Best Buy Dropping MyTouch 3G+?

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Let me first say that I actually like the name MyTouch 3G+ significantly more than I like MyTouch 3G 1.2. I do not know if MyTouch 1.2 is the actual name T-Mobile will be giving to the MyTouch 3G upgrade but let me just go on record saying version “1.2” is awful. If Palm could throw in the Palm Pre Plus for Verizon, T-Mobile can drop the MyTouch 3G+ for themselves. Imagine telling someone you just bought the MyTouch 1.2, who would understand that? Now imagine telling someone you just bought the MyTouch 3G Plus, that just sounds a whole lot cooler. Regardless, Best Buy thanks to our tipster is showing off this baby for a 2/28 launch, admittedly though Best Buy has been known to launch T-Mobile devices a week or two after they launch through official channels.

So what do you think? MyTouch 3G+ or MyTouch3G 1.2? Please say Plus, please!

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Thanks Best Buy Mobile Ninja!

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  • Jesse

    I agree completly. Annoys me as it is when people call in asking for the G3 phone. Have to quickly correct them and as are you talking about the Mytouch 3G? Need to just make the name simple and easy for someone to understand…

  • sorandkairi

    A plus is a plus!!!

  • sorandkairi

    These alot of news on the mytouch(s) lately….

  • Timo

    Best Buy around here doesn’t sell any T-Mobile phones anymore. I didn’t realize that any Best Buy stores were still carrying T-Mobile.

  • Todd

    I have a $200 gift card from Best Buy. I wonder if they will sell the HTC HD2?

    • sorandkairi

      Todd go buy a PS3, LOL!

      • David


      • sorandkairi

        @ David

        As Rick Jamees once said…


  • Todd

    lol….I have both. The PS3 just sits around and collects dust. Xbox rules!!! Mass Effect 2= sick!

    • sorandkairi

      lol me too… And MAG DOES TOO WOOOOTTTTTTT!! LOL oh and that wii…. i’m going to sell it!!!

  • sorandkairi

    These posts have nothing to do with the phone yall!!!! BUT still FFXIII coming out on March 9 yeahhhh!!!! LOL

  • SteveG1

    I think T-Mobile should just drop the “3G” in the name as well as the “1.2”. Maybe a good name would be the “MyTouched Up” since thats all they really did to it. Honestly though, if I were to rename the phone, the name would simply be “MyTouch Plus”. And have no “3G” or “1.2”.

  • NiiDiddy

    I like the name MyTouch 3G+ better. Over here in my neck of woods, Best Buys do not carry anything T-Mobile unless it’s a Pre-paid phone.

  • Todd

    MW2 > MAG

    • sorandkairi

      True dat true dat! got it too

  • hoodied.hello

    Touch Me Plus, please.

    • sorandkairi

      … just creepy…..

  • SEFan

    I’m with SteveG1 here: skip the 3G in the name, just go to MyTouch Plus. Failing that, MyTouch 3G Plus is better than 1.2. ver numbers are for software releases…

  • Tina

    I think both names are kind of lame.

  • From my source today tmobile will be getting a new mytouch in the next 30 days. And as far as I know this source is, SOLID.

    • sorandkairi

      why post this man!? no offense but did u read the post before posting on it!?

      “Regardless, Best Buy thanks to our tipster is showing off this baby for a 2/28 launch, admittedly though Best Buy has been known to launch T-Mobile devices a week or two after they launch through official channels.”

      that’s less than the thirty days that ur source has giving u! not to mention most “sources say Feb. 10 on the release date for the new mytouch!

      • David

        I’m having a hard time understanding your criticism of my post? Perhaps before complaining about what I wrote, you should be concerned with what you’re posting and if IT makes sense.

      • sorandkairi

        @ david

        Dude… I was talkin about John… I was replying to HIS post and made a reference to urs… U misunderstood!..sigh

  • AJ

    mytouch plus would be a better name

  • B

    I never liked the name to begin with, but 3G+ sounds more inviting and mainstream, so they should go with that. Not that I care much. I’m pinch-zooming on my Nexus One for crying out loud

  • the_sleeve

    What about the fact that in the first pic under status it says “deleted” I don’t work at Best Buy so I don’t know whether that’s significant or not.

    On a side note, T-Mobile needs to come out with something beyond an upgraded MyTouch IMO.

    • AJ

      T-Mo definitely needs an upgraded mytouch, preferably an HTC Hero-like phone with a faster processor and more RAM.

      • the_sleeve

        I can agree with it being HTC Hero-like, but judging by the covers that stores have received it just looks like its the exact same phone with a 3.5mm jack. Upgraded hardware (even if its still called a MyTouch) would make me a happy camper.

  • My Touch3G+ all day. That 1.2 name is lame as hell.

  • i am always on the lookout for new mobile devices. i am sort of a gadget addict.-*;