Motorola Zeppelin Poses For The Camera


Previously, we got a glimpse of the upcoming Motorola Zeppelin along with some specs. Now, courtesy of Gizmodo Brazil, the Zeppelin gets a full photo-shoot. The handset is being described as “a Motorola BACKFLIP without the keyboard”. Although, rumors were claiming the Zeppelin to ship with Android 2.x, Gizmodo claims that the device will be rockin’ the old Android OS 1.5, along with Motorola’s social networking solution, MotoBlur. As we’ve previously stated, expect the Motorola Zeppelin to hit T-Mobile March 10th. Hit the jump for more snapshots of the Zeppelin!

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Gizmodo Brazil






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  • SteveG1

    The phone is almost as ugly as the 1.5 that is loaded on it. This isn’t the droid I’m looking for, lol.

    • David

      Verizon has the Droid you are looking for……..

      • SteveG1

        Nope, I would never leave T-Mobile. Keeping my G1 until a real replacement comes around.

  • randall

    lol, cliq without a Keyboard, no thanx

  • I am not interested in buying any tmobile phones now, none of there new or upcoming phones sound enticing to me lol. No phones for geeks yet lol

    • Uh… the Nexus One?

      • brandon

        Uh, anyone on a family plan can rule the N1 out, unless they want to shell out the full $530. Still having a problem spending that kinda cash on a phone. $500 can buy a whole slew of cool tech toys that will serve me better than just a phone. Don’t get me wrong, I would love the N1, and I have a G1 already, but I just can’t pay full price while others can get it for $180.

    • smiley

      i felt the same way.. i wanted android with a qwerty. so after seeing people crapping on the cliq for battery life, i bought one knowing it could be a gamble and i would be able to return it. mine is fine, it lasts for 2 days with texting and brief calls. honestly, its a great phone. solid as a rock, speed is fine, and motoblur can be killed off in the background.

  • SalM

    I’m getting very sad that all of a sudden news regarding the Motoroi has ceased. Unless it is coming out in March…I will be strongly considering other carrier options. The Motoroi is the only Android possibility that appaers to make Family Plan members forget about the N1.

    • kenji138

      I’m still hoping there will be a worthy successor to the G1. Snapdragon and 4 or 5 row keyboard will definitely grab my attention!

      • Namo

        I second that!!!

  • efjay

    Another nondescript android phone, and coming out with an outdated version of the OS to boot. Wasnt that one of the supposed benefits of android over WM, always having the latest version of the OS?

    • pfmiller

      Nothing is stopping Motorola from shipping this phone with 2.0, with or without an updated Blur. You can’t blame Android for Motorola’s choice here.

  • timmyjoe42

    What is the problem with upgrading Blur to work on 2.x?
    Come on already.

  • shawn1224

    This phone looks so lackluster.

  • timmyjoe42

    Haha, the phone in that picture doesn’t have service.

    • Blake

      thats because there is no simcard in it.

  • mike

    1.5 is the reason i ditched my cliq and went to the 9700. 1.5=fail

  • chris


    • David


  • Wicked1

    That phone is ugly & mighty thick, not having a keyboard. It will probably get an android update soon after its released, so it coming with 1.5 isn’t that much of a problem. Hopefully we’ll have 2.1 by March. I’m really tired of all these Android phones coming out with the same old specs, same batteries, same processor, same ROM. Step it up, update the hardware. I won’t be bying another phone until next year anyway, but still, they need to update the specs

  • Wicked1

    I do like seing FIFA 10 on there though. Is that available for Android already?

    • jmts80

      I live FIFA 10! i hope it is available for Android

  • me

    this is coolio

  • Todd

    Wow. How dumb does that thing look?

  • chris

    motoblur is garbage.

  • David

    I likebit. It is hilarious how people threaten to leave t-mobile every time a new phone comes out that they don’t like. Go already, do us all a favor! You can go on the other carriers blog and bitch about every phone they come out with because you will never be satisfied.

