Apple Screws Us Again


Realizing┬áthe amount of customers with unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile’s network, Magenta has released a note to all employees regarding the new iPhone OS 3.1.3 software version that was released yesterday. T-Mobile states that, before troubleshooting the iPhone, employees should ask the subscriber what software version they’re currently using, as the new firmware might cause issues with T-Mobile services. Being the iPhone guru that I am considered, here are the details on this new “software update”. The update is meant for iPhone 3G/3GS owners (though it is available to iPhone 2G owners) and it was released to resolve issues with reporting the correct amount of battery life on 3GS models. The software update also resolves issues with some instances where 3rd party apps would fail to launch. If you’re using an iPhone 3G or 3GS on T-Mobile’s network, DO NOT update to OS 3.1.3, as it will upgrade your baseband to 5.12.01 making it impossible for you to unlock (at least for now) and use the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. iPhone 2G (first generation) owners are not affected, and can update to the new OS. Details can be found here. Hopefully, if the rumors turn out to be true, and the iPhone comes this summer, we will no longer have to worry about updating our software version each time Apple releases an update.

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  • Loren

    Time to switch to the first real iPhone killer, the Nexus One

    • Bob

      hah. yeah, THAT has been such an ‘iPhone killer.’


      • Paul s.

        I get more productivity and pure fun from my N1 than I got from my 3GS… !!!
        Lovin’ it !

  • TehAndroid

    One of the reasons I will never buy Apple products. Got forbid people should be able to use a product they purchased how they want to us it. Apple can keep their overprice garbage.

  • Adam

    If it was coming to T-Mobile in a few months, why would they block it?

    • Kickstar13

      Probably because AT&T still has exclusivity for the iPhone.

      • Manny

        Maybe to prevent T-Mobile customers from buying unlocked iPhones, reason being they would sell less IF they do launch their new iPhone on T-Mobile? Of course current iPhone users could always sell theirs and get the new one…

    • t

      Probably because apple wants to make it look like they don’t like T-Mobile, when in fact they soon will be coming out with an iPhone for T-Mobile

  • thetruth

    nexus is the iphone killer lmao! cmon man.. im no apple fanboy but the nexus is not killing anything.

    • Loren

      Last time I checked quantity sold does not dictate how good something is…if that was the case Kia (cars) would kill Range Rovers.

      • 2FR35H

        Lol…. true

    • Paul s.

      Sure does the killing for me…

  • grimmet33

    I use the nexus and my brother in law uses the iphone (for now)…nexus absolutely destroys the iphone! it may not have as many apps but wait a little while and they will catch up! I have never been more impressed by a phone than I have with the nexus…btw I am a huge apple fan but no iphone for me!

    • Bob

      haha. “wait a little while…”

      dude, people have been saying that about Android since the very beginning.

  • Todd

    The Iphone sucks, so who cares.

  • Richard

    Android and nexus are both Jesus phone killers

  • justinhub2003

    Yea for sure the nexus is better. . I had to have my n1 repaired a d in the down time had to use an iPhone and man did I miss android … iPhone feels like a glorified apparently launcher whereas apps forandroid feel like therethere part if the OS.. like on a PC… only thing I miss from iPhone is the keyboard and there awesome implementation of copy /paste.

  • *black*silva*

    ive said it before and ill say it again. the reason the iphone is so popular is because it has that apple logo on the back of it.

    what can the iphone do that the nexus cant? nothing.

    it can run some pretty cool apps though, one at a time…

    the iphone is so far behind. i mean i just got mms, it took almost 4 years for mms.

    • mark925

      The iPhone has become the next Razr….it’s the “Wal-Mart” of phones.

