Best Buy Dropping MyTouch 3G+?

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Let me first say that I actually like the name MyTouch 3G+ significantly more than I like MyTouch 3G 1.2. I do not know if MyTouch 1.2 is the actual name T-Mobile will be giving to the MyTouch 3G upgrade but let me just go on record saying version “1.2” is awful. If Palm could throw in the Palm Pre Plus for Verizon, T-Mobile can drop the MyTouch 3G+ for themselves. Imagine telling someone you just bought the MyTouch 1.2, who would understand that? Now imagine telling someone you just bought the MyTouch 3G Plus, that just sounds a whole lot cooler. Regardless, Best Buy thanks to our tipster is showing off this baby for a 2/28 launch, admittedly though Best Buy has been known to launch T-Mobile devices a week or two after they launch through official channels.

So what do you think? MyTouch 3G+ or MyTouch3G 1.2? Please say Plus, please!

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Thanks Best Buy Mobile Ninja!

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