    • brandon

      Are you truly satisfied with the phones that T-Mobile has chosen lately? It was almost two years ago that T-Mo came out with the G1, and ever since, all Android phones have had nearly identical specs, just different packaging. What us complainers are upset about, is that we are not being offered a true upgrade to what we already have. Tell me, what makes you want to get rid of your MyTouch, or Cliq and buy this Zeppelin? There is nothing new here, same screen size and resolution, same amount of ram, same processor, same storage space. I realize that there are only a few Android devices available in the US now that are actual upgrades to T-Mo’s line, but the technology is there, and the main hand-set producers are capable of producing better products. I won’t threaten to leave T-Mobile, but I will complain until we get a true successor to the 2008 technology that they continue to recycle.

      • David

        The version of android has not been confirmes yet and I am willing to bet it will have 2.0 and I am not picky, I still have my G1. I just want something newer and thinner, maybe a little lighter.

      • brandon

        I agree with you that the version of Android could very well change. I could forgo having a keyboard, but a larger screen would be nice. I am not asking for much, just please not more of the same.

    • Steve

      I’m an original Omnipoint guy, and have never considered leaving, but it is really tough to sit near the end of my contract, and willing to spend about $200 on an upgrade, and simply not having an option. I want the N1, but I will not be leaving an Even More plan, which makes it silly not to utilize the upgrade subsidy. Give me something worth committing 2 years to!

  • thechemist

    I’ve been with Tmobile since 2007. I have been shopping Verizon all day. This phone pretty much seals the deal for zero reasons to stay with Tmo. It’s getting always being with the company playing catch up on phones and definitely service(especially 3G). A $200 ETF doesn’t sound too bad right now.

  • J-Hop2o6

    so this is really coming to tmousa? what a horrible lookin phone

  • Joe

    I hate those people that threaten to leave Tmobile but probably won’t do shiet. Everytime I read some comments about a new phone there’s always an idiot that threatens to leave. BYE!!!! I can understand the complaints but quit with the leaving shiet already, just leave.

    • David

      I agree! Just go and quit whining like a stupid toddler. Look, not everyone is going to like every phone released. Some people are bound to make stupid statements and threaten to leave because they don’t get a phone that THEY want to be released…..boohoo. nobody cares! Go to Verizon ot at&t and bitch about every phone they release on the blogs.

  • Mimi

    I threaten to leave but I don’t. Why because they have the best customer service plus at the end I get what I want. Just got my new blackberries. Plural. Not 1 or 2 but 3 with an incrediable deal. Then again I have been with TMO for 9 years… Masochist? Maybe what can I do!

  • eYe

    Horrible looking phone. Plain awful. Let me guess, they will price it around $250 too. No thanks. I guess I’m in the same boat as everyone else, I sick and tired of all these POS “upgrade” phones but T-mo is still the best value for me (service vise) so I’ll just stick with them. With the recent upgrade term changes I’m eligible for 3 upgrades yet not willing to upgrade to anything they have now or in near feature. I’ll just wait for something to come along, I guess…

  • WazzuKirk

    That phone is horrid.

  • Mitsu8

    All you cry babies are annoying. If you don’t like the phone get over it or go pay more $$$$$$ to Verizon or At&t. You cry that you can’t afford the Nexus One, but yet say you will jump ship and pay $50+ more a month on your monthly bill with Verizon or Att. If you people really wanted to save some money and wanted a bad ass phone you would get an N1 unlocked. In the long run this will save you more money than buying it subsidized with T-mobile. Go figure! By the way T-mobile is really getting a lot of better phones this year. HD2 and the Motoroi just to name a few. I guess that there is always people that will complain about something no matter what.

    • SteveG1

      Umm, the post asked our opinion of the new phone. We basicaly responded with “it sucks”…thats not being a cry baby. Nobody wants another outdated processor, lack of memory, shitty small screen, and cluttered UI such as Blur. It’s as simple as that. Even if the phone gets 2.0, it is still one of the shittiest looking phones I’ve encountered. I’ve been with T-Mo for 6yrs, never gonna leave them. There customer service and loyalty plan is awesome. I still love my G1 and if it gets updated to 2.x anytime soon (not holding my breath) I will keep it longer, if not, HD2 here I come. The only way I will switch off of a physical keyboard is if the screen is 3.7″ or larger. These 3.1″ or 3.2” screens are awful.