    • ctk

      there are 2 reasons i have an iphone:
      1. i have an itouch with a bunch of internet radio apps.
      2. i have discovered that i listen a lot more to radio that is initially broadcast thousands of miles from where i am forcing me to be tied to my computer all the time when i listen to radio.

      i use my iphone a lot in the car. and if i don’t have anything to read on me, its good to use in a pinch when there is no wifi around. plus it’s good if i need to fire off a quick text to someone. but i don’t use it for talking. i have found it doesn’t work as well for me. as for why i don’t have a mytouch3g or any other t-mo smartphone, especially since the 3g has been turned on in my area, is because of the apps i already have and use on both of my idevices. its not that i am some sort of apple fanboy and am strictly tied to the iphone devices, its just that i would rather keep using the apps that i have already downloaded and use a lot rather than switch to something else. but if my iphone 3g dies and apple doesn’t come out with an iphone that works with t-mo’s 3g you bet i’m going with a mytouch in a second.

      now going with t-mo vs. at&t was a no brainer. my iphone has never run on the at&t network while it has been in my possession.

  • Dude Nexus one is betteer chek out cnet tv… and see the prizefight….

  • Check out cnets coverage the prizefight between those two…..**SPOILER**….Nexus one wins…

  • Sfenton

    Does this only affect at&t users? If so this is going to hurt our store because we get a lot defected at&t iphone users. Thanks Apple

  • efjay

    Doesnt really matter, the unwashed masses have spoken, 3+ million in 1 quarter, the iphone destroys everything in sales whether it can only run 1 application at a time or not, nexus 1 may technically be better but no one is rushing out to buy one.

  • Heffe

    If your iphone was produced before sept 08 you can get fuzzyband through cydia and downgrade the baseband again. This will not work on iphone produce after sept 2008

  • So is this the ‘A+’ update Steve was talking about?

  • Apple can’t stop screwing their customers.

  • RoyWentz

    This is news? This happens every time there’s an update iPhone update.

  • Cybersedan

    This is why I don’t buy ANYTHING from Apple, my iPod was a gift… SJ can shove his iDon’t up his you know what.

  • FILA

    All Im saying is that T-Mobile better not be gettin the iphone this june, send it over to there cult loving buddy, Verizon!

    • 2FR35H

      That wouldn’t make sense though verizon already has the first true iPhone killer (droid) plus they are CDMA. Why would you sell a iPhone killer and an iPhone? That couldn’t be good for competitive business.

  • BBSwany

    *sigh* Why does every damn post about the iPhone have to end up with “Who cares about the iPhone” “The Nexus One is better!” “I hate Apple and it’s messiah!”. It’s T-Mobile related news and Kickstar is just letting the iPhone users on T-Mo know the scoop about 3.1.3.
    Who cares what phone “kills” what. It’s a meaningless argument. The iPhone isn’t perfect. The Nexus isn’t perfect. Every phone out there isn’t perfect and it will continue along that path because they want us to continue to buy gadgets.
    Quantity doesn’t automatically mean it’s a great product but you cannot deny Apple has had great success with the iPhone. Stephen Fry said it best: “Does anybody seriously believe that Android, Nokia, Samsung, Palm, BlackBerry and a dozen others would since have produced the product line they have without the 100,000 volt taser shot up the jacksie that the iPhone delivered to the entire market?”
    Would we see badass powerhouses like the Nexus without the introduction of the iPhone? I highly doubt it. Just let it be. Competition is extremely good for us consumers. You don’t like the iPhone? Fine! Use whatever you want but just know that the market wouldn’t be the same without Apple.

    P.S. I use the 9700 and the Nexus as my daily drivers so the “fanboy” comments can stay in your troll arsenal.

  • Joseph Singer

    No need to get in a tizzy about this update. Apple periodically does this. If you really need your phone to be jailbroken/unlocked you’ll just wait. It’s more than likely that the iPhone Dev Team will come out with another “rain” fix.

    As for if T-Mobile gets the iPhone it won’t make life any easier for people who already are using jailbroken/unlocked phones if the phone was originally locked to AT&T.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well.. from this topic it sounds like AT&T had something to do with this update. Also I don’t see Apple bringing the iphone to Tmobile anymore. I think both AT&T and Apple are bed buddies. Think about it… I am hearing the crappy ipad uses AT&T’s service…. which makes me think that they are going to be lovers for a long long time. I honestly hope the iphone sticks with AT&T because they seem to fit perfect. Both are money hungry greedy companies. Apple can keep on selling their icrap to people on AT&T’s network. I am an Android fan now anyways and with the Nexus One here I know that the iphone has some competition.

