Motorola Motoroi T-Mobile Bound

In an interesting turn of events (and some expert sleuth work), another Motorola Android device has been confirmed to be T-Mobile USA bound.  Reportedly, the device in question is the Sholes Tablet, or the Motoroi.  The phone was seen waltzing around the FCC with ID IHDP56KC6 (certified for quadband EDGE plus T-Mobile-friendly 1700 / 2100MHz HSPA with a peak of 10.2Mbps down and 5.6Mbps up), bluetooth, GPS, Magnetic Compass, WiFI and a 1390 mAH battery.    If this is anything like the Korea bound Motoroi, it will have a 3.7-inch capacitive WVGA display, 8 megapixel camera with 720p video capture, HDMI-out, the same OMAP3 core as the DROID, BLUR and multitouch is questionable.  Look for this thing in March, head past the break for all sorts of goodies and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!




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  • Didn’t I tell y’all it probably would?, i put that on that post about a new Android Motorola phone & put that in the forums. I should’ve submitted it to y’all, but it wasn’t confirmed, but I was right on the money w/ the hunch :D. Can’t wait, i’m def GETTING IT

  • chebus

    first comment!! ow yea im definatly going to get this in march!!!!

  • chebus

    damn u dave first comment!!!!!!

  • Told y’all. I put a speculation post of this in the forum. I CAN’T WAIT!! That thing will be mines!!

  • Jay

    Nice specs, but why are manufacturers steering away from freakin keyboards!?

    • Viper

      imo because of the success of the &*^%$ iphone.

      • Mockerfab4

        Agreed, but of all the touch phone keyboards, only the iPhone has done it right…

  • TehAndroid

    I knew about this phone a few months ago. I got to hold it and play with it back in December. At the time it was only running 1.5 with Blur, just like the Cliq, but was super quick. The little bump on the side looked a little weird but work. Going to be a sweet phone and should have 2.1 when its released.

  • Galen20K


    we were the first to get the chin,



  • ahnimal

    Yeah I agree with the whole keyboard Thing I want a new android with a physical keyboard

    • Galen20K

      well then you can get the MyTouch Slider, simple as that. ; D

      • rushmore

        Not a good option unless you want three year old hardware and a low res screen like G1 and MyTouch.

  • Da Boss

    Well I spoke with a T-Mobile Rep last Saturday asking him about if the nexus one and if it was going to be sold in stores he told me more than likely and that we would know by February also he said there was a tablet coming to be released in early March i believe this must be what he is talking about we also spoke about the Nokia N900 which he said they are getting it in March so it looks to me that March will be a busy month for T-Mobile I cant wait to see whats next.

  • Damn I would totally drop my Cliq for this !

  • T.P.

    This will make me leave my blackberry! Come on T-Mobile! Get this and bring the Nexus to us and away from google!!

  • jak2black

    so i have a qustion.. do yal(the people) really like blur…? i think its just taking up some needed screen real estate

    • jmts80

      I feel the same way about motoblur. I think it makes the device look less elegant with all that stuff on the home scree

    • ous

      Blur is great. I use Status, Happenings, and Messages widgets constantly. If you don’t like them, easily dragged to the trash can and your real estate is all yours.

      Also, having extra home screens makes up for any additional space taken up by the Blur widgets.

  • enveed05

    Nice phone but they gotta lose that stupid hip, it’s definitely not “hip”

  • BizzyRizzle

    Anybody know what processor this will have in it? Snapdragon?

    • chaoscentral

      It’s going to have the same as the droid, OMAP3430 Cortex A8 :) So a little less powerful than a snapdragon, but that dedicated GPU can make up for it. It will not be a slouch by any means.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Good deal I guess. I would MUCH prefer TMobile got the Motorola Shadow though.

  • android_jedi

    I am waiting for something with snapdagon and a keyboard.

  • Gerry

    Looks cool. Glad T-Mobile is brining in the hottest phones in NAM!

    I dunno about that weird looking growth on the bottom right though? I guess I’d have to see it in person first. Motorola always has a way to make a great product EXCEPT a certain small detail… or in this case a weird tumor like organism sucking battery life. LOL

    • Galen20K

      you GOTTA LOVE the Hip! – D

  • whyhellomichael

    I think this is the most “professional” looking android device yet. I’m excited and hope I actually get this to sell.