      • David

        The article says that Gizmodo is claiming the 1.5 android will be in the device so take it with a grain of salt. I doubt t-mobile will release it with 1.5 and if the do it will get 2.1 very soon after. If that is the case then it is not a bad device at all, for most people.

  • Marvin

    Looks just like my old Palm Z22!

  • MadProfessor

    Would you care to have some screen with that bezel of yours? WTF.

    • Bobomo

      Seriously. It looks like one of those 50’s TV sets that was all cabinet with a tiny screen in the middle. The proportions are all wrong.

    • MadProfessor

      I’ve got a feva, and the only cure, is more bezel.

  • zlander

    pretty good phone..check the specs…its comparable to the droid….and im certain that the 1.5 will be ota’d to 2.x soon, (if not a launch)…make no mistake ppl this is no cliq w/o a keyboard..its a droid w/o a keyboard

  • Oce

    Android 6.0 couldn’t make me buy this piece-o-crap! Google needs to allow us family plan customers upgrade pricing on the N1! Google selling N1 = MAJOR MAJOR FAILURE!!!! ARGH!!!!!

  • Max

    Guys it’s ok we have freedom of speech in this country under the first amendment.Personally this phone doesn’t screamed” hot stuff” to me.It seems Big red always get the best phones with faster processor(think Motorola devour) and t-mobile usa keeps choosing the same crappy phones with first generation specs.T-mobile can do better than that.

  • blargables

    looks like a toy….

  • NiiDiddy

    Nasty Phone…! Not for me…and if T-Mobile was wise, this wouldn’t be for them either. What a joke…

  • Jay

    No keyboard, sigh… Still on 1.5 = kill it with fire.

  • brian

    For the first time in a long time, I agree with almost everyone on this subject.

  • Tim

    MotoBlur sucks, and 1.5 is way old news. Bummer.

  • Dom

    honestly i love my cliq… like anything, if you don’t like it don’t buy it. right now t-mobile has the best customer service, lowest prices, and is doing the most to upgrade their network (while still keeping customers in mind). do you really want to be on at&t and their price gouging and capacity-reached network or verizon and a great network with extremely expensive prices? I can get a 21% service discount on verizon and its still too expensive for me. given time, t-mobile will find a real flagship phone. They’re the only company not afraid to drop a phone not doing well.

  • jae


  • Juan

    Just trying to see what that FIFA 10 app is about! You can keep the phone.

  • You commenters all FAIL. lol. If you leave T-Mo for Vz you go from good customer service to crap service and locked down phones designed to make you buy everything from Vz.
    You’re missing the point with the whole Cliq XT. It’s not a Cliq upgrade, it’s a sidegrade duh. It’s for people who want a cliq but want a touchscreen version. It’s what the Mytouch was to the G1.
    Major point. If you can’t afford an N1 then don’t complain about it. If you own one it will be the best phone you’ve ever owned. It’s tax season. Take a chunk of that refund and buy one. You won’t be disappointed.
    Still owning a G1 = fail unless you’ve rooted it and put 2.0 on it.
    I guess I’m spoiled since I haven’t had a contract in years so I’m used to the European way of doing things, buying my phone outright. In my time I’ve outright bought two MDAs, a Wing, a G1, a Cliq and now a Nexus One. That phone is so worth it. The G1 was horrible with its memory constraints and battery life and always seemed slow and unresponsive. My N1 is sexy and fast and I can finally pull it out and talk trash to iPhone owners.

  • Soon after obtaining the BACKFLIP in the mail I was pleased yo know I could update the new firmware. I missed the rush, and it was lucky. I’ve had the Backflip for over a month a few things three or 4 crashes in a month not poor for 15-20 apps open New WIFI things, along with a bigger edge dada than previous Nokia E61 and N93 Fantastic that the BACKFLIP carries a flex keyboard, the screen is often a bit challenging around the edges. You get 500 messages a day from Twitter, Facebook, Yaho, and who ever else yopu want. If you have 30-60 accurate pals, this can be a great mobile phone if you could have much more it is going to grab as well much details. Just a month but a great telephone.