HTC Supersonic Screenshot, Photoshopped?


Well looks like the folks over at BGR have received a little something from a new tipster. The screenshot seems to be of the HTC Supersonic and guess which carrier its running on with Android 3.0? Yup that’s right, the big “T”. Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that screenshot is most likely Photoshopped. Even though we would all like to believe that this is the real deal, the screenshot displays a few factors that shows it may not be the real deal. First of all, all you Android lovers can tell, that the status bar on top is from CyanogenMod (because of the rounded edges). Secondly, the HTC Supersonic was known as a WiMax device, and as far as we know T-Mobile isn’t ready for WiMax just yet, or are they?(Dun dun dun). Lastly, the handset model number in the screenshot is listed as the “HTC Supersonic.” The Nexus One model number appears as “Nexus One,” not “HTC Nexus One.” Same goes for the Motorola Droid. It’s just “Droid,” not “Motorola Droid.” Also 3.0 already? Just doesn’t make sense.

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  • rj

    Bgr has really been dissapointing lately…he is a bb fanboy, and is usually baised with android…

    • kershon

      Agreed. I hardly ever visit the bgr site anymore. You are right about the fanboyism. Not only bb but att and vz also. As far as 3.0 I gotta see it to believe it.

  • Ace

    Lol By the time android 3.0 comes out that menus would really need to be changed by then some color or something

  • newspeak

    seems a bit early to be talking about 3.0 ….i mean there is still only 1 phone running 2.1 right now

    i wouldn’t be shocked to see froyo already showing up in testing tho

  • it is fake the build.prob was just changed you can look at the status bar and tell he is running cyanogen mod because he has edited the status bar to be rounded on the top corners stock android that bar is completely flat with no rounding

  • andrew

    is there a post to be 2.5v,2.6v and then 3.0v

  • It can’t be real… all the new android devices from HTC are a higher resolution. FAIL.

  • khan

    who know anything can be possible

    u know like they hiring cyanogen or maybe taking ideas from him

    or this is really comin 2 t-mobile

    anything can be possible

  • FILA

    also the T-Mobile isnt spaced out like other phones in the status bar, it should be T – Mobile