Looking For Android?


There is little debate as to what constitutes the hottest OS platform in the mobile industry right now, Android. T-Mobile was the first to bring the Android platform to the masses and has led the pack with the widest selection of devices from the get go. This nifty cheat sheet straight from the T-Mobile website shows some basic breakdowns of the T-Mobile selection and also re-confirms that 256mb of RAM in the MyTouch LE. If you were having a hard time making some Android decisions this may or may not influence you, but it’s certainly an easy breakdown of the main differences among the devices. Of course what it doesn’t tell you is the benefits and/or pitfalls of using a carriers dressed up interface like TouchWiz or MotoBlur which are very much love it or hate it. Regardless, if you’ve been on the fence about picking up an Android device, perhaps this will help.

Suspiciously missing here is the Nexus One, though not directly sold by T-Mobile definitely has the specs to compete and as such, should be listed.


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  • Oblio007

    The only thing this chart will make you do is buy a nexus one because all these phones suck.

  • LoL, true, however Nexus one is not even listed here.

    • Kickstar13

      That’s because the phones in the list are only T-Mobile branded. The Nexus One is not T-Mobile branded.

  • peter fitzenwell

    My bro got a N1 …its the shiznit

  • Galen20K

    I heart my Nexus One, its the Best phone available for use on T-Mobile and when it debuts on Verizon it will be their Best phone as well.

  • artiepants

    Yeah, this is pretty sad, all of these phones are now decidedly last-gen compared to Droid and N1.

    I don’t understand why no one is making a Android phone with serious onboard memory. Who wants to mess around with a SD card?

    (as an aside, as bad as the reviews for the Behold II were i am surprised they didn’t let it drift off into the sunset…)

  • eYe

    Does anyone really think that if anybody would even look at all these phones if N1 was listed ayt hardly any premium over these headsets? Didn’t think so. While T-mobile does have the wides selection of Android phones they’re also all oudated. As usual, we’ll just have to wait untill something better comes out. I would love to get N1 but I don’t think I should be dealing with that Google/HTC/T-Mobile mess, I’ll ewait till t-mo has something similar.

  • Quasar

    Yep, Nexus One all the way! I am so glad I never got any of the phones listed here so I could keep saving up for a phone like the N1. I almost got the MT3G but T-Mo sold it with less RAM than everybody else, and that just irritated me so I took a pass lol. My thanks to T-Mo for messing up the MT3G so I could get the N1!.

  • hec

    hey great info on the specs

  • lensovet

    You know what sticks out here? How undistinctive all these phones are. I mean seriously, what differentiates one from another? The size of the SD card? lol.

    Just look at these phones. They all have the same-size screen with the same resolution (Behold can be commended for at least giving us AMOLED). They have about the same cameras (what’s the diff between 3.2 and 5.0 when the sensor and lenses are crap anyway?). All have Wifi, GPS, 3G, 2.0 Bluetooth, they all even weigh the same (4.1 ounces if no keyboard, 5.6 w/keyboard)! Exact same processor and ROM (except for the lowly G1), and basically the same amount of RAM too while we’re at it.

    This is the same problem that plagued GM, that currently plagues PC makers, that’s plaguing T-Mobile right now. Lots of endless models which all seemingly do the same thing without much differentiation at all. Hey, here’s an idea, how about selling a phone that’s different from all these to get people interested. Rocket science eh?

    • john

      Cliq camera is waaayyy better than mt3g and g1, have owned them both. Just needs a flash, and would be decent

      • lensovet

        even if so, still not enough of a differentiating factor :/

  • Mark

    I thought the behold 2 has 320mb of ram not 256 ( http://androidandme.com/2009/11/phones/missing-t-mobile-behold-ii-specs-revealed/ ). I hate when it seems like no one knows anything about there products.

    • 1st grade education

      Or when people don’t know how to use the correct tense of a word. Its their products, not there products.

      • StevenG

        It’s not a tense issue. It’s an issue of homophones. “Their” and “there” sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. A tense issue would be if “their” were the past tense of “there.” Seeing as how one is an adjective and one is a noun, this cannot be so.

        If you’re going to correct someone on grammar, at least do it right.

    • Samsung told me 3 times it has 320 MB RAM and I still have no idea. I guess I need to check the demo unit next time I hit up a T-Mobile store.

      • Ok, I double checked with a friend who has a Behold 2 and it definitely has 320 MB of RAM. If this chart is wrong, maybe the Fender really does have 288 like what was reported by some readers.

  • thechemist

    My poor little G1 is so old and outdated….

    I love when people diss on other people about their grammar. I can’t stand people who aren’t educated enough to use their own language.

    • john

      Agreed, however I have a bigger distaste towards those who screw up my language (as it’s their second) and do so on a regular basis.

  • Defiantbeast

    The behold 2 has 320mb of ram. It also has an excellent camera w flash and actual camera settings versus stock androids bland camera. While its true that as far as specs most are similar if not the same, no ones looking at form factor which is important. For me the behold 2 is thin and offers a wider feel to the screen, the mytouch is ridicuolously customizable as well as compact, the cliq offers a keyboard. You also have to remember that tmobile was the first to really adopt android so of course the hardware’s going to be a bit older than sprints or verizon who snubbed thier noses at android when it first came out and then jumped on the bandwagon in Q3 of 2009. With the way android is taking of better phones are on their way the bravo, legend, and x10 have all been rumored to be on their way to magenta so sit tight good things will come. And if you cant hold off the nexus one is available

  • Curtis

    The Behold II has 320 megs and the Fender and 1.2 MyTouchs have 288. The Mytouchs have 256megs of system memory and another 32 for the bios and such. I really don’t understand what is so hard about this. When will the guy that runs this site finally figure it out?

    • David

      Whats for me to figure out, I’m merely reporting what the carrier itself is reporting…

      • Curtis

        And how many times have you tech specs on product sheets wrong? Just because the company is disseminating bullshit doesn’t mean you have too.

        • David

          How many times have you seen tech specs on a product sheet be right?? Certainly more often than they are wrong…

        • Curtis

          You miss my point. Yes they are usually right but not always. Just because something is sent out doesn’t mean its true, and if you know it isn’t, then there is no reason to keep the lies perpetrating.

        • David

          Ok well obviously when it was posted there wasn’t concern about it being incorrect. Obviously I/we do our best to fact check everything, but things get missed and if necessary, responded to through updates to the post or responses to comments like yours.

  • Curtis

    And secondly why does everyone needlessly bitch about t-mobile’s android selection? They have more phones than anyone else and as far as I know there are only 2 American Android phones more powerful than these and that is the Droid and the Samsung Moment. Plus we have the N1 the most powerful Android phone on the market. So again why is the phone selection so bad?

  • Paco

    Well the problem with the N1 and tmobil is that they do not have a service department(customer service) to help you or answer any question to help you setting up your phone…..Goggle has a forum in the internet only and they are replying after 2 or 3 days…..

  • dethduck

    Just a small nitpick, TouchWiz and MotoBlur are NOT “carriers dressed interfaces”. They are in fact manufacturer made custom user interfaces. How do you not know this?

  • shawn1224

    Yep, the B2 has 320 MB of RAM as stated by other users. Also … and this is a big “also”, A few developers at XDA have finally figured out how to port the the I7500 Galaxay ROM on to the Behold with a basic Android user interface. I personally tried it (and then commenced to brick my phone trying to ODIN back to the Behold default lol) and believe you me the phone absolutely flies.

    Once you get touchwiz of the phone and I’m not talking about masking it with a home replacement, the B2 is faster than anything else on the market save for the N1 of course.