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Looking For Android?


There is little debate as to what constitutes the hottest OS platform in the mobile industry right now, Android. T-Mobile was the first to bring the Android platform to the masses and has led the pack with the widest selection of devices from the get go. This nifty cheat sheet straight from the T-Mobile website shows some basic breakdowns of the T-Mobile selection and also re-confirms that 256mb of RAM in the MyTouch LE. If you were having a hard time making some Android decisions this may or may not influence you, but it’s certainly an easy breakdown of the main differences among the devices. Of course what it doesn’t tell you is the benefits and/or pitfalls of using a carriers dressed up interface like TouchWiz or MotoBlur which are very much love it or hate it. Regardless, if you’ve been on the fence about picking up an Android device, perhaps this will help.

Suspiciously missing here is the Nexus One, though not directly sold by T-Mobile definitely has the specs to compete and as such, should be listed.


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