Dark Project News, Again, HTC HD2 Launch?


When we first heard the words back in October, “Dark Project” took on a completely new meaning. What we thought would be a gracing savior rescuing T-Mobile from a spot as the 4th place wireless carrier turned out to be little more than a hype machine. The Dark Project rate plans, while revolutionary in the United States were not capable of meeting all the hype the interwebs had placed on them. We are as guilty as anyone for being a hype machine, but here we are again, faced with a training calendar inscribed with the words “Dark Project Training.” This time we are not certain at all what it pertains to but we have a good guess, or what we would like to think is an educated, well-informed guess. (We should preface this by saying that we now know the words “Dark Project” simply pertains to information T-Mobile wishes not to disclose.) Of course, in reality, it is really none of those things and we are just stabbing in the dark here thinking we know what it is. Therefore, bear with me as I say this training, which starts February 17th and ends March 9th is a possible run up to the launch of the HTC HD2 and/or a Motorola Android (Zeppelin?) launch.  What am I basing this on? My super human knowledge of all things. Our confirmed rumored launch date info tells us that a Motorola Android device codename-Zeppelin is launching on March 10th, along with as of yet unknown HTC phone. Coincidence that the training for this “Dark Project” ends March 9th? Time will tell…

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