  • Joseph

    Apple always screws customers no matter what product you buy from them. Nothing new here and no surprise. You can’t expect more from Apple.

    The worst support and customer service for the most overprice products…

    • Bob

      Funny, Apple has won top marks for both from Consumer Reports and other reputable organizations for many years.

      But don’t let the truth stop you from your completely idiotic anti-Apple blather. *eyeroll*

  • analog spirit

    And this is why I’ve decided not to get an iPhone or iPad; because Apple keeps doing us like this (and I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T was in on this as well). If I can’t use their products on T-Mo, then I have no use for them. I have no real use for an ipod touch, either. I’m tired of waiting on Apple, so after a lot of researching all the different smartphone platforms out there, I’ve decided to just get a Nexus One and be done with it. The only Apple product I would gladly buy (again) is my tried-and-true 24″ iMac. Everything else Apple makes, I’m just not that interested in anymore. PEACE

  • The geeks know that iphone is garbage, time will tell!!

  • timmyjoe42

    This is just the incentive that will push more people towards Android devices.

    • Bob

      No it won’t. The people affected will just wait the 8 hours it takes for the blackra1n people to push out a new update and then it’s business as usual. Your comment is stupid.

  • Dinlasvegas

    I have had many of phones within the last year and half. I have had a blackberry I had a g1 that I jailbroke and put all the newest Roms on it aNd then I bought an iPhone and had to unlock it. Love it better than the g1. I haven’t tried nexus one though. Neither phone is perfect it is all about preference. The people who had a jailbroken phone to the newest software are idiots. People who know how to jailbreak know not to upgrade when apple releases a new update. They aren’t trying to screw tmobile customers because technically we had to unlock it and jailbreak it to get it to work on the network. People just have to be pAtient.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Apple screwed you Tmonews yet you still want the iPhone to come to Tmobile? I’m not understanding that logic.

    Anyway, iPhone while it isn’t the best phone by a long shot, isn’t a bad phone. I’d MUCH rather see the Motorola Shadow with it’s 4.3 screen, 8mp camera, secondary camera, full 1080p recoding, full qwerty (while maintaining it’s thin size) etc. come to Tmobile far before I see the iPhone.

    Come on Tmobile, Bring me the Motorola Shadow, the phone of dreams.

  • Tito

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate apple with a passion.

    I think the iPhone is one of the most over-rated, over-priced pieces of garbage ever made. The only usefulness was its innovation, which helped to spawn other products like Android.

    With that said, I have to side with Apple on this one.

    Heaven forbid that you USE the product the way it was intended. As in ON AT&T’s crappy network with the overpriced data plan.

    Apple didn’t make a phone to be used anywhere to make money on the phone. If they did, they wouldn’t have even locked it at all and sold them to anyone like any other cell phone manufacturer has done for years.

    Apple made a phone for AT&T, to run on AT&T’s network, and they did it to make money on the DATA service. If you don’t like it, then get the !#@$% off the iPhone! Don’t buy Apple products!

    You people who say Apple is screwing their customers are probably just like the idiot that used a push-from-behind lawnmower to cut his hedges, injured himself, and sued the lawnmower company for not saying it was dangerous to do anything other than cut grass ON THE GROUND. (Hey, he was just using the product how he wanted to). C’mon, people. Stop trying to cheat the system and rip off a company trying to make a buck. Yes, that’s right, I said it. Apple isn’t the evil one. YOU are the evil ones for trying to rip off Apple! If you don’t like their practices or the cost of owning their product including service cost, then DON’T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!