  • Inhuman

    I thought tmobile was going to get the “zepillin”?
    The zepillin looks much better

  • 30014

    I was really looking forward to this phone until I found out that it will have blur. I prefer the stock android to the skinned versions. Not to mention the stock version always gets updates first.

    • Galen20K

      yeah I think it would be better Blur-less but its Exciting None-the-less

  • Wicked1

    I’ve seen this on a few other sites and it looks nice, like the form factor and it has a flash. But it lacks the most important thing, a physical keyboard. So I won’t be giving up my Cliq for this, and I will be keeping it for at least a year.

  • phonegeek

    i dont mind the touchscreen phones my mt3g does me nicely looks like this is going to be my next buy.. tho i may pay full price cuz i was going to save and get the nexus but sorry nexus another young lady caught my eye

  • newspeak

    I don’t understand how hard it is to make a premeire with “google” phone with a keyboard I want to buy a new phone but they are not making it easy for me

  • Jay

    Ugh I don’t know why so many of you are jumping on this…what about the HD2 launching in the same month? Way better, Snapdragon, Sense and that ridiculous 4.3″ screen. Yea yea I know it’s WinMo but Sense does a good job of covering it up and bringing you a GREAT experience. Or you have the Nexus One……I was about to buy the Nexus One but I’m going to wait for an HD2 if I don’t cave and buy a N1 this week. -_- If I do then I’ll just wait for the HD2 after that.

    I have a G1 right now and wish a beast phone would come out with a physical keyboard but I’m losing hope so might as well jump on a Nexus One or an HD2, those are going to be the 2 best phones out this year, on T-Mo prolly fa sho.

  • rushmore

    Same guts as Droid, but without the keyboard. I prefer the Droid. Used it and wished it was coming to Tmo. :(

  • Cracker

    @Mockerfab4: Not entirely. You can come close, but a soft keyboard will never be right. lol.

  • Rick

    From everything I’ve found so far the Sholes Tablet could be as good as the Nexus One. If so and with T-Mobile Upgrade paths, it might be the better way to go. I held off on the Nexus One after catching the Sholes Tablet rumors so I’ll decide in March.

  • Tim

    Looks nice, hopefully it’ll come with multi-touch, but Blur-free.

  • NiiDiddy

    Forward progress, Android and Android Devices…! Loving it!! ;-). This phone not for me, but damn…its EXCITING!! I am happy for T-Mobile ’10. They have started the year great!!

  • Fujitsujeff

    It’s either this or the SE Xperia X10 for me. It all depends on Sony. Timescape and Mediascape seem better to me than “Blur” but if Sony releases Xperia X10 with 1.6 when 2.1 s available that is a FAIL! I’m in agreement with everyone, they should make a phone with a physical keyboard, but not a deal breaker for me.

    I heard this phone is equipped with Xenon Flash, and put it with an 8 Megapixel camera … pictures should be great quality. Decisions … Decisions … but I know my G1 will be getting the boot sometime this year!

  • shawn1224

    It seems laggy as hell. No way it’s running a 1GHz processor.

    • david

      when did you play with it to say its laggy as hell?

  • dustin

    am geting this phone in march. this look like a bad ass phone if it would go 2 work for me that would be cool 2 but it would not do that for me. and can’t want untel march

  • mvpittman

    Sholes Tablet FTW. Must have NAO, plz.

  • BeachGirl14

    Released yesterday- missing the Motoroi???

  • Ms. Matrix

    I WANT THIS PHONE!!!!! I’m cool with some Tmo Reps at the store near my job and one of them was telling me he’s not sure if they are getting the Motoroi phone yet. They received orders for the Cliq XT, Nokia Nuron, and the HTC HD2 and those he knows they are getting those. So I don’t know if they are keeping this one a secret, cause everywhere I read they say Tmo could be getting this phone in March. So we’ll see, but I’m praying it comes.

  • Tim

    Yeah, we’re definitely in need of a good phone on T-Mo. I have an N1 now, but the radio issues are driving me nuts. I need a phone that WORKS. I sure hope they get this soon, and that it doesn’t have the deal-breaking “blur” on it.

  • Cameron

    Any news on the release of this yet. I really want.