werd

    I don’t think this is the HD2 since it was already announced they were coming out with it. Or maybe something crazy like a free netbook with data service! I bet that would be really popular

  • Jesse

    I’m just going to say… Its going to be aroud probably 2 different things… Phones and Laptop.

  • Mike

    Take the focus off of equipment for a moment. Look at what the rest of the “Unlimited” wireless industry is doing. “Dark Project” is referring to a price reduction, but don’t think rate reductions. Give up? Well it is referring to the removal of added taxes and fees. What if you could truly talk UNLIMITED on T-Mobile for $49.99 including taxes and fees? Sounds good? Stay Tuned!!!

    • Viper

      And where would that be? Unlimited internet? Unlimited wireless: MetroPCS? Cricket? Boost? All have taxes and fees. I must be missing something.

      • Bob

        Boost hasn’t had taxes for some time its $50 plan is that and less with discounts and Metro recently reintroduced its plans with no taxes. The taxes are there but included. I’m not saying they are better than T-Mobile – just that a couple of them do not have additional taxes added onto the advertised prices.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Does the Tmobile version of the HD2 have the secondary camera for video calling?

  • CallawayBomber


    Ozzy called. He wants to be a celebrity endorser and demands that rename your little ditty to “Shot In The Dark”. He needs another phone…

  • alex

    J and Werd,
    Good point. It is really unlikely that the HD2 is “Dark Project” b/c they have officially announced both the phone and a release time frame.

  • Raeyne

    This should be netbook training and launch.

  • t-beat

    if u are right that dark project means information that the company does not want released then you are wrong about the HD2 .. after all its already an official co statement it will be released in March. More likely the zep is what we can expect from this.

  • ppmcdoodles

    why would they have super secret training for the Zepplin? Thats a pretty basic phone from what has been leaked about it.

  • T-Mo Mike

    Please let that “unknown” HTC device be the HTC Bravo. That would be amazing.

    • I believe it is my friend. From all the rumored release date, it would fall in line…

      • craig

        would LOVE the Bravo. i’ll buy one the day it comes out.

  • BGK

    Best kept secret of 2010 will be the launch of the HD2 with WinMo 7 at the WMC in two weeks. It will be ready for sale almost immediately after announcement. That is what you call stealth.

    • PanterA

      I think thats whats gonna happen too BGK

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing for a long time.. It really wouldn’t suprised me.. Microsoft wants to steal some of the thunder back from apple(ipad). Just sayin

  • TmoGuy

    Hey david thanks for making this post from my previous comment yesterday , told you it was a helpful tip ! :)

    • David

      I know you reminded me that I had the picture!!

      • sorandkairi

        I saw that post too i was wondering……

  • Ernie



    I Wants my HD2 :)

  • This dark project could actually be the Hd2 and the new zepplin or it could just be price reductions or it could be a new netbook or it could be all of the above all we can do is wait and see. I sure hope its the latter all of the above it would be a huge day for tmo.

  • Todd

    I wish some pricing info on the HTC HD2 would come forward.

    • pecoy

      Me too

  • randall

    eehhh, the Unanounced phone is probably the mytouch 3g+ or whatever they are calling it, I hope its the bravo though

  • hi!

    sweet god people, here we go again. Didn’t you learn from the first time around. DO NOT get your hopes all high. It’s not a netbook, it’s not a Margarita dispenser, etc

    Remember me?! I used to post here ALL the time. Then project dark came around and I was more excited then anyone. It seemed like TMobile was going to get serious for a second and actually shake things up. Then that fateful day came and I laughed my way all the way to the iPhone…..legit. As a man of my word that was the final straw. All the rumors about how they were going to move up from fourth….hahahaah.

    Anyway, best of luck to TMobile…there’s still a soft-spot in my heart for them. I just hate to see people getting all excited who will inevitable be let down like I was time and time again

  • Max

    Does anybody have any info about the release date for MOTOROI.Pleas DAVID share some good news with us

  • randall

    so whats the chance of this Unanounced HTC device being the Bravo, that would be awesome.

    • don

      0% chance. The is almost no difference between the Bravo and the Nexus One besides the optical pad the Sense.

      • Chris

        u never know, it could be possible…
        because as much as t-mobile supports nexus one. They don’t sell it themselves…

  • Shaunster

    Oh how i wish it was android and not windows!

  • Kristjan
    • David

      Not so unnamed, trying looking up a little more about it!

    • TMOEvtRep

      @Kris: That phone is the HTC Desire, which has the same specs at the Nexus One with Multi-Touch….


    I am so glad this is WINDOWS MOBILE and not ANDROID!

  • bobby

    I know what this is. I’ll give you a hint…it’s not HD2 or Zepplin training but it is device related.

  • I thought the bravo was coming out in the 1st quarter? Anyone have any news?

  • werker_b

    i am suprised that nobody has guessed that this will be a simultaneous launch of amazing multimedia handsets (new cliq, hd2, dell tablet, new mytouch) in conjuction to the blast off of 7.2mbps 3g. i think you all under estimate how aggressive T-Mo has prepared itself to be going forward and ifi was driving the deathstar (att) or polishing the big red V i’d cash in my stock options and wait for tmo to IPO. that is… after i cleaned the crap outta my pants. prepare yourselves, T-Mo is about to do to wireless what the ipod did to your walkman… give you something you didn’t know you neded for a value price. cheers!

  • bopeep36

    What about a cheap data only plan for the iPad? Doesnt seem unlikely they would offer this, although I guess it would only be edge speeds.