    Again, if you don’t like the stranglehold on the iPhone, and you don’t like the insanely over-priced data service on AT&T’s crappy network, the answer is to GET A DIFFERENT PHONE. It’s not even like there’s a real advantage to the iPhone anymore, either. The interface has essentially been copied. The Appstore has been copied. iTunes music isn’t protected anymore, so you can put it on other devices. Just about every phone that could even remotely be considered as an alternative to the iPhone has a music player in it that will play iTunes music.

    OMG, I can’t believe I just defended Apple. I feel dirty.

  • Thomas

    This is simple to avoid. Don’t upgrade your iPhone software. I’m still running 2.2.1 with no worries. Can’t have some of the later apps, but I already have all the apps I need.

  • Vaddy

    The real iPhone killer is the n900, best web browser on a mobile device, full flash support, its even better than the nexus one to be honest

  • Vaddy

    Oh forgot to mention true multitasking with up to 30 apps running simultaneously and the best 5MP camera with dual led flash, do yourself a favor and purchase the n900

  • analog spirit

    @Tito: No, not necessarily “evil,” just business; Apple didn’t JUST build the iPhone to run on AT&T’s network; they designed it as a GLOBAL phone that COULD be used anywhere (at least that’s been Steve Job’s intention all along), which is why they went with GSM rather than CDMA. T-Mo was still very small in the US, so they went with AT&T, as that was the deal that they figured would be most advantageous for them to make at that time. And BTW, no-one’s trying to “rip off” Apple or AT&T (well, maybe SOME people are); they just want to at least have the option of using another service provider that better meets their needs, just like they have the option of using their car on whichever public highway they want to drive on, just like they can buy a computer and use whatever internet service provider that best suits their needs. Why should buying a phone be any different? So they’re not trying to rip off Apple or even AT&T just by using a different service provider. They bought the iPhone, didn’t they? Apple still sells more iPhones and makes more money either way. Business as usual… People just want to save a buck by unlocking their phone to run on T-Mo. That’s just how the market works; companies want to make a buck, and customers want to save a buck, which creates competition (in theory, at least). How is that evil? Yes, I agree that they can go somewhere else and buy a different phone (that’s why I’m getting a Nexus One), but what about those who already bought an iPhone and are happy with it, or maybe can’t afford to just “get a different phone” and are not satisfied with AT&T’s service in their area, and want to save money if possible? Let’s say you had an iPhone and really liked it, had already fulfilled your 2-year contract, and were suffering thru inadequate AT&T service/reception in your area, and wanted to save some money (who doesn’t?), wouldn’t you unlock your phone, too? Or would you just keep suffering thru AT&T’s policies and crappy network and say, “Well, it’d be ‘evil’ for me to unlock my iPhone and switch it to T-Mo, so I’ll just suffer and deal with it.” No, I wouldn’t insult your intelligence by assuming that you would… You’d either decide to get a different phone (as I have), or… if you really liked your iPhone and wanted to keep it, you’d probably unlock it, too. So there is really no justification for calling it evil… Speaking of evil, AT&T won’t unlock your iPhone even after you’ve fulfilled your contract with them. It’s like it’s still “their” phone, even after you’ve paid full price and then some over the course of the 2-year contract. Now THAT’S just wrong… That’s why I’m staying off-contract with T-Mo. PEACE

  • analog spirit

    BTW, in case anyone’s interested, I just found an article in Apple Insider that supports my theory that the iPhone probably won’t become available on T-Mo until next year:

  • Nicklera

    If you have not accidentally upgrade you iPhone and do want to protect your self from doing it. just do the following.
    1. ssh your iPhone
    2. go to directory /System/Library/CoreServices/
    3. find file SystemVersion.plist (right click on it and Edit )

    7D11 change to 7E18

    3.1.2 change to 3.1.3
    save .
    now go to Settings/General/About and SEE for your self its now 3.1.3 . ::)

    4. and last You can go ahead and put a check mark in you iTunes for automatic updates. it will show in iTunes as software 3.1.2 but system will think its already on 3.1.3 check it your self .